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Quotes: Jay Gruden And Greg Manusky (10-12-2017)

Head Coach Jay Gruden

On injuries:

"Did not participate is the same as yesterday. [Josh] Norman, [Deshazor] Everett, [Rob] Kelley, [Ty] Nsekhe and [Trent] Williams… Zach Brown was back."

On LB Zach Brown:

"He's fine. He was just sick so he's in good shape, good spirits. [He] ran around."

On if there's still hope that T Trent Williams will play Sunday:

"Always going to hold out hope for Trent, yes."

On if Williams' injury has improved at all:

"I think… I don't know. A little bit. I hope."

On his comfort level with T T.J. Clemmings:

"Well, you know, the negative is Trent hasn't been able to practice.  The positive, we're getting T.J. a lot of reps and a lot of work. He hasn't had a lot of work with Kirk [Cousins] as far as cadence, rhythm of the game, protections, all that stuff. This is new to him, he just got here a few weeks ago so it's really good to get him schooled with Ty Nsekhe being out also. We have to get him up to speed and it's been a great couple days for him. He's doing a much better job."

On if they will go with three safeties on Sunday if S Deshazor Everett is out:

"That's a good question. We'll probably have to wait and see on Friday, see where we are everywhere else at every other position. There's a chance we would go three safeties. Kendall [Fuller] has been schooled a little bit at safety. [Joshua] Holsey would probably be up and he can play obviously nickel and corner, so the fourth safety would probably be Kendall if we needed to. Don't tell him that [laughter]."

On T Ty Nsekhe's injury:

"He's going to go back and see a specialist one more time, just get it looked at again. Just make sure everything's on point and on schedule for him to recover. Hopefully we'll get him back next week a little bit for maybe walkthroughs and stuff like that, but we're taking it slow, just make sure he's right. Tough injury for a big man."

On the timetable for Nsekhe:

"Probably I would say we're hopeful for Philly but probably the following week, probably be safe. Hopefully."

On TE Jordan Reed:

"Yeah, if he's not on here [the injury report], he's 100 percent. He's looking great. He really is. I think he's got no problems whatsoever with his sternum or whatever the heck it was, his collar bone. He looks good. He's running around very well."

On 49ers WR Pierre Garçon and how he plays "angry":

"Yeah, he's always been angry. He was angry at me the whole time he was here [laughter]. I think that's what people appreciate about him – when you compete with him or against him – you see the anger that he plays with on tape. It's not a bad thing, it's a good thing for a wide receiver. Not many wide receivers are like that. He likes the tough, physical play of playing out there. The tough catches – the across the middle catches – he thrives on that stuff and running through traffic and making the hard catches with his big hands and the physical play after the catch. Just a total pro and a great receiver for a long time."

On how RB Mack Brown is different than the team's other backs and if he could be involved this week:

"Yeah, we'll try to, we'll try to. We'll see how the flow goes, as always. We try to get everybody a touch or two but Mack does give you something different which is a good thing. Samaje [Perine] and he are quite different, as with Rob [Kelley]. [It's a] change of pace with Chris [Thompson] and Mack. Mack can do a little bit more inside the tackles also, but he's fairly young and inexperienced, so to speak, but he's going to get experience pretty quick here soon."

On if there is concern with the inexperience of Brown and Samaje Perine as the primary running backs:

"A little bit, yeah, without a doubt, but I have faith that these guys have been coached very well by Randy [Jordan] and they're prepared and ready. Now it's just a matter of them getting in the game and performing at a high level and getting them opportunities. That's the big thing, and then they have to take advantage of the opportunities if they want more and more and more. We're going to rely on the running game like we have when we're successful and hopefully those guys will be willing to carry the load and protect the football and then hit the holes like they're supposed to."

On things Williams can do that other tackles can't do:

"Well, I think there's nothing that he can't do. He can pull. He can run. He can get out on screens. He can protect. He can run block. When you're talking about protection and you're talking about taking deeper drops and waiting for plays to develop down the field, you may limit some of those and work on maybe quicker passing game and more play-action stuff – get some help for the tackle here and there where Trent doesn't want any help. If I give him help, he gets upset. But, I feel good about T.J. and where he's at. I don't think we'll have to change a whole lot. We just have to be aware that sometimes the open side left tackle – we're so used to having Trent in there that when he's not in there, we just have to be aware of that. That's all."

On WR Jamison Crowder's production:

"I think we anticipate him being more productive, without a doubt. The Kansas City game was a little odd that he didn't get many catches, or just the one catch when he threw it backwards to  Kirk so that was a little different. But we only had 14 completions in the game, so I think the more you throw, the more opportunities he's going to get. When you want to be balanced and you want to be… if you have 55 plays in the game, you're running 28 times, 27 passes, if 20 of those are complete, that's going to be spread around and nobody is going to be as productive as you think. Jordan [Reed] only had three catches I think against Kansas City. Josh [Doctson] only had one or two. Just the way it is."

On if teams are playing Crowder differently this year:

"The Chiefs were a little bit different. The Chiefs, they have a lot of help underneath. They play a lot of man coverage with outside leverage. They had three-man rushes with guys dropping in the middle and it was hard to get the ball to Chris [Thompson] and Jamison, quite frankly. Really, the outside receivers played a major role in that game plan."

On if there is a different dynamic with this team than in years past:

"Yeah, it seems that way. I think people are confident. I think around here, regardless of the year, I think everybody should be confident that things are going to happen good. That hasn't changed. But I think everybody can see the talent on the tape a little bit more clearly offensively, defensively, and special team wise. I think we're better at all three phases. People can argue, 'You lose DeSean [Jackson] and Pierre [Garçon], you're not as good at receiver.' But Jordan Reed and Vernon Davis and Niles Paul and [Jamison] Crowder and [Ryan] Grant and [Josh] Doctson and all those guys – I think we're pretty good. Running game is better, which helps out the balance. Defensively, I think our defensive line, our linebacker play and our safety play is much better. I think overall we have better talent which makes us more confident, but we still have a lot to prove and a lot to show – and a lot more we can get better at."

On what he recalls from working in Tampa Bay with 49ers Head Coach Kyle Shanahan:

"He is very smart, without a doubt. I was just a fly on the wall at that time really. I was coaching Arena League and playing in Arena League, I think, and I was coming up there during the season. I was trying to learn the outdoor game. I only knew eight-on-eight. So I was trying to learn from those guys and he was a quality control guy. He was in his office typing and doing all the grunt work but we got along good. I just knew he was a very bright guy, good guy."

On if it means anything for him to face a coach that is returning to Washington:

"Not for me, no, but for him I'm sure it does. I'm sure he wants this win very badly, as anybody would if they got let go from a job and you go back and play that team. So I am sure he is very motivated, as is Pierre [Garçon], as is Aldrick Robinson, as is Logan [Paulsen] and any ex-Redskin coming back. Like Vernon Davis is, like [Jim] Tomsula, like [Greg] Manusky, even Matt Cavanaugh was a quarterback for the 49ers back in the day for two games. [He] got benched for the terrible Joe Montana [laughing], if you can believe that. I'm sure he is ticked off. So there is a lot of reason to be motivated. He has probably a little bit more reason, so to speak, as do we. We are all very hungry for this one and I'm sure they are too."

On the 49ers' defensive line:

"They have been impressive, man. They are young and long and physical, really. They do a good job. They hit Carson Palmer – I don't know how many times – about 25 I think. They got after [Jacoby] Brissett pretty good and Goff pretty good. They have talent. We are talking about [DeForest] Buckner and [Arik] Armstead, Solomon Thomas and then they bring [Elvis] Dumervil off the bench for third down rusher. [Aaron] Lynch is a good rusher. So they are very talented, without a doubt. The linebacker play has been solid and obviously they have safeties out the kazoo with Jimmie Ward and [Eric] Reid and the other one – I forgot his name but he is good too – [Jaquiski] Tartt."

Defensive Coordinator Greg Manusky

On the 49ers' offense:

"I think they do a great job of running the football. Over the last couple of weeks they've done a great job of getting positive yards with their running back. They have a good offensive line. They have a good fullback, a good tailback and then they have got a little bit of explosiveness with Pierre [Garçon] and the other receivers down the field. They're doing a good job."

On if the defense changes without CB Josh Norman:

"A little bit, but I think overall we've been running the same things during training camp and during the regular season with Dunny [Quinton Dunbar] in there and Fabian [Moreau]. So it is going to change a little bit, but not that much."

On making adjustments to the scheme this week without Norman:

"Well, I think it is also during the game as well. I think what we have got to do is make sure we maintain what we have to do. Communication is always the most important thing between the safeties and the corners. But during the game if things happen for a reason, we will change up and do something different, but overall we have our plan kind of set of what we are going to do and we will take it from there."

On 49ers WR Pierre Garçon:

"[He's] a very good route runner. I think he does a great job of running routes. I think he is in pretty good communication with the quarterbacks off the routes that he is running and he is an explosive player. Once he gets the ball in his hands he can break tackles and get vertical. He was a very good player here and he is doing the same thing this past year."

On the defensive rookies and their performance this season:

"I think anytime you can get these guys in the game early in their career they get in the regimen of listening to the calls, understanding the calls and practicing the calls, they keep on getting better each and every week. For those guys that get in there… And really for us we did it in the preseason a lot, flipping those guys in and out, so it was good for us to get those guys those reps and I am excited for the young guys. They're doing a great job."

On Defensive Line Coach Jim Tomsula:

"He is a good friend of mine. He does a great job of coaching these defensive linemen, all of them. They have been having success and we have got to continue that success. It's good to… back in the day when we were coaching together, just having that camaraderie to know, 'Hey, you remember this?' 'Yeah we did it this way.' So it doesn't take much time and we just go through the process. It's great to have him here."

On what makes Tomsula a good coach:

"Technician. I think any coach that is a technician at their position, what your eyes are looking at, the fundamentals and the technique that he teaches to them, and they respond to it."

On his assessment of the defense through four games:

"We are all right. I think we can get better. I think each and every day that we step on the field, we have got to get better. Yesterday wasn't a great day. Today was a better day. So we are always looking towards the future and towards the opponents that we have. The sky is the limit for the guys. I think we are talented up front. I think we are talented in the back end and the linebackers. So it is where they want to take it, not so much me."

On if he will speak to his players about Garçon trying to get in their heads:

"That's his game. The players that were here prior to him [leaving] know that's his game. It's a part of his game that he excels at, I should say. It was great when he was here, but right now we have to make sure we defend him because he is a top-notch receiver in the league."

On CB Fabian Moreau and his tackles on special teams:

"I think that's one thing that is very dynamic about him in general because even on the sidelines I watch the punts and it's unbelievable how much ground he gains and beating defenders. It's exciting for me because I love special teams, always did. He is doing a great job."

On if LB Zach Brown will be ready for Sunday:

"I think he will be ready. He had a good day today. We are excited to have him back. Yesterday was a situation where he was a little bit under the weather and now he is ready to roll."

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