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Quotes: Jay Gruden 7-25-2018

Head Coach Jay Gruden

On Injury update:

"We have two guys opening up PUP. Stacy McGee recovered from his core muscle surgery in the off season, and then (Joshua) Holsey had an accident, dropped something on his toe he'll start on PUP also."

On importance of the period following OTAs:

"You know, I think they did a great job staying in shape as evidence them running today, and their weights - making all their weights. Just step one now we just gotta get them out here, get them in the meeting room, and see how they handle and retain the information from the offseason program, which I'm sure they did. By the looks of them, their weights and the way they ran, I'm happy the way they handled the offseason."

On the status of WR Josh Docston:

"Josh is fine, he just had an MRI on his Achilles just to get it checked out and he's fine."

On if the MRI showed anything:


On if the MRI was alarming:

"Is that alarming? No, nothing showed up so why would it be alarming? We're good."

On limiting TE Jordan Reed and T Trent William:

"We'll have a plan for those guys, you know, really mainly Jordan. Trent Williams, Morgan Moses,Ty Nsekhe,

T.J. Clemings, Shaun Dion Hamilton, we'll have a plan for these guys moving forward. It might be another one or two guys in that list. Mainly get them through individual get them some limited team reps, early if any, and then just slowly adjust their roles as they feel better."

On players filling in after injuries:

 "It did help our depth really. We got a good look at some players in key situations, and they're going to be asked to do the same thing this year. So, it helped our depth, but you never want to go through that again. It's good to see these guys work. I'm very happy to see Chris Thompson, Morgan Moses, and Ty [Nsekhe] and Trent [Williams] how much work they've put in and Phil Taylor. You know, these guys worked their tails off to get back into shape and get back in football shape. They've done an excellent job in doing that. So, the big thing is we're trying to take care of them out here. We got a lot of new ways to have their bodies recover and help their bodies in that regard. We've done the best we could do as far as our due diligence as far as helping these players recover, stay on the field, get them treated, but the players have done an excellent job in getting themselves well. So, we anticipate a new year with healthy bodies."

On addressing early expectations:

"Now. Tonight is our first team meeting. So, we're going to talk about expectations and what we think they need to accomplish to make this football team. What each position has to do to make the football team and special teams is going to play a big part in that for a lot of these guys, so we'll see what happens. But, the good thing about this football team, in my opinion, is we got a good core group of veterans that they don't need a whole lot of talking to. They know what it takes to be a successful football player and football team. Now, it's a matter of us gelling as a group and playing well on Sundays."

On RB Derrius Guice:

"Well you know we're going to rep him - team run - seven on seven and just normal progression for a rookie running back. You know, he's gotta learn mentally. Physically he's in great shape. Strong, strong, strong, strong. He can run. Saw him run out there today - looked great running. So, the physicality of Derrius Guice is not the issue. We just got to make sure he gets it mentally. I don't think he's going to have a problem. He picked it up very fast in OTA's. He didn't have any mental mistakes, did a great job, so I anticipate Derrius getting plenty of looks – plenty of touches"

On avoiding injuries:
"That's the million dollar question, really. You know, guys need to work but, we need them on the field on Sundays. So, that's something that I need to communicate a) with the trainer and b) with the player. The assistant coach has to know and get involved also. So, they've got to understand we're not trying to push them back and get them reinjured but, we also have to understand that they have to practice to get themselves ready to play on Sundays against these teams in the NFC East and all over the place. So, there's a fine line there but, we'll have great communication with the staff, the trainers and obviously the strength staff also and the player."

On not having to address questions on last year's quarterback contract:
"I don't think that contract issue has played a big part. I think once you come here everybody's got a contract, they're playing for whether it's one-year, four years and trying to make this team and be as productive as they can. So, the contract stuff doesn't really become an issue until somebody might hold out or what have you. But, we don't have that issue here. So, we anticipate these guys just learning the system and coming out to practice."

On traveling for training camp:
"I think coming to Richmond [Va.], we reach out to some more of our fan base a little bit. It's good to get away and got a nice set up down here at the Omni [Hotel] and Bon Secours has done an excellent job with the field out here. There are benefits of probably staying home. The biggest benefit is the bubble [indoor facility]. You know as you can see the rain out here. You know to me training camp is all about being together as a group and fitting together and trying to get some kind of chemistry and learning the system of practice and getting better."

On evaluating position groups:

"I have great expectations for every one of our position groups really. I don't think we really have any glaring weakness. I think we have addressed a lot of them throughout the draft and free agency and then guys veteran guys here, and I think our depth has been addressed, so now it's just a matter of just going out and playing together. Like I said, the running back situation looks great, quarterbacks obviously, we feel good about. Offensive line - once we get Morgan [Moses], Ty [Nsekhe] and Trent [Williams] back in the lineup - it's a different group, a different looking group, you know, Chase [Roullier] in his second year, I think it's going to be a great opportunity for him to progress. You know, the tight end group, once Jordan [Reed] gets back out and healthy and rolling makes that group a heck of a lot better. Defensive line, we've addressed with adding Daron Payne - big strong kid. Linebackers look good. Secondary is sound and has some good depth. Punter, kicker and long snapper doing well so we look pretty good."

On running back depth:

"I think we'll just play it by ear. I think first team reps by Rob [Kelley] - [he] will get a couple, you know as we start to move on well get Samaje [Perine] in there and obviously, Chris Thompson working him back in the lineup and then Derrius [Guice] will get his share and Martez [Carter]. We have a good group of backs and I think it's going to be critical to Byron Marshall, Kapri Bibbs, obviously, they're going to get their share. We have a good group of backs, and how we handle the rest, [running back coach] Randy Jordan will do a great job for that. It will be determined by him on a daily basis and we'll get it figured out."

On off-the-field moments with coach and players:

"Not really. I don't really do a whole lot off the field. We have a coaches' dinner every once in a while, but for the most part it's all ball once we come here. You know, it's fun to get here because we know this is the start of a great season. We have high expectations for this crew and it's exciting to see these guys to get back in action. Get the pads on, get the pads popping - probably Saturday and go from there."

On how quickly the numbers affect their roster:

"We tried to start that you know on a daily basis as soon as possible you know but, we don't try to predetermine. We try to let these guys play and eat some guys won't get as many reps as others but it's up to those guys have to take advantage of those reps and special teams will play a critical part in it, [special teams coordinator] Ben Kotwica and [assistant special teams] Bret Munsey will have a lot of say in some of these roster spots, you get a look at everybody."

On picking the best guys:

"Yeah, I hope so, that's the goal we don't have any factors here other than the best player will make the football team, anybody that knows me knows that it doesn't matter if you're a first round pick or a free agent, rookie free agent, so it doesn't matter everyone is going to get an opportunity we'll play the best guy."

On how to start training camp:

"I just think we have to get these guys playing together, a team camaraderie is a huge thing for me, chemistry is big for me, so it's up to the players to gel and we have to do the best thing we can to let them have that opportunity. The big thing for me is trying to do my best to get these guys motivated on a daily basis so we get the best version of themselves daily and just go from there."

On fifth season with the Redskins:

"I think a lot of value happens from not a lot of change on a year to year basis. I think it's up to us as coaches to handle some change. We are going to adjust our scheme accordingly to the players that we have. It is nice to come in and see Coach Manusky, Coach Cavanaugh, Coach Callahan, and Coach Kotwica, and Coach Jordan. We all have the same group and have a general understanding of how we want things done. We are more consistent with our approach and that doesn't change on a daily basis. My expectations is that I got to demand the best out of myself as I demand out of our players so, that doesn't change."

On procedures being incorporated to prevent injuries:

"We have a whole new recovery group built in there, [head athletic trainer] Larry Hess has done a great job, and Mr. Snyder has been gracious enough to give us the opportunity to get some of these things in there. Larry might have do a whole speech himself on all the things we have in there, so I will give him the podium in a minute but we have all types of recovery tanks, cryo [therapy] chambers, we got foot heal stuff, we got everything, massage therapists, whatever you need we got you covered to get you back on the field, we even got a Gatorade ice machine for God sakes. At the end of the day these guys are going to have to go out there and hit some people and show us they can play the game of football."

On recovery equipment:

"We've got some here, and we've got some at the facility in Ashburn."

On having brother, Oakland Raiders Head Coach Jon Gruden, back coaching in the NFL:

"Yeah, it's fun for my mom and dad. I'm sure they're going to enjoy the stress of eight hours on a Sunday afternoon. I think it's awesome. I think Jon's an excellent coach. He's good for the game of football. He's good in the booth, but he's better for the game on the sideline."

On moving T Ty Nsekhe to guard:

"Not yet. We've got to get him on the field first. He's going to have to do individual and all that stuff. But right now, we are going to leave him at tackle. As many tackles as we went through last year, I think you can never have too many of those big boys—big men."

On importance of chemistry and relationships with QB Alex Smith:

"Smooth, you know effortless, he doesn't go out of his way to try to do that. I think people just gravitate towards him, he's a natural leader. You know, we will see. I don't think that's ever going to be an issue with him, it never has been. Just a body of work that he has put in the NFL. What people have said about him is all true as far as what I've seen so far. But, we're in the infancy stages and we will see how it goes."

On QB Alex Smith chemistry with the wide receivers:

"I think that will all come, I think we have just a slightly different route tree than he's used to at Kansas City [Chiefs] or with the [Sa Francisco] 49ers, where he's played. Things like angles and throws and routes here and there. For the most part I think he does a great job seeing what we are asking him to see and making the correct throw. You know, whether it's a check down to the back or a tight end on the seam or whatever it is or an outside receiver. I don't think he's going to discriminate the type of throw because of who's running the route. I think he will let the play develop and then get it to the open guy which he's done throughout his career."

On the practice plan if it rains during training camp:

"Yeah, it's going to have a major effect. If it rains too hard, the fields don't handle water very well. We will have to figure it out and slush around there one day and some days we are going to have to go to an indoor place and do a walk through. We might have to come here to get in a good workout and get them working. We will have to adjust our plan accordingly depending on how bad the fields are and if there's lightening, obviously."