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Quotes: Jay Gruden (9.6.15)

Head Coach Jay Gruden

On where QB Robert Griffin III is in the concussion protocol:

"He's got to see the independent neurologist one more time early this week coming up. That's it. Hopefully he'll get cleared, but we'll wait and see."

On why the team kept Griffin on the 53-man roster:

"We kept him because we thought he was one of our top 53 guys. We'd like to have three quarterbacks in the building, no question, that are capable."

On how much potential distractions factor into the decision-making process:

"None. The only distractions, like I said, are made out here. We don't feel like he's a distraction at all. We feel like he's a quarterback that's young and talented and done some great things. You can never have too many quarterbacks in your building. It's very important. We learned that the hard way last year. You never want to use three, but this is a violent game and quarterbacks are at risk back there so it's important to have three good quarterbacks. When you have three, you want to hold onto them."

On if WR Evan Spencer can return after being waived with an injured designation:

"There's a time we have to wait and he can come back at a later time. I don't really want to talk about the guys we let go. Really it's about the guys that we have here. It was a very difficult decision letting all those guys go. We had reasons for doing each individual one and keeping the guys that we kept. Moving forward, we feel real good about the 53 guys we have. Everything we're doing right now is focused towards Miami and then, trying to solidify our practice squad here today and move forward."

On T Ty Nsekhe:

"He missed [today] for personal reasons."

On trade rumors surrounding Griffin:

"I haven't heard anything of that sort. All I know is we made decisions on our 53-man roster. He's one of our 53. That's all we're going by now. We're going to get all our guys ready to play."

On why the team opted to keep Nsekhe:

"I think his performance. He's a guy that really was a long shot at making this football team. He's another one of those guys that you add him to the roster late in OTAs, it's like, 'Okay, it's a body,' but then you put him in there in the team work and you see a big guy, you see him doing one-on-ones, you see a big guy competing. You put him in a game, you see a big guy. He's picked up the system mentally. It's been a process but we feel good about his transformation as far as not only being a big, physical player but picking up the system. You have that type of size and that type of power and then it shows up on tape, we had to keep him."

On T Tom Compton's calf:

"Yeah, he had it taped up. He got kicked in the calf in the game and it's a little sore."
On team captains:"We voted on them yesterday and we are going to announce them on Wednesday or Tuesday. We will announce them on Tuesday."

On if the team will address the tight end position with the practice squad:"Yeah, no question. We will definitely address that practice squad-wise and you know that could be a revolving door adding a third tight end. Obviously we'd have to make a roster spot somewhere else. So this roster is a 53-man roster and it's set right now, but obviously throughout the season you'll be adding maybe a tight end and taking out someone somewhere else. So right now we're set, but we definitely could use another tight end or two on the practice squad."

On if the previous answer applies to the linebackers as well:"Yeah, I mean you can do the math on all the numbers. You can pretty much see where we need to pencil in a practice squad player or two. So we're working on that now, but that will hopefully get done here shortly."

On what he liked about the team's recent draft class:"Obviously Brandon [Scherff] has done a good job and you look at Matt Jones and Preston Smith. They've actually stepped in there and shown that they are ready to play. That's a big thing, a lot of rookies, they come in and they're a little star-struck so to speak, but these guys are ready to go. [Jamison] Crowder is the same way. So those four guys have been outstanding and Kyshoen [Jarrett] has been flying around. He has got a great nose for the football. He's good on special teams. Those five guys have been very, very good for us."

On if he has made a decision on the starting OLB opposite Ryan Kerrigan:

"It'll be Trent [Murphy] and then Preston [Smith] will play a lot too. Those three will be interchangeable, but obviously Kerrigan back and Trent, it'll be a good combination with Preston ready to roll."

On the pressure on TE Jordan Reed to stay healthy:

"That's the goal, obviously. I could say that about everybody. The goal is to stay healthy but you never know. He's had some injury history problems in the past. I think his training in the weight room with [Strength & Conditioning] Coach [Mike] Clark, the work that he put in when he was alone for the four or five weeks in the offseason, you can see he's a bigger man. He's a more confident man. I think he's ready to go, ready to make a run for this thing and put together one heck of a year for us at tight end."

On cornerback Deshazor Everett:

"He's another one of those guys that not only catches your eye in the secondary but caught our eye on special teams. We talked about that early on, that special teams is very important. He made the big play against Baltimore forcing the fumble on the punt. When you make splash plays like that, 'Hey, who's that number 22 guy?' You know what I mean? All of a sudden you talk about him and then you watch him on defense and he's sound in what he does. He's a solid contributor to our football team not only on defense – he's smart – but also on special teams."

On if the team will decide the backup quarterback once Griffin is cleared:


On if he envisions a lot of roster turnover in the next 48 hours:

"I don't think so, I don't think a lot. I think mainly the practice squad guys; obviously we'll have the 10 guys. It's so hard when you're talking about cutting a guy and adding a guy that doesn't know your system and putting him up right away. It would have to be a special, very big need for us or a special circumstance with a special player that we all know. I don't envision a lot, but you never know. Scot [McCloughan] and the scouts are up there right now working their tails off. So we'll see what happens."

On G Brandon Scherff's progression:

"He's done a good job. I'm fired up about Brandon. Like I said before, he's going to have his ups and downs. He's going against some pretty good players on the defensive line his first couple weeks. He's got Aaron Donald with the Rams, he's got [Ndamukong] Suh, possibility he could be over there, he's got this Mitchell guy [Earl Mitchell]. He's going to have some great challenges early, we'll see how ready he is. The one thing about him is I feel like he's a mentally tough, stable human being. If he does get beat, it's not going to affect him in the long haul. He's going to keep competing and that's what we like to see. It's one thing to get beat every now and then on a nice swim move or a bull rush or something like that. But to not let it affect your play moving forward is very, very important. We think that's a great quality that Brandon has. He's going to get beat from time-to-time but he's going to bounce back and keep grinding."

On if WR Rashad Ross made it easy for the team to keep him:

"Yeah, no brainer. You talk about going out there and making plays, I'd be lying to you if I had cut him. You'd say, 'What about this guy? This guy made all kinds of plays and you cut him. You're lying.' We talk about taking advantage of your opportunities, making plays and we're going to do what's right by and the right thing was to keep him. Great story. Talk about a long shot making the team. He came in there, returned kicks, returned punts. He led the league in receiving I think in touchdowns and everything. He's a great guy to have because obviously DeSean's [Jackson] got great speed. It's another guy that can really, really stretch the defense when he's in the game."

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