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Quotes: Jay Gruden 8-6-2018

On missing walkthroughs during training camp:

"Well, we've missed a couple of walkthroughs and one we had at the hotel, just short yardage goal line, which was OK. And then, yesterday's we got half of it in we missed the two-minute portion. So, we're ok where we're at. I'm going to extend practice today, I might add a walkthrough at the end to make up for what we missed out yesterday, so, we are on pace to get everything in."

On CB John Norman's performance during camp:

"Josh Norman is having a fine camp, John, thank you for asking. He's doing great. Yes. And, if he wasn't doing great, do you think I'd say so? No, no, he is doing good. He is doing good. I think he is more comfortable all the way around, you know, he has established himself, he is clear-cut, you know, top corner in this league for a number of years now. So, he just consistently works on his craft. He studies the game, works hard at practice, takes all the reps, doesn't come out. I haven't seen him miss a practice rep in a long time so, hat's off to him for the work he puts into the game."

On the leadership of DL Ziggy Hood and DL Phil Taylor, Sr.:

"Yeah, it means a lot. Both of those guys are great leaders like you say and work extremely hard and great role models for the younger players. However, the younger players that we have don't need a whole lot of tutelage. You know, I think Matt Ioannidis works harder himself. Jonathan Allen is an extreme hard worker. If you see Daron Payne work out, it's almost comical. So, I love the leadership of those two guys but I love the whole entire defensive linemen room as far as their work ethic is concerned."

*On new training camp schedule and improvements in the recovery process: *

"I think I am pretty much a genius because if I kept it in the afternoon we'd have to miss a lot of practice because of the rain, right. That was the other part of it. We wanted to miss the afternoon rain showers and lightning. But, you know, I think it's still a process here. These guys, I think, come in after, you know, five and a half weeks off, and you'd like to think they're training but football shape and offseason workouts with their personal trainer are a little bit different. So you're still going to have some dehydration issues because they're not playing in this heat, which we've had. But we have had - you know it's hard to gauge. I don't know if we've had improvement in the recovery process or not, but I'd like to think we've had. But we still have our issues—pulled hamstrings. We've had a calf. We've had a couple other dehydration issues. We've had some IVs. So those issues still will arise. We just try to educate them as best we can and tell them the importance of rest, sleep and hydration."

On having his son Jack Gruden on the video staff:

"Jack has been very good. He works extremely hard and you know he worked for my brother [Jon Gruden, Head Coach of the Oakland Raiders] a couple of years, did a great job as far as film breakdown and working as part of a scout and eventually maybe he wants to get in that role, I don't know. But, as far as him taking his job, he's done a great job. I don't see a whole lot of him, you're right, except when he wants money (laughter)."

On T Trent Williams and if he expects him to play on Thursday:

"Trent Williams would probably be a doubtful. I mean, I don't think he's ready to go. He's ready to go but, he doesn't need to go. You just watch him play and he just - he needs work - there's no doubt about it, don't get me wrong every football player needs to practice. But, if there was one football player that probably didn't need to practice it'd be Trent, you know, he just came out here and just effortlessly, he got beat on the inside, moved spun around, 360 [degrees], got in position, blocked the guy. He's just a great talent, physical freak. But, he will get some work; he'll get some reps, hopefully in the third preseason game, maybe get a series or two and then get ready for Chandler Jones (Arizona Cardinals DE) and the Arizona Cardinals."

On drafting a player like LB Shaun Dion Hamilton with an injury background:

"Oh yeah you're right, you know that's something you just have to listen to your trainers and the team doctors. That's why we have physicals and every team goes through a physical process and they give you, you know, a best case scenario on whether or not they think he can play long term and everything we had on his knee checked out that he could recover from that thing. Love his natural instincts at the linebacker position watching him on tape, his physicality, but it was matter of in that round I think the risk-reward there was well worth the risk and I think we got a good player because of it."

On CB Orlando Scandrick's role:

"Well I think the good thing about Orlando is while we're feeling our way through [Quinton] Dunbar and [Fabian] Moreau, he can play the starting corner and base and sub, obviously he's a slot. He's a very good slot he's a nuisance player, he's very, got a great head for the game, seeing every situation, every route concept known to man, so he's a great nickel without a doubt. That's when we lost Kendal Fuller, we needed to get another nickel, a proven nickel, he's that, but he can also play outside as Dunbar and Moreau improve and earn a starting spot."

On practicing with New York Jets determine who will play against the New England Patriots:

"Yeah that's a good point, I think the live session we had the other day was good. We got some live work and then obviously playing against the Jets will give us another opportunity to do some work. So the game Thursday night that could have a bearing on who I play and how much they play, so I know were going to get plenty of work. After Thursday's game, whether some guys get work or not, we're gonna have plenty of time to get more work against the Jets and then three more preseason games. Most important for me, I think we have some position battles that are worth letting these guys getting as many reps as possible in game like situations and see how they do."

On keeping T Trent Williams out helps in keeping him healthy for the regular season:

"Yeah there's no doubt, you know every time you take a rep out here in a live setting you have Preston Smith or Ryan Kerrigan, yes, it's going to be a physical down, you know. You're running, blocking, you're trying to come off to the linebacker and people's feet get tangled up, there's a risk on every rep that we take so yes there is a--it is worth maybe resting him, and taking care of him in that regard but also he needs that coming off the ball. Pad level, getting up to the next level, communicating with the guard on the pass protection, pass sets are all different, quick game and play action game and all that stuff. You just got to get back in a rhythm snap count, listen to Alex [Smith]. So he does need to work, but there is a fine line in trying to keep him healthy and taking care of him. I haven't figured that one out yet."

On G Shawn Lauvao:

"Yeah, he's going to try to do some individual today and we'll see how he is. He should be fine, it was a minor sprain."

On position battles:

"I think every one of them has something going on, you know running back obviously, there's a lot going on there. Fullback we gotta obviously see if we want to you know make that commitment to a fullback. Wide receiver, you know four, five, six, seven (depth chart). There's a great battle there. Inside linebacker, three, four, five, six, there's a great battle there. Safety, three, four, five, inside backer, I said outside backer three, four, five. I mean there's defensive lineman, everyone there's battles going on. And the thing is what you think you know already - okay this guy has no chance and then all of a sudden preseason game he lights it up, then all of a sudden boom he's in the mix also. So, you need more reps for him, so a lot still going to happen. When the games kickoff, the crème will rise to the top and that's what we have to see, we have to give them opportunities and make the plays and let them showcase their skills."

On the New England Patriots' success:

"No, you know, I think it's obviously - it's incredible what they've been able to do with consistency. Winning division, going to Super Bowls, winning Super Bowls, you know, it's something that we all strive to do. Here in D.C. that's what we have to get back to. You know, it was like that here at one time for a period of years and it's tough to maintain, we know that. It's tough to get to that point, but that's what we are all working towards. They have done an excellent job with their personnel and keeping their quarterback [Tom Brady] and their head coach [Bill Belichick] and they have seemed to make it work every year."