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Quotes: Josh Norman 7-27-2018

On the new helmet rule:

"Really I don't, other than just leaning with the crown of your head which is, I think is basic in the rules of the game that you learn since pee-wee and stuff. Have your head up, bold neck, just face-mask contact, but not that I know of, you know lean down with the crown of your head. I think that was taught - basic elementary. Now I guess there's a big emphasis on that which I thought it was before but face mask always up anyways, hit what you see, which is what you have always taught. But being that this is now a rule where you can't lead with the crown of your head just got to play up better but in the heat of the moment that split second, you're just trying to get the guy down. Trust me, they're definitely going to look for that fine, it will be there, waiting in your locker. FedEx delivery." 

On the 2018 Washington Redskins:

"Aw man, we young and they're physical. I mean, upfront man, we got a [defensive] line now that can compete with any team in this National Football League. You've got those two studs right there in the middle (Jonathan Allen and Daron Payne) that went to Alabama. Aw man, Roll Tide! Shoot, but, yeah it looks good for us on the [the] defensive side now it's just the backend we've got to come together, make more plays on the football. I think that's what you know the keys to success for us, it's just everyone being a collective group on the defense side of the ball. Offense, not even worried at all. They've got a guy (Alex Smith) back there that is just, man, he's precise with everything he do. He goes out there to show you that each and every time he steps on that football field. So, it's important for us to get off to a fast start but, I'm very much so excited about this group of 2018." 

On his focus during training camp:

"You know - the little things. I think the little things in everything that you do become big successful plays. But also, the little things become big minuses as well, to where you can feel like. OK,iIf I don't place my hand in the right spot, if I don't step in the right place, then that can lead into going down later in that rep where I'm not able to get on my break as fast if I was at the line of scrimmage by not getting that timing off. So, for me, it's just working on the little things. Being in place is the first part but finishing the ball should be something that already is established and ingrained in you. So, finishing those plays that are out there for us, when you're in position each and every time I try and work on that. Now, it's just taking it to another level."

On the dropped interception:

"Well that's what I was talking about, finishing plays and something that's taught from the early age going on, but it's always something that's recurring in your game you always got to work on, you get lazy because you get into those routes you feel like it's over because you right there, but it's just that six inches that - it's from making a play to not making a play. Our hands were on the ball but Doc [Josh Doctson] said he saw me breaking down on him and he grabbed my head but it's all good, touching hands DB rules you got to have it."

On DB Orlando Scandrick:

"He's like a real you know - savvy vet. He pretty much knows the game. He knows the concepts of the game and what he's trying to do towards you to become successful to the offense. Learning that and understanding you know - this is him and he's here to be in that position to help us win football games. I think learning from him in that aspect is always going be you know - I don't know everything, he don't know everything we're figuring it out together. I mean we both are the senior guys in this room and we just got to lead our guys to being successful, you know players when we get out there on the football field."

 On his comfort level with his role on defense:

"Sure we got two big bulls (Jonathan Allen and Daron Payne) up there on top – Roll Tide - makes it a lot easier. But no just, I think everything is coming together, always for progressive, always progressive. First year to the second year, now the third year, seeing these guys come back together. New faces, as well, but still the main guys, who are the guys since I've been here are still here and trying to work to become a successful football team. I think that's for one - Why we're even here? Why we come here? - to be successful in anything and everything that we do and we have the pieces in place to do that it's just getting guys to stay healthy, and then once we're healthy go deep into the playoffs. That's the main goal, just getting to the playoffs. Getting there, anything can happen and getting ready to go to that big dance. But first you got to work until you get there and that starts at training camp. So year three for me is just getting through this step, beating training camp like coach said, that's what he wants to do. Kick Richmond's you know what, clearly."

On the defensive backfield competing for interceptions and pass break-ups:

"It's wide open, I mean competition drives people to be successful whether you're it or you're not. I mean it really does. I mean you see that everybody is just contagious and everybody wants to get in to make a play and then you ask him 'what happened' because you didn't make the play. That's because they want to learn and they want to know. Well did you do something wrong? Did you false step here? Or you could be better there.Those guys want to see them willing to learn and that's when you know you can build something great there. We're just putting in this hard work now towards it. I'm staying after practice, doing the little things, before you can get better when we get into that game-time mode, that game time setting, be successful, that's all you can ask for."

On veteran players helping the younger players:

"Absolutely man. [Derrius] Guice, that's my little buddy, we hang out. I try to keep on the straight and narrow. So yeah, he is definitely going to come around and he is going to show some people out, he really is. He is so eager to learn. He is just like a kid, energy all day, like an energy ball. Guys like that – then the guys in my room, oh man, they are so great – Danny [Johnson] and all those guys, man, they look up to us – Fish [Smithson] -- and you just want to put some good stuff out there for him. We were working out this summer together, so everybody is on the same page understanding how to be a pro in this league."

On S Montae Nicholson's return to defense:

"His presence as being a rangy guy, shoot, he'll run to one side of the field like it ain't nothing. Just moving like that, man, poses a threat to all quarterbacks to be wary of the deep ball now because you've got a guy that can get there. When he gets there, he's coming down and wants to inflict, you know, punishment on anybody. So, when you see a guy like that, you just want to make sure you keep him on the, you know, knowing what he's supposed to do at all times, talking, communication, help guys out. I think for him, it's going to help him out a whole bunch for this second year. You know, it's a year for him, he can be special. He can really actually do some things for our secondary that we don't have and that's the big thing we look forward to when we look at Montae Nicholson."