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Quotes: Vernon Davis 7-28-2018

On the differences between QB Alex Smith from early in his career to now:

"I feel like right now he's a totally different person. I mean his mindset and the way he's been able to just get better and better as a player over these years. It's amazing to see someone his age, as long as he's been in the league, just continue to get better. I applaud him for that because he's been through so much. In San Francisco [49ers], he's had multiple offensive coordinators. Even from being benched to coming back and to then getting traded to the Kansas City Chiefs, his career is just astounding."

On off-the-field maturation as it relates to the game:

"I think being able to have a clear mind, you know, and don't have too much to worry about you can go into a season and do your very best because you don't have anything to worry about. It's just mentally you want to be in a good space. I think right now for Alex he's in the best space he could possibly be in. He's married, he has kids - I think he has more kids than he had since being in San Francisco. He's just a totally different man and I respect him so much [for] his career, everything he stands for, his integrity, his character. He's a great asset to have to this team and I'm just extremely elated to have him."

On the adjustments to offensive coordinators and with Smith in San Francisco:

"Yeah I feel like anytime you're paired with a quarterback especially - not going to say it's the first time but it's been awhile since we've been together It just all comes together in practice, away from practice, talking, just communication in general and of course playing on Sundays. So the more we do that, the better we can connect and become one with each other do our very best to help this team win games."

On how good the offense can be if the personnel stay healthy:

"Well overall I think this is one of the best teams I've ever been on and I saw that in offseason training. Offensively, I feel like we have some of the most talented players I've ever seen, Jordan Reed, [Jamison] Crowder, [Josh] Doctson, to add Paul Richardson [Jr.] is just a plus for us. It's just amazing to be a part of this and I really feel like we have something special so it's an honor to be a part of this team."

On TE Jordan Reed mentally overcoming injuries:

"Right now, Jordan knows that he has to do as much as he can to contribute to the team and stay healthy. It's unfortunate that we can't control some of those moments, the times, when we are out there on the field and all of a sudden, it's not going as expected and all of a sudden we're hurt, we're injured, can't control that part of it. But what he can do is continue to keep getting better mentally, spiritually, and just work his way back and just do the best he can to stay healthy. That's all that he can do."

On assisting the team with the quarterback adjustment as a result of playing with Smith:

"I feel like for the most part, the men that we have on this team, they've been through so much I mean it's been like a rollercoaster. We can go into the locker room right now and I feel like everyone in the locker room has been through so much. There [have] been so many ups and downs in their lives and their career so they know what it's like to have a new quarterback come in, but Alex Smith, you don't have to say too much about him. I mean everyone knows about him, his 10 years in the NFL has been nothing but amazing and they've been watching him for such a long time so they already know what they're getting."

On the thought DE Johnathan Allen playing in the goal line package:

"I'm not worried, he's an incredible player. Like I said before, I'm elated to be a part of this team and to have guys like him be able to contribute from another side - defensively is always good. It's great to have him on my team."

On how he has changed as a player through the course of his career:

"You enter into the NFL as a young guy - I mean you don't know too much. You're trying to work yourself in, you want to be the best player you can possibly be but you know it starts with hard work, dedication, perseverance and learning from the older guys. As you go throughout your years in the NFL you either get better or you get worse. And I feel like I've been good as far as listening, observing, taking care of my body, making sure I'm mentally strong when it comes to challenges in life and in my career. Overall if I look back on my life I wouldn't have imagined myself being at this point right now with the Washington Redskins, my thirteenth season. I always thought I would get to ten and be done. But, you know it goes to show you that if you take care of yourself mentally, spiritually, take care of your body, do the right things, listen and be a great teammate, anything is possible."