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Quotes: Jay Gruden 7-31-2018 

On the status of LB Ryan Anderson:

"Yeah, Ryan should go today."

On the offensive and defensive line following the first practice with full pads:

"They did good. You know, pretty good it's the first time they put all the gear on pants and everything. So, we will have a couple of those throughout camp. We did a live session with the threes just trying to get some tackling in. But overall, I thought the tempo was great and the pad level was fine. You know obviously every practice you're going to have fundamental issues you're going to have to clean up a pad level, assignment wise, and all that that's why we are out here. But overall, I thought the tempo was good and the pad level was fine."

On if there were any injuries to report:

"No there wasn't, by golly."

On the practice plan with the forecast of inclement weather:

"Yeah definitely in the morning, unless it's lightning, we're going to try to get out here and practice in the rain. Afternoon walkthroughs, that's different. You know, I have to try to gauge how much rain there's going to be because I don't know how much we're going to get through when you have to walkthrough when it's pouring down rain. You know, we might go to a gym or something like that, but even that gets congested. So, like the other day we just took that walkthrough period and had extended meeting time, which was really good for the guys to just sit down and catch up on all the practice film and preview some other things that we're going to see."

On if it is easier to coach players that were teammates in college:

"A little bit, but I think more comfort level for those types of guys cause they have people they know and they been around, so they have at least somebody that they can gravitate to instead of being brand new. You know how it is being a new kid in the lunchroom at a new school. I know that cause my Dad was a coach it's kind of uncomfortable but these guys have a comfort level with the guys, but always there's going to be different ways of doing things, fundamental, coverage, terminology something they're going to have to study and learn, and maybe get out of some old habits that they've had, that we have to try to break them [out] of, which takes some time. But for the most part, I think having guys from the same school, comfort level with people is probably the best thing but they're going to have to learn something new."

On if QB Alex Smith helps CB Josh Norman:

"Well Josh should be getting plenty of work. I think the object of playing quarterback is getting the ball to the open guy and the right guy and Alex is doing a pretty good job of that right now so is Kirk [Cousins], so is -Jesus (laughter) - so is Colt [McCoy] and so is Kevin [Hogan] for the most part. That's what this offense is built around the quick game and getting the ball to the right guy. If you're playing Cover 2 were not going to throw a flat route out to Josh Norman and let him pick it, I mean that's just common sense. So Josh is going to have to wait for somebody else to throw it to him. But Josh is getting plenty of work were all getting plenty of work and I think it's been good for everybody."

On LB Pernell McPhee:

"You know Pernell has done good, he is probably going to sit out today. He's done a really good job, he is a nuisance rusher. He doesn't look like he has a lot of speed, but he gets around guys every time. He is very good very productive, very strong, hard to block at the point of attack, he has been a good surprise for us. I have a good idea of what Pernell McPhee [is] about from my days at Cincinnati [Bengals] when he was at Baltimore. He was really a pain to play. He played up outside, line up over the guard. He was really, really, good then he had some injuries in Chicago [and] wasn't quite as productive. I'm banking on the fact were getting Pernell McPhee from Baltimore. [Being] able to move him around and do different things with him is exciting. He can do a lot of things, smart kid, very athletic."

On WR Trey Quinn:

"Yea he is fun to watch, he is very smart. You don't catch 115 balls in college unless you don't have an idea how to get open in zones and they weren't all bubble screens. He caught option routes, seam balls, double moves from the outside, from the inside, he did a lot of great things at SMU. He has shown his ability to move around, grasp the system, see coverage, adjust, break in and out of cuts pretty effortlessly and really, he has really, really, strong, strong, good hands. As good of hands that I've seen out of that position. Big strong hands so really big upside for him right now, we're teaching him mostly slot behind Jamison [Crowder] in case something happens to Jamison [Crowder], so it's great to have that depth there. He also can return punts but also has the ability to play outside."

On Kyshoen Jarret:

"Yeah, I think Kyshoen, you know we drafted Kyshoen, we saw what kind of player he was and what kind of mind he had for the game. He'd be a great coach. We want to keep him in this organization someway somehow. Now it's a matter of film. We're going to let him basically - it's like an intern-ish type role. But he's gonna work with the defensive backs and partly special teams to get his foot wet as far as when it comes to coaching. We want to make sure this is something he wants to do and is committed to do, and if he is, he'll be an unbelievable football coach. So, we're getting his feet wet with obviously with (defensive coordinator) Coach Greg [Manusky] and (assistant defensive back) Coach [James] Rowe and he'll work with (assistant special teams) Coach [Bret] Munsey, (special teams coordinator) [Ben] Kotwica a little bit also."

On Jarret's injury:

"He's still working out every day. It was a tough injury, obviously. When you're talking about nerves and all of that stuff, he's starting to slowly but surely get some strength back. He looks great."

On other linebackers that can contribute:

"Petey [Robertson]. Petey has been unbelievable. Yeah, he's been great. Very, very athletic, and you're talking about a guy that can possibly help on special teams as your fourth or fifth linebacker, and he's one because cause he can run. You know, last year we had him on the practice squad a little bit, and he was active late but he was doing some running back stuff for us, cause we had a lot of injuries at running back. He's a great athlete. He can rush the passer. You know, he was a defensive end in college and we tried him at inside linebacker for a little while. That wasn't quite his cup of tea. We moved him back down as an outside linebacker defensive end in nickel [defense]. He's done very, very well."

On timeline for TE Jordan Reed:

"Yeah, we're gonna go these next three days. We have Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday then we have off on Friday then we come back Saturday for Fan Day, I believe. I'm trying to get him some team reps in there, just a couple and then slowly get him going. So, we're just gonna take it slow but, hopefully Saturday we'll get him a couple of team reps and go from there and build off of it."

On RB Martez Carter:

"The running back? It's tough you know, he's trying to take advantage of those reps. He doesn't get many because we have six guys in front of him right now you know but very similar you go back to the days of Rob Kelley. When Rob Kelley was the seventh guy on the totem pole and every time Rob got the ball we were like; who's number 22? Then he ended up making the team. So, hopefully that will happen with Martez. The more he gets comfortable, the more reps he gets, that he'll catch our eye. But, you know it's tough because he's not a very big guy so, he's really not a first, second down back and the skill set you have to have for the third down back, he doesn't have quite yet but, I think he's kind of a [in between]. I think he can do some first, second down stuff and possibly some third down but we'll wait and see."

On meeting with officials regarding the helmet rule:

"Yeah the officials are coming, but we've also have had multiple videos. You know, I think Coach [Mike] Vabral [Tennessee Titans Head Coach] made one, Coach [Dan] Quinn [Atlanta Falcons Head Coach] made one and a number of coaches made these videos for different positions on basically what not to do and how to not use your helmet as a weapon and I think that's a big thing we're trying to get over. You know, whether it's a defensive end rushing against a tackle sticking your face in there like that or a defensive back leading with your head, even a running back leading with your head, we're just trying to get that part out of the game. Now, there are going to be some bang-bang plays that I'm concerned about because guys have to lower their shoulder which means their head goes down and it's full speed, somebody makes a cut and it's going to look like it but it's not the intent. But, hopefully we'll get all of that written down and what the exact rule is but right now I just know the fundamental thing is if you are using that head as a weapon you're going to be called and possibly ejected."

On if he is playing defensive back today with the field conditions:

"Jay Gruden is questionable today with a sore shoulder, foot, ankle, knee and finger."

On RB Chris Thompson's injury:

"You know the same with all these guys. You know, when you're talking about your best players Chris and Jordan and Trent [Williams] and Morgan [Moses] and some of these guys you just - they gotta get out there and practice, but its sometimes you just wanna treat them like a china doll. You're like 'oh please don't get hit' you know what I mean, but eventually they gonna have to put the pads on and practice. And Chris is getting to a point right now, we're gonna put him in some team periods today, you know watch the reps he has and the defense will take good care of him 'cause they know what kind of value he has to this football team. But, he's coming along great and I anticipate him being full go sooner than later."

On QB Kevin Hogan's production at training camp:

"Kevin's been great. You know it's another one like Martez. Some of these down the line guys don't get many reps in practice. You know, Alex needs as many as he can get and then the ones that are left, Colt [McCoy] is a ball hog he's gonna take the rest of them so we have to tell Colt to get out of there and get Kevin in there. But, Kevin's done a good job. Kevin has always been a smart quarterback without a doubt, University of Stanford, it's well documented of what's he's done and his production there. In Cleveland [Browns] he did some good things when he did start. Very mobile, you know a very similar skill set to Alex in the fact that he can run and throw and do some good things, he just hasn't had quite the reps to where we've had a great chance to look at him. But, when you're third string quarterback you better be smart and when you do get your reps you better know where to go with the ball and Kevin's done a good job of that."

On preparing for preseason game at New England Patriots:

"For the New England game, you know, quite honestly we don't do a whole lot of game prep for New England. You know, we are going to try to give them the base looks that we're going to see so we can at least be fundamentally sound and pick up any kind of blitz that might come our way. But, really, were trying to get a look at our guys. I think we are talking about the first and second preseason games, we are trying to get a little bit of momentum going for the regular season but the most important thing I need to do is try to figure out our best 53 and make sure we get the guys in there we need to see and give them opportunities to make plays and do some things so they can show their skill set."