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Quotes: Rob Kelley 8-2-2018

On the distinction between fullback and third down running backs:

"I think in our offense, [there's] not a big difference. I think it's just a one-two thing. We have a lot of plays where we're not making you block head on isolating you on the linebacker, so it kind of gives you a chance to like lean sideways with your shoulder or something like that where you don't have to take big hits. It's just a one-two thing in our offense."

On if any running backs on the depth chart can play the fullback position:

"I think the guys that can fit the [playing style] running back; I think you'd probably lean more towards probably me or [Samaje] Perine with our build and stuff like that."

On the importance of playing special teams:

"I think it varies between guys. I think if you're not really in that competition of being like a starter, I think special teams is a place where you want to be. Even if you win a competition, I think it's also a good backup plan to go out and perform on special teams."

On which special teams unit he has been working with for training camp:

"I've been doing a little punt pro, punt block and kickoff return, yea."

On cutting his hair in the offseason:

"I think it was time for a change. I think it was like a bold statement showing that I'm ready to change. Rather than just coming in and talking about it how much I'm going to change and stuff like that. Just change within and the hair was just like a statement, I guess."

On not being called Fat Rob:

"That's their opinion. I came in last year kind of talking about the weight and all that stuff, so I'd rather just come in and play. But, I guess other guys notice it and speak on it, yeah."

On how much weight he has lost:

"Yeah, right now I'm down to 222."

On if he feels faster as a result of the weight loss:

"Of course."

On if cutting his hair has made him faster:

"Not much of it, I weighed my hair, it was probably like close to a pound, it wasn't that much. So, it didn't help me at all."

On if competition develops him as a player:

"I think the hurdles just make me a better player. At the end of the day, I mean, it's something that is going to happen regardless, no matter what you do. I mean, it's the team's job to keep on getting competition, to keep pushing the envelope, so, I mean, it doesn't make a difference, [I've] still got to work as hard as I can."

On his personal changes:

"I mean, being a better teammate, a better family member, a better friend, and also just – now I'm a father that's a big change. I think just taking all the things and taking things serious now and start worrying about things that actually matter instead of the outside things."

On if returned to form following injury:

"I think it was something new for me, coming in and being a starter, working with the team and stuff. I think I was more just amped on being a starter and going out there and playing, then actually just taking a second and realizing the opportunity I had at that time. But, I mean it's too late for that so now it's time to work."

On the upcoming match-ups during the regular season:

"I'm looking forward to all of them. I'm hoping I can play out every game we have, no repeat from last year, yep."

On injury affecting him in the offseason:

"Yeah, I think by the time we got to the offseason I was pretty much done. I was putting my100 percent just getting back to being in shape and getting the weight down and then getting where the coaches wanted me to be at. You know, I think the only difference this offseason was just taking more time to focus on my body and doing the prevention things so I don't be how I was last year, I guess, yeah."

On if there is a competition for the running back position:

"I don't know. I just make sure I go out there and I make a few plays and catches coaches eye and stuff like that and put myself in a great position. I mean at the end of the day, I can't pick who wins and lose the competition; it's up to the coaches and stuff like that. So, control what you can control. There's always a competition, if you think it or not."

On his expectations for the running back group:

"Obviously just to win, but at the end of the day, you just want to be better in the run game. And not so just - oh if the O-line would've did this and the O-line - take some ownership of the run game from last year and put it on our own back and make a difference on our own. I mean we can make better reads; we can make people miss more, catch the ball better. So, I guess we just put it on [ourselves]."

On the value of being a pass catching running back:

"Most definitely, I think it's very, very valuable to be a pass-catching back. It kind of - when you not - when you can't catch the ball at the backfield it kind of strains the offense. It can't - there's only certain things you can do. Then they have to change backs in. So, now you making it whereas Chris [Thompson] come in we know what they're doing, they're going to run the ball, they might do a screen. Rob [Kelley] in, probably run play action. You kind of - you close the offense down basically if you can't catch the ball."