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Quotes: Paul Richardson Jr. 8-7-2018

 On if he is looking forward to putting on Washington Redskins jersey on for the first time:

"Oh yeah, I'm looking forward to it. I kind of feel like a rookie all over again. You know my rookie year, I couldn't wait for the first preseason game. I didn't know that---I was like you guys play in your real uniforms in the preseason? So, you know, it's kind of like that moment again, so I'm looking forward to it."

On if he feels similar pressure to a rookie heading into first game with the Washington Redskins:

"I don't feel any pressure. I know I've talked to a few of the young guys about just not being nervous 'cause we had a scrimmage and you could tell - like it was more fans here and they kind of, eyes are real wide, so you know you just talk to them let them know it's still football. You know just get as comfortable as you can while you're warming up and just have fun you kinda gotta block out the noise. So, I think our young guys are ready to perform, I think especially in the receiver room I think they're ready for their opportunity to show what they can do at this level and you know I'm looking forward to watching them play."

On WR Josh Doctson:

"I think we complement the offense, you know, a lot because we both are downfield threats and we play differently. You know, he was the jump ball guy, a lot of fade balls, a lot of deep stuff. I do a lot of stuff behind the defense as well. I go across the field a lot and I use my speed in that way. So, I think we just kind of like work on opposite sides of the field. You know, defenses have to play us pretty honest. You know, it helps a lot having Jordan Reed and [Jamison] Crowder on the inside."

On evaluating the chemistry with QB Alex Smith:

"I think we're doing well, man. I think, you know, he said a lot of things in his introduction meeting here, and he was saying that things he wanted to accomplish and his goals as far as playoffs and going further. I think that what he's been contributing to this offense shows that he's serious about that. You know, he attacked the playbook. He's on top of it. We're out there playing ball, man. He sees things that we don't see and we communicate a lot. We kind of have ideas of things that we want to work with him with and once we get that communication down, the next day we go out and we execute it. That lets us know we are on the same page and the chemistry is there."

On which player he is looking forward to watch play at New England Patriots:

"I'm kind of biased, 'cause you know I'm in the receiver room, so I think Maurice Harris. I think he's going to get a real good opportunity, I think Robert [Davis] is doing great, I think, you know we have Simmie [Cobbs Jr.], we have Cam Sims, we have Shay Fields, we have guys, we have [Darvin] Kidsy, a lot of guys that are ready to play some football and Trey Quinn, he made a lot of plays today for us. So, I'm excited to see them go against guys in different uniforms man, it's the preseason but for them they're playing for their hopes, their dreams, their futures, their families so I think that they've been taking it pretty serious preparing and I think they're going to go out and show what they can do."

On the differences of practicing against CB Josh Norman and former Seattle Seahawks teammate San Francisco CB Richard Sherman:

"Great question. I think they're both talented guys man, you know I was fortunate to go against Richard for four years. Richard is you know the first guy to ever grab me and he told me, 'Look stay after practice, we've got stuff to work on.' And he liked being challenged by my speed and I liked being challenged by how high his IQ was and the angles he attacked because he wasn't the faster guy. And Josh Norman plays well in our defense man, he plays really well, you know coming here he has really good ball skills you know DBs usually don't. He can track the ball. He can make plays on the ball. I think that he's really good with his angles as well, he knows himself as a competitor and as a defensive back so, you know I'm fortunate to go from one team playing against a great DB to go to another team playing against a great DB."

On the running backs' ability to catch the ball out of the backfield:

"I think them catching passes out the backfield just adds to our versatility. I mean [Derrius] Guice has got a great glimpse of what CT [Chris Thompson] can do and he's [Chris Thompson] very talented, he's very good out the backfield making plays with his hands and I think that Guice is too. And I don't know if he's given enough credit for what he can do when he catches the ball out the backfield as well. To have those guys making plays, you know, in between tackles and then coming out the backfield making plays as well, it just adds to our versatility as an offense."

On an earlier report of him resembling Washington Wizards guard John Wall:

"No, I think a lot of people - none of us think that we look like anybody else especially another person that, you know a professional athlete. But yeah, I was walking down the street it was Fourth of July and you I know was walking with other guys that play ball and they knew their names and then one person said, 'John Wall' and they were talking to me I just threw my hand up and kept walking, I was still in college, man."

On if John Wall has reached out to him:

"No, I haven't talked to him, you know, I look forward to going to some games man, I'm happy I'm out here. I think they have a really good basketball team out here so I'm looking forward to supporting the [Washington] Wizards, man."

On the differences in the offense when TE Jordan Reed is in or out of the play package:

"You know, Jordan [Reed] is really talented. I think that one thing that Jay [Gruden] does a good job of, he uses us to our strengths. So, he uses Vernon [Davis] in different ways that he uses Jordan. He uses Sprink [Jeremy Sprinkle] in different ways that he uses Jordan. So, I think that, you know, you kind of like – he puts us in spots to make plays, when Jordan is in, our offense is run a little differently, and when other guys are in, we have to adjust to that as well. It's kind of his job and he does it pretty well."

On if he is excited about Madden NFL 19 and his in-game rating:

"I've actually been playing it. I am terrible at video games, but I swore that I would keep playing this game until I got good at it so, I've been playing it for the past couple of days. I'm not upset with my rating at all, I'm blessed to be on the game so, I'm very fortunate. You know, we all wanted higher attributes, you know, I might got tweak a couple of things myself. But, you know, it's exciting, you know, I use our team, of course, and I've been doing pretty well with it so far. No, I'm actually not mad about my speed, man, you know, I'm on the game."