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Quotes: Jonathan Allen 8-4-2018

On the importance of understanding the NFL and if he gained any experience from last year:

"I think it was good for me, it definitely hurt and hard for me to miss a lot of the games last year, but those five games really helped me get acclimated to what to expect in the week, on a weekly basis. You know so, really just re-motivated me, refocused me and have me more prepared than ever for this year."

On his individual focus:

"I'm trying to go out there and get better every day. I mean, this is probably the most fun I've had on any camp in my life, just being able to be out there with the guys, it's been great, [and] it's been super competitive. Defense has been working their tails off, same with the offense, everyone's starting to get [on] beat, have a cohesive relation with each other so; everything's going good for me. So, really the goal is just go out there and get better every day."

On if he was supposed to limit his reps during training camp:

"Yeah I didn't know about that 'cause I was full go at OTA's. So, I've been full-go since we started this."

On his recovery from his toe/foot injury:

"When it comes to recovering your foot the biggest thing is doing calf raises so that was kind of the bench mark to determine how healthy your foot was. So, once I was able to do five to ten without any pain, that's when I was pretty much good to go. And that happened; I want to say somewhere around like April - yeah March, April-ish - around that time."

On his improvements:

"For me, I feel like bending the corner. That's the big thing that I've been trying to focus on, being able to become more skinny on the edge, really just trying to take in all the little things that I really wasn't able to do last year just 'cause I was so caught up in the moment. Really just trying to get my - get a grasp on the playbook, the scheme, the technique, so this year I'm really trying to elevate my play and take it to the next level."

On Fan Appreciate Day:

"Oh I love it, man. I love D.C. fans and it's kind of crazy just 'cause like five or six years ago that was me out there when we had the camp back in Ashburn [Virginia]. So, just being able to come out here and talk to the fans, you know sign stuff for them, just really just hang out with them, it's fun, I enjoy it."

On if practice was physical and if the defensive linemen get excited during full contact:

"Oh it was definitely a physical practice, probably by far most physical practice of the year. I mean, we love it, I mean that's what we do on the offensive line and defensive line. We bang and clang man. So that's what we love about football."

On the competition on defensive line:

"We definitely have a lot of good competition on the defensive line, but it's all healthy competition. We're all pushing and moving with and against one another to push each other and make each other better. I mean, we understand there's only a certain limited number of spots, but at the same time, we're all working towards one goal and that's just making the football team and making this team as best as we possibly can to win the Super Bowl."

On the reality of going from being a fan of the Washington Redskins to a player:

"For me, I never really focused on it. I mean, I always, I live in the here and now, you know. So, when I was in high school, I focused on playing the best I could then and once I got to Alabama, I definitely wasn't focused on the NFL, because, I mean, you're just trying to get - it was tough. So, you're not even worried about that. And when the time comes, you've got to take advantage of the opportunity. So, honestly, I never really sat down and day dreamed about it. I guess you think about it every now and then, but it was never one of those things where I would sit there and like plan out what it was going to be like so, it's pretty cool."

On his opinion of teammates during camp:

"In my opinion, I feel like that's Mason Foster. I feel like he's a guy who might not get a lot of credit outside of here, but if you cover us, and you watch us, and you're inside the team - I mean Mason's – Mason [is] one of the guys I look up to and he has, as we like to call, calm and effect when we're in the huddle, when things are getting crazy everywhere, he's a guy who can come and rally the troops and keep it going. So, I feel like Mason Foster's that guy."

On his goals for 2018:

"I mean, I definitely feel like everybody has personal goals, but for me it's just to dominate and be more consistent. I feel like I was - before I got hurt, I was playing at a pretty high level. But, I want to be able to take that to the next level and be able to play like that every week, every game, and not have a good game or just an okay game. I want to be able to try to dominate every opponent, every snap, every game. So, when I say take it to the next level I really mean consistency."

On playing with DE Matt Ioannidis:

"I definitely feel like to play defensive line you got to have chemistry with the guy beside you. Especially you know me and him usually pass rush together, we have to have great communication from inside-out, so I mean that definitely helps us on and off the field. But, you know, for the most part it's about having a group of guys that you can trust and communicate with not always verbally. You know, so I feel like as a defensive line we have a really good, we have a really good friendship, you know."