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Quotes: Jay Gruden 8-14-2018

On what went into the decision to release CB Orlando Scandrick:

"A couple things really, you know when we initially signed Orlando we had just lost Kendall [Fuller], and it was before the draft. We drafted [Greg] Stroman and obviously we got Adonis [Alexander], and I think the emergence of Danny Johnson, Fabian Moreau at nickel. We wanted to get these guys reps at nickel and [Quinton] Dunbar at corner and move on. So, give Orlando ample time to get on a team before the season started."

*On if he is confident in the depth at cornerback for the start of the season: *

"I do. I'm very impressed with them all. You know, obviously Adonis [Alexander] not as much because he just got here and he's been hurt but he's got the skill set that we've noticed, as far as your sixth corner, I think he'd be a very good guy to have in your building to develop. Watching [Greg] Stroman and watching Danny Johnson compete and play, I've been impressed. Watching Fabian [Moreau] move inside, I've been very impressed. So, you know, we still have time if it doesn't work out or if somebody gets injured, we still have time to make moves also ourselves. [Ranthony] Texada's done a good job also."

On CB Fabian Moreau playing the nickel:

"Well he's a strong, physical kid. He can run. So I think that the whole point of it is, we have to get them the reps you know. When somebody else is here and Fabian is not taking reps it's not doing anybody any good. So, we have to see Fabian, Fabian has got to through it, learn it, make his mistakes, [and] we have to get them corrected. So when we play Arizona [Cardinals] we have great confidence that Fabian knows what to do and how to communicate in the leverages and techniques that we want him to play and I think he will be fine once that hits."

On the changes after the fights during joint practice:

"It was a clean practice. You know I think, like I said yesterday, I think that the fight that happened was just an oddity, really. I think yesterday guys were professionals that practiced and understood what we were trying to get accomplished and realized that fighting does nobody any good. But, at the end of the day we got a lot of work done the last two days and today won't be any different, hopefully."

On if WR Josh Doctson is still nursing an injury:

"No, he is a little sore, I think he's gonna go today. It's not the Achilles no, it's his heel. Not the Achilles heel, just the heel. (laughter)"

On if he is pleased with the progress made during training camp:

"Yeah, yeah, we still obviously have a long ways to go but, I'm happy with the progress we've made offensively, you know, we've done it a couple different ways. I wish we could get everybody in the lineup at one time, it would be nice to see. But, for the most part I like the way the guys have progressed from day one till now and same with defensively, we're still – we're communicating, we're working, we had some busts yesterday we have to get cleaned up. [The] guys are working hard and playing hard, that's all I can ask for."

On clarification on releasing CB Orlando Scandrick:

"Had nothing to do with his play, it was more of the rookies' emergence really. You know like I said we drafted [Greg] Stroman, we got Adonis [Alexander] in the supplemental. And then nobody could predict Danny [Johnson] and [Ranthony] Texada the way they played so really that, and we want to give Orlando an ample amount of time to get on a team."

On if the starters will play in Thursday's game versus the New York Jets:

"I think defensively we will probably go that route, we'll see offensively we will wait and see who's available to us due to injury and we'll make that decision soon."

On his impressions of CB Danny Johnson:

"It's his competitive nature, his playmaking ability. You know, he's been solid all the way around. You know, he's a good tackler. So, you know, he's done a great job. Everything we've asked him to do, he's done and very competitive kid, and he's on special teams. He can help us there, which is the other part of it."

On if the recent breakouts of injuries affect game plan against the New York Jets:

"It could for guys who you know aren't quite 100 percent but eventually we're gonna have to get them out there and play and the fear of people getting injured can't cross your mind. We have to go out and play football and we have to coach it, get things - get guys on the same page so whether it's game two, game three or game four we'll get 'em out there eventually."

On he is looking for in the next preseason game:

"Same stuff, I want to see progression from these young kids and I want to see special team play. I want to see guys getting better from the first game to the second game. You know continuity and people competing."

On WR Cam Sims:

"Well he's got the measurables, he's big, he can run, you wonder why he didn't get drafted, a guy like that. Seen him workout, seen him out here, he's an impressive guy. I don't know why he didn't get drafted, really. Wasn't that productive, they had a couple of good wide outs there, they had a good running game, you know so sometimes they get lost with all the great players that they have over there, but he's been great. He's making a serious push to make this football team and another good showing Thursday night and another one the following week; I think he's got a good chance."

On if organization will reach out to free agent cornerbacks:

"We're going to go with what we have right now, we'll probably sign another one maybe here shortly but right now we like what we have."

On if CB Joshua Holsey will return this season:

"Yeah exactly right, we got Holsey coming back after week eight, whatever it is, so we have him, as well." It looks that way." 

On if Holsey will start the season on PUP list:

"It looks that way." 

On wrapping up camp what has been impressive:

"I think you can say something positive about everybody that's participated in camp, really. I think they've all done something very impressive, they've all done something that needs to be corrected, but for the most part I think everybody has put in the work, put in the time and is ready to get the heck out of here. (laughter)"