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Quotes: Jason Hatcher (3.14.14)

Defensive End Jason Hatcher


On what separated Washington from the other teams that recruited him during the free agency process:

"When I look at my year I think of it just more as scheme change, kind of mix and matching in one-on-one situations where I'm able to go out and do what I do best, which is rush the quarterback. I'm just surprised I'm here, man. I didn't think Washington was going to treat me the way they did and I'm very happy they did. I'll work hard for those guys and I'm going to go out there and work my butt off for them."

* *

On his role with the defense:

"They are going to use me to my strengths, man. I'm a pass rusher. I get after quarterbacks. Basically what they did in Dallas, they are going to try to mix me up with some one-on-ones and, you know, I've just got to go out there and continue to do what I'm doing and winning the one-on ones, getting to the quarterback."

On if he agrees he is "young" for his age after playing as a reserve early in his career:

"Yeah, definitely. I feel great, man. God works in mysterious ways and it was a hurtful process to sit behind guys for five years, but it makes since to me now. I'm 31 and I'm at my prime and in my peak at a great organization and looking forward to the opportunity to go out here and win a Super Bowl."

On his style:

"If you look at me, you think I'm a power guy, but I've got it all man. I do a little bit of both, I power, use my quickness, my hands is the key. I've got great hands. I take pride in my hands. I work hard at them everyday. I just hit them with all kids of stuff. That's why I'm so effective. They don't know. I'm not a one-dimensional guy when it comes to pass rush. I kind of have all types of moves."

On what attracted him to Washington:

"Just you know the rivalry, just to get back in this smashmouth football. It's a rivalry with us and the Cowboys and it will be a very exciting game when I go down there and play the Cowboys. I'm looking forward to it. So that's one of the main reasons, just to get in this rivalry and stay in it, man. I love it here, so if you come out of here with a Super Bowl, you've earned it. It's one of the hardest divisions in football."

* *

On if he gave any thought to sticking with a team that runs a 4-3 defense during the free agency process:

"Not at all. As far as the scheme, man, I will sit down and talk to the coaches. I am going to be able to do a lot of the stuff that I have been doing. They're not trying to change me at all. I am a vet, so they're going to let me be as effective as I can. So they are not going to bring me in and then try to change who I am. So I am still going to be getting upfield causing havoc."

On what made him successful as a pass rusher last season:

"I would say my game was just getting upfield, getting upfield and causing havoc, not just sitting back and reading blocks. So I was able to get up and just disrupt and use my quickness, penetrate gaps and stuff like that. That really took my game to another level. So I was very excited to be here, which is a 3-4, a lot of guys think I am going to sit back and be a sitting duck but they have got some great stuff for me when I can get upfield and cause havoc like I have been doing."

* *

On the Redskins turning a corner this season after going 3-13 last season:

"You know what, just playing against those guys man with a 3-13 season like that, you know they were losing but I played against them, they didn't slow down at all. Guys fought and that meant a lot to me as far as my decision, just going to the right team with the right guys and what I bring to this team – my veteran leadership. I'm just going to work my butt off and get with the other leaders and we are going to take this team to the next level."

On if any Redskins recruited him to D.C.:

"Yeah, DeAngelo Hall called me during the process, which that was very cool of him. I've got a lot of respect for his game and the way he plays the game. RGIII texted me. So they are excited. RGIII told me he was happy I ain't chasing him no more, so I am excited to be his teammate."

* *

On playing with linebackers Brian Orakpo and Ryan Kerrigan:

"Those guys can rush the quarterback, and just adding me in the mix, we could do a lot of stuff, man. So I am looking forward to getting to see those guys, their style of rush, where I can fit in. I think – I know – we will be super effective once we get to know each others' game. I watched them on film a lot. They are great pass rushers, so I am looking forward to working with them."

* *

On if the Redskins told them how he would be used:

"You know what, I am going to move around a lot, so you will see me all over the field like I did a couple years ago in Rob Ryan's scheme. I played the nose, left end, right end, tackle, so I'm excited. They are going to use me to my strengths like I said to just get upfield and disrupt."

On agreeing to a deal with the Redskins after visiting the Oakland Raiders: "Like I said in the previous interview, they [the Redskins] kind of blew the doors off, kind of got me in my price range that I was looking for. And it wasn't all about the money at the end of the day. It was just about to fire those guys here at for me as a player, the respect they had and those guys believing that I can bring something to the table in this organization to help the football team win. So that played a role in me making my decision."

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