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Quotes: Jay Gruden (11.14.14)

Head Coach Jay Gruden

On the injury report:

"Everyone was full participation today. Logan Paulsen will be questionable. Everybody else is probable."

* *

On the tight end position with Logan Paulsen listed as questionable:

"Well, Niles [Paul] has been playing a lot and Jordan [Reed] obviously. All three are well-equipped to play the position. We feel pretty good about Logan's progress so far. I think by Sunday, he's got a great opportunity to play. But, we'll check him out tomorrow. He did some limited stuff today and he looked OK. It'll be up to see how he feels tomorrow."

* *

On if he has decided which receivers will be active on Sunday:

"Not yet, no. The good thing is, whoever I decide on, I feel very confident that they can do the job when needed. The bad thing is, I've got to tell two of them they're not playing. You know, that's the tough thing. We'll decide on that as a staff probably this afternoon when we get together."

* *

On how he will arrive at that decision:

"Like I said, the big part is, Santana [Moss] is a backup punt returner, backup slot really. And [Leonard] Hankerson can play outside obviously. And Aldrick [Robinson] is another speed guy that you'd love to have out there. So, like I said, you can argue the case for all of them to be playing. But unfortunately, we can only pick five, maybe six depending on the injury situation."

* *

On if quarterback Robert Griffin III needs to break off long yardage to be respected by defenses as a runner:

"I think they respect it now. I think you have to, as fast as he is and as effective as he's been in his career. There's still the element that he could take one and run it at any time, whether he has or not. He hasn't broken a long one yet, but in nine quarters, he's still run a few, you know what I mean? I think there's still that element for him, but you're right. I think there will come a time – hopefully soon – that he breaks one whether it's out of the pocket in the passing game, or maybe a read option or what have you. But, the threat is always there , now it's just a matter of seeing it on the field."

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