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Quotes: Robert Griffin III (12.23.14)

Quarterback Robert Griffin III

On using a wristband with play calls last week:

"That's in-house stuff, but everyone wears a wristband around the league mostly. It can help speed up the communication process between the coaches and the quarterback and get you into a better tempo as an offense. It's something that they wanted to experiment with, and we used it a couple times and there was no problems."

On having a drama-free week:

"The most important thing was to get the victory, to get that 'W,' and that's what our focus is this week. We have got a really good challenge in front of us and all the other stuff doesn't matter. You don't pay attention to that stuff. You focus on what you can control and focus on your job."

On if there were specific plays that showed signs of growth for him:

"No, I'm not going to sit up here and talk about that stuff. At the end of the day, I talked to the guys before the game. We wanted to make more plays than they did, and at the end of the game, we did. That's why we won – not just offensively but defensively, special teams. Everybody stepped up in a big way, so I think it would be wrong for me to stand up here and kind of describe the plays I had."

On if he saw growth in his game last week:

"Anytime you get a victory, you're doing something right. That's what we want to do – get the ball in those guys' hands, let them make the plays for you and we have some playmakers. They make my job easy."

* *

On if winning should be the No. 1 factor in evaluating a quarterback:

"Just try to go out and win the game. Jay's the head coach. He's going to make decisions and view things a certain way. My job is not to try and play that mental mind game, it's to go out and try to lead this team to victory. We did that last week and we'll do the same thing this week."

* *

On learning new offensive systems and if he is starting to develop continuity with the system:

"You want to build continuity with what you're doing and be able to grow that offense. You look at some of the long-tenured coaches, long-tenured quarterbacks with that coach, they have a familiarity with each other. That's what we're trying to build. So, I want to get that in my career. I think every quarterback wants to get that, but right now, we can't really focus on that. We've got to focus on the Cowboys."

On if he liked the run-pass balance last week:

"I just like wins, man. I think our fans like wins, I know our players like wins, coaches like wins. Believe it or not, you guys like wins too. It really doesn't matter what the play calls are. When they come in, you have full belief that each play is going to work. Like Coach says, if he calls a bad play, it's our job to make it a good play."

On the excitement of playing the Cowboys:

"Yeah, I think our fans love Dallas Week. We understand the rivalry. To get a win against them this weekend would be good, but they are not going to make it easy. They're not going to come in here and just lay down. It'll be a challenge, but we're up for it."

On his mindset:

"We just want to win. That's the only focus. It's not about individual goals or individual stats. It's about winning the game. It doesn't matter if I throw 10 passes, 30 passes. As long as we win the game, that's all that matters and it's my job to make sure we do."

On ending the year on a positive note:

"Yeah, you just want to have something positive to go into the offseason with. Everybody wants to win their last game of the year, whether it's the Super Bowl or it's the last game of the season for you because you're not going to the playoffs. The way we approach it is this is our last game. We want to go off into our offseason on a good note."

On how he handles losing:

"The second you start to accept losing, you should stop playing. It should always make you upset. It should always make you feel a certain type of way. Yeah, we did that at Baylor for a couple of years and it was tough, but you keep going back to work with the same attitude as far as you're going to get better, your urgency picks up and you just don't quit. That's what makes players great, that's what makes teams great as well, when guys don't accept that losing and know that they're building towards something greater. I think we have those guys in our locker room that are building towards something greater."

On what it would mean to win Sunday given the way the season has gone:

"Like I said, we just want to get a win. I know our fans really want this game, our players want this game, and that's what it comes down to. It's another opportunity to go out there and get a victory. That's all that matters."

On potentially sweeping the Cowboys:

"It's Dallas Week. Our fans want to sweep Dallas, we want to sweep Dallas, but like I said, it's not going to be easy. It'll be a good challenge. They're a very good team and they're playing at a high level. That's what you want. You want the best shot, and we're looking forward to it."

* *

On his confidence level last week:

"You want to go into every game and have a checklist of things that you want to get done, and that checklist, we got most of those things done. For me personally, technique-wise, I was able to sharpen up those things. I know Coach and them continue to preach that to me. That's what it is about. It's about players going out there making plays, coaches being able to coach you and making adjustments on the fly."

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