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Quotes: Jay Gruden 8-2-2018

Opening Statement:

"Good morning. Josh [Doctson] is okay. Everything checked out fine."

On if WR Josh Doctson will be miss multiple days:

"Probably. Today's going to be a light day for these guys. We are [going to] try to taper off some of the running, they have a day off tomorrow, and then we're going to get after it Saturday."

On Doctson's performance during training camp:

"Good, very good, very good. You know, he's done a lot of good things down the field. Quick game, everything. He's been good."

On if the reserve offensive linemen can contribute:

"Well that's what we're trying to figure out, you know. [Tyler] Catalina, [Kyle] Kalis, [Demetrius] Rhaney, obviously [Tony] Bergstrom, we're moving those guys around quite a bit. So we're trying to find the right grouping and it's a wide open battle. So, time will tell on that but they're all doing a pretty good job. We've just got to get them in pads and more and more and more and more team run reps, more pass protection, more blitzes, all that stuff, and get our evaluations going."

On DL Matt Ioannidis:

"Well Matt's a very hard nose player. He plays with great energy and passion, tenacious type guy. He had a turf toe out here [and] he's been fighting through it. So, it's kind of slowed him down a little bit. As that gets better, you'll see more of the true Matt Ioannidis. But, he's a guy that just is one of the hardest working guys in the weight room. He's gonna get stronger and stronger. I don't know how much more stronger he can get 'cause he already is strong. But great guy to have, rotational type defensive lineman starter, play four-technique, five, three, nose, whatever you want him to play he'll play it, great guy, good player."

On if he has observed anything that generates optimism about the upcoming season:

"One thing? Yeah, I mean there [are] a lot of reasons to be optimistic, you know this is training camp. I think every NFL team should be optimistic right now, I mean what the heck. But, I feel good about our quarterbacks, our running back room has a lot of depth, there's a lot of talent, our receivers. We [have] a lot of different type of guys there, quick, fast, big, physical. Tight end group is exciting, we got Vernon [Davis] still, [Jeremy] Sprinkle is emerging as a very good blocking tight end. [Matt] Flanagan is doing a lot of good things, obviously Manasseh's [Garner] here, Jordan Reed when he gets back. Offensive line, once we our guys back, it's a lot of good players there. A lot of good depth, defensive line we're excited about without a doubt. Outside backers what can you say about [Ryan] Kerrigan, Preston [Smith], Petey [Pete Robertson] and Ryan Anderson, and the rest of the group. Inside linebackers, so there's – we have a good group of players here. Defensive backs, don't want to leave them out, otherwise Josh [Norman] will tweet about me. He's doing good. But yeah, there's a lot to be optimistic about. Now, it's just a matter of getting everything put together. And every team in the NFL has a lot of talent, as we do. Now it's a matter of getting it all together and protecting the football and doing what we have to do to win games."

On if practice will be different as a result of hosting Fan Day

"Uh not a lot different really, we're just going to have a practice and I might do some more live [drills] type things for twos and threes and all that stuff, but it's just hopefully more people come out, be more energetic for the players. It'll be a great day. I know that we're going to push pretty hard on Saturday. Today's going to be kind of a lighter day, I tapered off a little bit, but Saturday will be a good day."

On if he considered LB Pernell McPhee history of injuries before signing him:

"He missed yesterday with an injury - just kidding. He's done great, he's done great. I mentioned Pernell the other day and, you know, I talked about - I think his ability to move around the defensive front is - on third down. You know what I mean first-second down he's going to be an outside linebacker. He'll back up [Ryan] Kerrigan and Preston Smith. It gives much needed depth at that position. You know the 3-4 defense can't function without four, at least four maybe five good outside linebackers. So, he's one of them and then third down that's where I think he's going to make us say 'hey', he can play over the guard, he can play defensive end. A lot of good things, but he's a great player and just gotta keep him healthy."

On if the reserve role will keep McPhee healthy:

"Yeah maybe, maybe, but we're going to expect a lot out of him so we'll see how it goes. But, I like everything about what he's brought to this football team so far and we just gotta make sure we have a good plan for him, especially on third down and hopefully we can get a good year out of him."

On if RB Derrius Guice playing video games had an impact on the team's evaluation:

"Video games? If I graded somebody now because of video games, I probably wouldn't have a football team out here. I think everybody plays video games [in] this day and age. This Fortnite thing is going crazy, Madden, you know, they're playing soccer in there, they all play it. So, Derrius is probably most known for it for some reason but that had no bearing whatsoever on us taking him or not taking him."

On if he plays video games:

"I do not. I used to play all the time but, not anymore."

On which running back will garner the bulk of the work load:

"Yeah, that's a great question, I feel good about all of them at this point right now but eventually we're going to have to settle in on one, one and a half guys, or two guys, you know somebody is gonna get the bulk of the carries and I think the pre-season games will tell a lot of that, just a consistent approach to the game. But, you know Samaje [Perine], Rob [Kelley], obviously Derrius. They've all proven their worthy of getting the ball, you know, now it's just a matter of trying to find the one that's most - and that could change week to week. You know who knows. It's not a bad thing to have multiple guys get the ball; you keep these guys fresh and healthy. You know pound Guice up there a few times, then you give Rob the ball and then here comes Chris Thompson or Byron Marshall, I mean obviously you only dress three probably on game day but to get all these guys a lot of work is not a bad thing."

On adjust ball placement at practcie with the field conditions:

"I don't know, I just try to move the ball around you know try to stay out of the muddy spots. Hopefully the sun will dry it up but the field has been pretty good except for a couple of areas, the sidelines aren't very good, obviously the back of the end zones aren't very good, so we stay away from there. Nothing I can do, we gotta practice so, you know, so we practice in the mud."

On WR Paul Richardson, Jr.:

"Yeah, Paul is a guy that you just have to continue to watch on tape, you know, quarterbacks when they see him or even when he doesn't get the ball there's a lot of things that he does, when he doesn't get the ball you say dang I could've thrown it to Paul [Richardson Jr.] here too. You know, he does a great job of getting open and he's getting a great-better feel for what we're trying to do, the angles and the routes. I've been very impressed with Paul, coming in here learning an entirely new system. Playing a position that you know is new to him with the terminology, different route cuts, lining him up a lot of different spots. I think he's done a great job but he's going to continue to get better. But, he's the type of guy like I said that Alex [Smith] and Colt [McCoy] they're going to have to just continue to watch him because he really can run."

On the reserve middle linebackers:

"They're doing good. Obviously, Shaun Dion [Hamilton] is doing a lot of good things. So, I've been impressed with him also. So, that's another position that is going to be fun to watch. You know, I think a lot of it will have to do with, could have to do with special teams. The backup, the third and fourth, fifth inside linebacker, they have to be very good on special teams. There's no if, ands or buts about it. So, I think Coach [Ben] Kotwica would have a lot to say on that. [Zach] Vigil came in last year at the end of the year and had a great game against Denver [Broncos], did some good things against the [New York] Giants. Josh Harvey[-Clemons] is more of a dime-type player, but he can get more work in base. So, he's doing good. So and then, Sean Dion [Hamilton], you know, at Alabama, before he got his injury, him and Reuben Foster were probably the best linebacker tandem in college football. So, a lot to like about these guys, but now it's just a matter of getting them in there and see who the best ones are."

On FB Elijah Wellman:

"Yeah, I don't know yet. We'll have to wait and see on that though. Wellman's done a good job. You know, I'd like to run some fullback runs for our defense, so they'll get used to seeing some of that stuff. So they can get themselves ready because we do play a lot of teams that have a fullback. And then, we have a lot of those regular runs, that we call regular, with the fullback that are very good. The play actions off of them are very good. So, like I said before, it's just going to be a matter of how good he does on special teams and whether or not we want to carry that package on game day and if we do. But he's done a great job. You know, he had a great insertion yesterday and shows great strength and power to hold, which is important. And he can catch. As far as Rob [Kelley] and Samaje [Perine], you know, that's just kind of a maybe thing. You know, we'll have to wait and see on that. I haven't even told them yet, so don't tell them yet."

On OL Brandon Scherff off the field:

"Yeah, Brandon, he is great. You know, he is – there is nothing bad to say about the guy, he is a fun guy to be around. He is a very focused guy on his craft, you know what I mean? He works extremely hard. When he is here he is all in on football, you know, every drill, every period, it's all about football, every meeting, there's no nonsense about him. Off the field, after that, he'll have his fun, he likes to hunt and all that stuff, but as far as being a football player, you know the term 'football player,' Brandon Scherff is definitely a 'football player."

On DB Quinton Dunbar's progression after switching from wide receiver to defensive back:

"Yeah, that is a great tribute to him and his work, you know, but, you know, when you have that type of speed and that type of length, you know, you try to find a spot for a guy with that type of athletic ability, and Quinton has done a good job with buying in and making the adjustment. Now, with the opportunity he has in front of him, it's going to be up to him whether he, you know, takes the next step or whatever. But, I have total faith that Quinton can do a lot of great things, and you see him out here running and covering and getting more comfortable with the position but when I made the change with him, did I ever think – I had hopes he's very good on special teams, that's why I thought we had to keep him somewhere some shape or form, but I didn't know if he'd be a starter this quick – competing for a starting job, so that is a great tribute to him and his work."