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Quotes: Jay Gruden And Sean McVay (10.23.15)

Head Coach Jay Gruden

Opening statement:

"Chris Culliver did not participate, he'll be out. D-Hall will be out. Limited was Jason Hatcher, he's questionable. DeSean Jackson did not participate, he's out. Kory [Lichtensteiger] did not participate, he's out... Limited was Keenan Robinson, he's questionable – I'm sorry, he was full today, he's questionable. Did not participate was Chris Thompson, he's doubtful. Stephen Paea was limited, he's questionable. Jordan Reed was limited, he's questionable. Trent Williams was limited, he's questionable. Probable and full were Bashaud Breeland, Matt Jones, Ty Nsekhe, Andre Roberts and Trenton Robinson were all full today and probable. As far as Jordan and Trent are concerned, Jordan has seen the independent doctor; we're waiting on written confirmation. Trent is going today, this afternoon, and we'll wait and see. Both of them had no setbacks whatsoever but they still have to get cleared and have no symptoms leading up into the game, that's why they're questionable."

On when T Trent Williams will be cleared:

"He's going today to see the doctor, the independent doctor."

On if TE Jordan Reed is one step ahead of Williams:

"Yes, but, still, they still have to make sure they maintain symptom-free before game day."

On if he would hesitate playing RB Chris Thompson because he did not practice:

"That wouldn't be as much my concern as how he's feeling. You know, his back has still got some swelling to it and that's a concern. He is a tough kid, man, to finish that game like he did last week against the Jets shows what kind of toughness that he has, but I don't know if I want to put him in a situation with that much pain. He's already undersized as it is and that's a tough position to play but if it does go down considerably and he feels like he can go, we'd have to think about it. It wouldn't be an issue from a mental standpoint. He's been out there all the practice, all the meetings, and he's very, very bright kid. The issue is his back obviously."

On how much of a loss it would be to not have Thompson on Sunday:

"Yeah, it's a tough one because he does create — you know when Jordan [Reed] was out, he creates one of the mismatches you have against linebackers — and he [Thompson] has done an excellent job both in pass protection and routes and when he does get the ball, he's made some nice plays out of the backfield. It's an unfortunate deal but we'll just have to make do. Hopefully, Matt Jones can get back to full strength and we'll still have Alfred [Morris], DY [Darrel Young] can always play third-down back if need be, and we'll go from there."

On if CB Will Blackmon is playing at a high level:

"Yeah, absolutely. He's a professional. He's a pro and came in here picked up the system effortlessly mentally and that's half the battle. You can get a veteran guy off the streets, that's one thing, but to have a guy that's as bright as he is and to pick up the system is very, very important. And then, the experience factor of covering big-time receivers having done it and been a part of big games has helped him and he's helped our defense and will continue to do so in whatever role we put him in in once we get our defensive backs back. He'll still be a major player — whether it's dime, whether it's nickel, third corner, whatever it might be — but right now, he's playing pretty well at corner."

On if he still is considering promoting a practice squad running back tomorrow:

"Potentially, yeah, we're considering it. If not, we still have three able running backs with Matt, Alfred and obviously DY."

On if there's a chance LB Jackson Jeffcoat and LB Will Compton could play more:

"Yeah, you could. I think Jackson, you know we'd like to get him some more rushes as far as the pass rush is concerned. Will Compton obviously played well in Perry [Riley, Jr.]'s absence but Perry has not been the issue. I don't think you pin it on one guy but we do have a team full of players and we have to utilize them all properly. If somebody's not getting the job done then you may look to make a change but I feel very good about the guys playing. I think they'll get in their gaps. I think they'll play well. You know, we've just had a couple good running teams we played against the last two weeks and we got out of a couple gaps, but we had a lot of good plays and stopped the run I think 33 times for 77 yards. It's just four of the carries the Jets got were for almost 100, so if we can limit the big plays, I think we'll be OK."

On how the team has responded to the importance of this game:

"I think they understand it… I've tried to make every game important. You know it doesn't seem like it come game day sometimes. All games are important obviously. I really stress the home games. I stress them all but home games are very important — take advantage of our home crowd and play well at home especially when you're 2-4 and last place in your division. You know, the clock is ticking. We have to turn the season around. We can't get too far behind the guys in front of us otherwise it will be darn-near impossible to catch them. We still have high aspirations and big goals for this season in order to accomplish those things we have to get a victory at home against Tampa Bay."

On if RB Alfred Morris can do anything differently:

"I think a lot of people can do a lot of things differently. We just have to play better. Everybody has to play better — quarterback, running back, offensive line, tight ends. I think it's just a matter of offense as a whole doing things a little bit better — holding ourselves to a higher standard, staying on blocks a little bit longer, quarterbacks being more patient. I don't think there is anybody in that locker room that will tell you that they're satisfied with the way they're playing. There's nobody in the coaches room that's going to say they're satisfied with the way they're coaching. Nobody is satisfied right now and everybody has room for improvement and that's our job as a staff to try to bring it out of everybody. Alfred is working extremely hard. He always has, always will. I think the more carries he gets, the better he'll be."

On how difficult it is to work a spot starter like Compton back into the lineup when the starter returns:

"Sometimes, you feel that way but when you have Perry Riley, Perry Riley is a darn good linebacker and so is Keenan — they're playing very well. You have a nice three-headed monster there, and Mason [Foster] can fill in also. He's doing well out here in practice, so he's ready to go. We have four inside linebackers that can play. You know it's very similar to Trent [Murphy] and our outside linebackers in [Jackson] Jeffcoat and Preston [Smith], you know what I mean? We feel like that they can play. It's just a matter of trying to keep them fresh and making sure the best guy is in there and when the backups get their number called, they produce like Will did and then you make the decision, tough. But I think Perry is playing at a level where he deserves to be the starter and Will is right on his heels, but he understands his role and is appreciative of it. He'll continue to work. He's done very well on special teams, also."

On WR DeSean Jackson's home in California:

"He's here today and obviously he's concerned. He's letting the law enforcement there take care of it. Obviously some things happened at his house and he's concerned as every homeowner would be. He'll get to the bottom of it as will the police and we'll go from there."

On if the situation could be a distraction:

"No. We're just concerned about DeSean and making sure everything is alright in his house."

Offensive Coordinator Sean McVay

On improving the offensive execution in the second half of games:

"It always starts with the run game. We've got to clearly do a better job of being more efficient on first down when we do run the football. Then it keeps your run-pass open on second down to where you're not in some of those long yardage situations, you're kind of a bit one dimensional. So, I think it's being more efficient, being able to run the football effectively and then it kind of mixes up everything off of that."

On how to get the running game going despite the defense stacking against it:

"You know there's a story on each play. A lot of it comes down to execution. Clearly we know as coaches and players we've got to do a better job collectively executing whether it's a back-side combination, front-side combination, or [running] back reading it out. You know there are some things that give credit to the defense as they've done a nice job loading the box and stopping us. But we feel like if we correct some of the issues that have shown up especially these last couple of weeks. We'll be capable of running the football like we've shown in glimpses earlier in the year."

On if it is a possibility RB Matt Jones could play in third down back role if RB Chris Thompson is out:

"Sure, it absolutely is. I think credit to Chris; he's done an excellent job in that role so far this year. If it's a situation where Chris isn't able to go, we do have confidence, because Matt's a guy that coming out the back field, he's a little bit different type of player than Chris. But, he does have natural hands where you can use him as a legitimate option in the passing game. When he's had his chances to catch the football, I think he's done a nice job this year in our screen game and in some of our play action as a check down back. If that's the case then we feel very good about him as a third-down option."

On what getting TE Jordan Reed back means to third downs:

"It's a big-time help. Any time you're able to get a player of his caliber back, you feel really good about that. His influence and involvement both on first and second down as well will be critical to our success. I think he's done a nice job when he's been able to play this year and proven in the run game. Obviously, we know what a special receiver he is in the pass game, so we're very excited about having him on Sunday."

On if C/G Josh LeRibeus is getting more comfortable:

"Yeah, I think he is. Just with any other player, the more experience you get the more confidence you're able to gain through that experience. I thought he did a nice job against a very good front last week. He did a good job with the communication. They through a couple different looks at us protection wise where he was able to handle it in the right manner. We feel good about Josh and we're looking forward to seeing even more improvement as he goes towards his next start this season against the Bucs."

On WR DeSean Jackson's situation:

"His on-field situation is he's been really working hard to try and get his hamstring ready to go. Whenever he'll be able to play we know he's going to be a huge impact player for us. We're excited about getting him back as soon as possible."

On if Jackson was able to participate today:

"He wasn't. He was doing some things as far as just rehabbing and doing things like that on his own getting ready to go."

On Jackson's home in California:

"It wouldn't be fair for me to comment. I don't know enough about the situation. I don't know enough about it to say right now."

On how QB Kirk Cousins has performed in practice this week:

"He's been good. I thought he's had a good week of practice. He's been really focused. I think with last week all of us were frustrated. The Jets did an excellent job slowing us down in the second half. So everybody was a little bit frustrated that we weren't able to get into a better rhythm offensively. I think he's come back; he's had a single focus this week on getting better and doing the best that he can to put himself in a position to execute at a high level against the Bucs this week."

On assessing Cousins' decision making in the passing game:

"I think everybody points to the pick that he had in the second half, the first one. He knows that's a decision that we can't afford to have. That's one that he'll learn from. Anytime that you evaluate the quarterback position at this level - defenses are so good now – that over the course of a game no matter how good of a player or how consistent you are there's always going to be a couple decisions that you want back. What you always constantly strive to do is minimize and eliminate those the best that you can. I think that one stood out that clearly really hurt us, but overall I think he's doing a nice job with his decision making. Like you pointed out earlier, he's just got to do a good job of being able to move forward and not let previous plays affect our ability to move forward as an offense and be productive."

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