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Rivera reflects on 'euphoria' of unforgettable phone calls with draft picks

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By the time the weekend is over, hundreds of college players will have their lives changed as they begin their journeys in the NFL. 

For the Washington Commanders, who have eight picks in this year's draft, they will have multiple chances to improve their roster at positions of need. Obviously, that is important to head coach Ron Rivera, but it isn't necessarily his favorite part about this time of year. 

Actually, it's the opportunity to call the prospects and tell their dreams have come true. 

"It is pretty cool," Rivera told Logan Paulsen. "A lot of these young men, these are their dreams. This is what they've worked for. This is what they want to become." 

Over the past three years, Rivera has had several unforgettable interactions with future Commanders, from Brian Robinson saying "I've waited long enough" to Jahan Dotson being the team's first pick of the Commanders era and Phidarian Mathis celebrating with his family.

As great as the reactions from the players are, it is the smaller details during those calls that stick out to Rivera the most. 

"To not just hear them, but their family's reactions," Rivera said. "You can tell when they first pick up the phone and you tell them who you are, and you hear the player say out loud, 'It's the Commanders.' And then you can kind of hear the silence as everyone is waiting. And then once you tell them, you hear the euphoria." 

Each call is a special moment between Rivera and the player, but one that stood out the most was his interaction with Sam Cosmi, who broke down in tears while surrounded by his family. 

"You see that, and you hear that, and you just go, 'Wow, that's really cool,'" Rivera said. 

Rivera has called 26 players over the course of his time in Washington, and tonight, when the Commanders are on the clock, he will make another memory with a young player who has aspired to be in the NFL since they were kids. 

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