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Quotes: Trent Williams (7.30.14)

Tackle Trent Williams

On how good of an athlete he is and the number of positions he thinks he could play:

"First off, to answer your question, I think I'm a great athlete if you want to ask my opinion, but, I mean, I feel like I could play a lot of positions on the football field. Obviously I could play offensive tackle the best, but, you know, who knows? If I would have lost about 50 pounds, I probably could have been a nice tight end or maybe even an outside linebacker. Who knows, man."

On throwing the ball around at practice and if he could be a candidate for emergency quarterback:

"I think I definitely could be [smiling]. I definitely could be. I do have a talented arm. Not to toot my own horn, but, you know, just telling the truth."

On practice today:

"Today was a great pace. Like I said, usually after going a few days real hard – contact like we did – and you have an off day, you come back usually after the off day is the practice is a little sluggish and guys aren't on their assignments. But today was really well –  we didn't see that type of sluggishness. Everybody competed fast, fast-paced ball. We had a great practice."

* *

On the offensive line:

"I think it's a great group, like I said. We only added one new guy, but Shawn [Lauvao] is a vet, so he doesn't have that learning curve a lot of the new guys have. The more we play together, the better off we will be. Obviously, we've got to get that cohesiveness down. Obviously, I think, playing together on the O-line, you need a little time to build that chemistry and I think we're coming along fine."

On who was joining him for the press conference:

"This is my youngest daughter, Makayla."

On how he got into shape for this season:

"I didn't lose a lot of weight, I just put the right type of weight on. It kind of looks like I lost it, but I didn't. I just did my same regimen, just training in Houston with the same group of guys I've been training with for the last three years.  I didn't have any nagging injuries going into it, so I was able to give it 100 percent."

On having younger coaches this season:

"Obviously the younger coaches can relate to the players more. Naturally, they're younger, so they're going to have a lot of energy at practice, so I think that definitely helps. But, I mean, they know what they're talking about. We have a group of very smart coaches, very football-savvy. To us they're veteran coaches, because the information that they give us has been such a help. Couldn't ask for a better coaching staff."

* *

On how wide receiver DeSean Jackson has fit:

"It's a hand-in-glove fit. When you get a dynamic player like that, I think it would be quite hard for him to not fit in anywhere. Like I said, it's a hand-in-glove fit. He fit right in and he definitely adds that threat to our offense that I think every offense would love to have."

On tackle Morgan Moses:

"He's definitely progressing to this point. He works hard. He's very diligent in the meetings, he takes a lot of notes. He doesn't need my help a lot, but when he does I'm always there to lend a helping hand. He's coming along great."

On if his protective instincts have changed now that he's a father:

"[Laughter] Yeah, I guess you could say that. I'm protective by nature, obviously. Yeah, I have got two little girls so you know I've got my shotgun ready."

On how much having quarterback Robert Griffin III healthy helps his job:

"It's a breeze. Obviously he's healthy, he's 100 percent, so he has the confidence that he once had before the injury. So everything just happens a lot quicker, it's a lot smoother and the team runs a lot better."

On if guard Josh LeRibeus is ready to compete for a spot:

"Oh yeah, definitely. Off the top, I think him and [tight end] Niles Paul are probably having some of the best camp that I've seen out of all the guys here. He came back in great shape, way stronger. You can just tell he busted his butt this offseason. He's performing great."

On if he played basketball growing up:

"Of course I can hoop it up. Yeah, I played in high school a little bit. When I got my first football scholarship, I kind of let basketball go, but it's still a big hobby of mine. It helps me keep my feet right."

On Head Coach Jay Gruden retaining elements of the previous running game:

"I think that just goes to show you how football savvy he is. All coaches preach to guys that you've got to be unselfish and do what's good for the team, and I think that is the biggest example right there. It's just showing that he can come in and adapt and play to our strengths, even though he is a new head coach."

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