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Quotes: Jay Gruden 8-28-2018

On if RB Samaje Perine will be ready to play on Thursday at the Baltimore Ravens:

"[It] looks that way, yes."

On the running back depth chart:

"Well, I think everybody understands the competition at every position, so those conversations will take place, have taken place. Samaje has been unavailable as of late, so now it's important for him to get back in there and make a run and Rob [Kelley] the same thing. The competition is still there without a doubt. They know what's up. They're pros."

On if WR Maurice Harris is in concussion protocol:

"Mo, yeah a little bit. He's seeing some doctors and all that stuff. He'll be fine though."

On roster decisions:

"You try to weigh all of it really. You look at their past performance in the NFL. You look at what they've done since OTAs. You look at their performance in the preseason. You look at their health. You look at what they can offer on special teams -- all that, very, very important."

On DL Matt Ioannidis:

"It's because it's important for him to get out there and just get a little bit a couple reps in there just to get a feel, try to get some running in there for his stamina, but he looks good. He's probably not quite there yet but he will be."

On DL Jonathan Allen and DL Daron Payne:

"Well, they're both strong humans and they're hard to move and they're tenacious in their efforts, which is really critical for a defensive lineman. When you have talent and you have strength and you're also tenacious, it's a heck of a combination and one we feel really great about with those two guys and really when you throw Matt [Ioannidis] in there, he's the same way. [It's] the same with Ziggy Hood and the rest of the guys have also kind of picked up that mentality in Coach [Jim] Tomsula's room. We feel really good about where they're at."

On using the final preseason game to evaluate players before roster cuts:

"Yeah, it is surprising, but that's why you have to let it play out. I try not to jump to any conclusions too soon because somebody's going to show up or somebody's not going to show up in the last game and [it] could make a very big difference. It won't tell the whole story, but it'll have a lot of impact in the final say and special team will also. That's really the unit I'm looking most closely at is special teams. You know, for core backup positions, you have to be good on special teams."

On evaluating the fourth preseason game:

"Well that and it's these guys deserve a chance to play and show what they can do. A lot of these guys like I mentioned before haven't gotten a lot of reps in preseason games or in practice for that matter. You know, we see them in individual. We get them some reps in practice but this is a chance for them to really get an extended period of time look and see how they do. It's going to be fun to watch them."

On T Trent Williams:

"He took the day off today, John [Keim]. He's a veteran."

On the combination of DL Matt Ioannidis, DL Daron Payne and DL Jonathan Allen:

"Well I think when you have base out there. You have three defensive linemen out there. He'll be one of the three most likely so he fits in right there. When you go sub, I think he's a great sub in there with Jonathan and Payne. Three guys that can all rush the passer pretty good and they're all strong against the run. Last year we gave up some big hits in our sub packages in the running game and I think with Matt, Jonathan and Payne, whatever combination we use of those three, I think we'll be a lot more stout against the run. You know, I think he just adds to the mix, keeps everybody fresh and strong."