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Quotes: Jay Gruden (08-05-2017)

Head Coach Jay Gruden

On the process for evaluating players prior to roster cuts and the NFL eliminating the cut to 75:

"Well, we start tinkering with people in different spots – first team, second team, third team, whatever it is. We try to get people reps so they can show what they can do. So, in your mind, you start to formulate a plan – your first-stringers, your core, key backups. In the meantime, you still have to get the younger guys some reps to see if they can somehow crack into that lineup. That's what the preseason games are for and lengthy practices sometimes are for. Sometimes I'll go threes vs. threes to see who shows up big. But as far as the cuts are concerned, I think it's a great idea. Last year for instance, we had to have that cut down to 75 before our fourth preseason game, and we don't play our starters in that game. We had a bunch of guys who were still hurt, so we barely had enough guys to play." 

On if having more players available for that fourth preseason game is worth players seeing fewer reps in practice:

"Yeah, plus we've had these guys since OTAs, the majority of them, and it's a chance for them to play, too, an extensive amount of time. Not just hoping to make our roster, but somebody else's around the league and it shows what they can do. So I think it's a win-win for the player and for the team without a doubt."

On CB Fabian Moreau and S Montae Nicholson:

"I think they're making progress. You know, I think they're getting closer. That's the trainer, the doctor – it's all on them when they clear them as far as full contact but they're doing everything. They're running and being involved in individual and walkthroughs and all that stuff, so they're getting the mental reps, which is good. Now, we just have to work them into the lineup somehow when they get cleared."

On if there are injury updates on TE Jordan Reed and RB Rob Kelley:

"Nothing [on Reed]. I think Rob's going to go today, I'm going to see if he can go today."

On if there's a concern Reed's injury might continue into the season:

"I don't know, we'll see. I think from every indication that I've gotten and received from the doctors and trainers and from Jordan, I feel like he'll be ready for the season. But, you never know, so we'll still have to wait and see. Things are odd from time to time, but I have total faith that he'll be ready."

On LB Preston Smith:

"He [Smith] twisted his ankle. He's in a boot [for] a couple days. I saw him walk around in the weight room here a little bit. I think he's going to be sore for a little bit of time. It will probably be a week or two, I would think."

On WR Jamison Crowder:

"He's getting close. I saw him running yesterday out here on their day off, rehabbing, and he's getting closer."

On LB Junior Galette's production in practice:

"I think he's been doing very well. The last two-minute drill we had the other day, he had a sack-fumble that would have won the game for the defense. He's making some plays and making his presence known. I feel him when he's out there. I think he's working himself into football shape, as he will tell you, but I still feel like he's got some pass rush instinctual moves that not a lot of people have. He's working out on his get off and his speed still. That's just going to come with time. As far as his natural rush ability, when a guy oversets him, he can slip them inside, he short sets them, he can go outside. I mean, he has got natural rush instincts that not a lot of people have, so that's good to see."

On what has impressed him about RB Samaje Perine:

"Well, there's a lot. You know, I think [I'm] surprised how good his hands are. He catches the ball really well. I know they had Joe [Mixon] in their backfield at Oklahoma so they didn't throw him a lot of balls, probably neither would I. I think his hands, I think his ability to learn, I think has been great. Just his work ethic, just him as a person, everything has impressed me about Samaje so far. I think he's a total pro. You know, he comes in, he's no nonsense, works hard, prepares well and is a very bright kid. Really doesn't have any weaknesses in his game. We've got to shore up his protection a little bit, but, like all rookies, that takes time – where your eyes are, how to pick up certain people and all that stuff. But I've been impressed with Samaje, very much so."

On QB Kirk Cousins walking out a route for a receiver the other day and if it is a sign of his growing leadership:

"Yeah, I think so. I think he's earned that right and that respect. And that takes time for a young quarterback that's competing to be a starter and find his way in the NFL. You just don't do that overnight. I think now that he's established himself as a starting quarterback in the league and for this football team, I think he feels more comfortable, especially now that he feels good with the system. So he's going to probably do more and more of that. Hopefully he doesn't have to walk through them [routes] like that, but he will voice his opinion and his displeasure if things aren't the way he wants it."

On if it would be possible for a coach to work only an eight-hour workday:

"Yeah, I think you could if you want to coach for a year [laughter]."

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