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Quotes: Jay Gruden 7-28-2018

On DL Daron Payne's status:

"Payne got his ankle stepped on yesterday and he'll be in a boot for a week or so and we expect him back in two to three weeks. He'll be okay."

On injury updates:

"Ryan Anderson has back spasms. He'll probably miss today and hopefully we will get him back, hopefully get recovered, he'll be back by tomorrow. Zach Brown is day-to-day just depends on how he feels. It's nothing serious, it's just how much he wants to push through it, how much he can push through it without redoing it."

On LB Josh Harvey-Clemons practice reps:

"Well I think it has been good for him, last year we pretty much only had him playing some and now trying to get him acclimated to some base role linebacker. He's learning the defense and improving. You know, [Martrell] Spaight is still there; [Zach] Vigil is still there, Shaun Dion [Hamilton] - we will try and get him up to speed. So in Zach's [Brown] absence, we have some guys that have some quality reps who need it."

On if Payne missing practice is a setback:

"Not much. He's in great shape he's big, strong, physical. He will probably get stronger in his two weeks of working out so he's in great shape so it's not a big deal. He's already very smart, knows the defense, so he's in good shape."

On what to expect when the players put on pads:

"We'll have shoulder pads on today so we'll get a little hitting. I'm limiting some reps today just because we're down two or three defensive lineman, two or three outside backers, couple inside backers, so we're down some bodies but we'll get as many reps as we can without putting too many in the I-V tank."

On this year's approach to training camp:

"I mean, I think we're just trying to - for right now in these early stages we're trying to reacclimate to our system, slowly but surely, I think the first five to six practices is mainly system-oriented, after that we'll get into a more situational type ball – third down, red zone, move the ball with no huddle – all that good stuff, but right now we are just about trying to install our system. After that, we'll push the envelope and push them and make sure we get them ready, more so than we have, hopefully, for Arizona [Cardinals]."

On DL Tim Settle:
"Yeah. I was really impressed with Tim yesterday because we had two or three guys down. He had to take a lot of reps, and he got stronger actually as practice went on. And this is a great experience for some of these young guys, you know. Unfortunately, we lose a couple of guys to injuries; but fortunately, some guys we really need to look at, we get a good look at. Like Tim is a great example. He had a great day yesterday."

On CB Adonis Alexander missing OTA's and rookie mini-camp:

"No, it puts him behind. It's hard, you know because we throw a lot at them day one here and we expect them to remember and retain what they went through at OTAs and mini-camp and all that good stuff but he wasn't here so he's behind. He'll catch up, he's a bright kid and [defensive backs] Coach Torrian Gray had him before at Virginia Tech so, he has a great way of communicating with him and we'll get him up to speed but he is slightly behind."

On the differences between Settle and Payne:
"No, they're different. You know I think that Settle is probably - I don't know Payne is a little bit stronger right now that's for sure. But, Settle gives you a little bit of position flex also but, he's probably more so the nose, I guess. Payne is probably more along the line, play every spot along the line."

On WR Josh Doctson's progression:

"Well I think Josh, it just depends it's hard to say statistically. I think people are looking for the stats to fly of the charts. But you know around here, the way we spread the ball around to Chris [Thompson], Jordan [Reed], Jamison [Crowder], and all these other guys it's going to be hard for – and Paul [Richardson Jr.] now, Maurice Harris and Robert Davis when he gets in there it's going to be hard for one guy to have a fantasy football superstar year. I think in the red zone is where he's is going to be most dangerous, that's where were hoping that he can realty dominate in that area of the field and some tight window throws on third down. Just continue to get better and better and when the ball is there for him and he goes out and makes the tough catches."

On the expectations for DL Jonathan Allen:

"We have very high expectations for Jonathan. He is an excellent football player without a doubt. He's is not a one dimensional player at all. He plays the run well equally as he can rush the passer. So we just got to make sure we keep him fresh and healthy somehow. But he is a very tenacious guy, he loves football, prepares his tail off, [Jim] Tomsula (defensive line coach) is doing a great job with him. I have no worries about Jonathan, the only thing we just have to keep him on the field. He is going to be a great player."

On T Trent Williams, T Morgan Moses, and TE Jordan Reed wearing pads today:

"I think Morgan might get another rep or two. We're just going to ease him in it. Trent, were probably going to stick with individual for a little while and then Jordan will get some one-on-ones today. Maybe seven-on-seven tomorrow or the next day, but he will probably get four or five one-on-ones today." 

On Doctson in the red zone:

"I think that he's been a great option for us, we just haven't gotten many opportunities to him for whatever reason you know, so it's not totally his fault that he hasn't been as productive as people anticipate. Play calling, sometimes the quarterback went elsewhere. It just so happens that that's what the play design was. But were hoping that he does get more opportunities, that's the big thing. That the opportunities that he does get, we just hope he takes advantage of."

On which players have stood out during the early part of training camp:

"You know we are just, you know right now we are just trying to get everybody involved. You know, I'm not going to try and make any spotlights on any players right now. I just want everybody to just keep working and taking advantage of the reps. Once the [New York] Jets get here we will get more looks at them and obviously the pre-season games will be big for them. You know, these guys are trying their best to compete, study, stay healthy, obviously hydration and all that good stuff. But, I think I've been impressed with a number of these guys. The way they've come out here and got themselves ready to play and take advantage of the reps, still, got a long way to go as far as what to do, how to do it. But, they have all bought in and done a good job."

On having the pads on with the weather:

"Yeah, it's tough. We have a lot of guys with I-Vs, you know, the big thing is hydration, and their diet, and their sleep, and all that stuff plays a part into it. And, I've got to make sure we take some time off and we make sure get them plenty of water during practice, after practice, before practice, all that stuff. I've got a pretty good gauge and monitoring how we're doing and how they're doing without trying to – you know, we still need to practice, so there is this fine line that we talk about all the time so it's kind of my job"

On CB Quinton Dunbar and the cornerback depth:

 "Feel good about him, Quinton's done a good job man, he's got a lot of confidence for a guy who's only played corner for a few years of his life - you know I tell you what - I like Quinton. I think mentally I like where he is at, I think when he first starting playing corner all he wanted to do was play press and bump-and-run, man-to-man and he can do that because he's long and can run. Now I think he's started to expand his game a little bit. He's playing more off coverage and better in zone coverages and better in the running game and know where to fit. The big thing with him is just to continue to get better but he's got all the intangibles you want for a corner, long, fast and the cornerback depth you know Fabian [Moreau] over there, and obviously [Orlando] Scandrick and Josh [Norman] and now Adonis [Alexander] we added, Danny [Johnson] is one of the undrafted free agents so we really like, he's done a great job so we have a number of guys over there that are doing pretty good."

On the importance of a back-up quarterback:
"It's an important of a position as there is on your roster, really, even though they may not play one down in the regular season there's a chance he could play 16 games, 15 games, whatever it might be. You have to have a good one for a number of reasons, one, he's got to support the starter, two, he's got to be ready at all times and three, he's got to be good for your football team and handle scout team and all that stuff for the defense. So, Colt [McCoy] is magnificent at all that so, we feel good about having Colt here and it's a very important position as the [Philadelphia] Eagles found out and a number of other Super Bowl teams have found out. I think the [New England] Patriots found out with [Tom] Brady, I believe."