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Ryan Kerrigan Introductory Press Conference

Opening remarks:

"Thank you very much for having me here today. I thank the Redskins organization for drafting me and picking me to be the next member of their team. I'm really looking forward to getting to work with the coaches and the players like Brian Orakpo, London Fletcher and guys like that, and learning from them. I'm just really excited to be here."

On transitioning from a 4-3 defense to a 3-4:

"I think it's just seeing the game from a different perspective. You're standing up and you kind of can see the whole field, whereas, when you're in a three-point stance, you kind of only have your straight-ahead vision. So that will be the biggest adjustment, but, I think with some time, I can make that adjustment pretty smoothly."

On what it was like hearing his name called in the draft:

"It's been an awesome experience. I couldn't have asked to come to a better organization. When I got the phone call yesterday, I was extremely thrilled and I am really glad to be a part of this organization."

On thinking he might join the Redskins during the draft process:

"I just had a good couple of meetings with them and I really like what the coaches are doing with their defensive scheme. I fit very well in here, especially being opposite of Brian Orakpo. I feel like it will be a good combination and I am really looking forward to competing and working in OTAs and [training] camp."

On what Redskins coaches like about his style of play:

"They just told me they think I'm someone that can come in and make an impact on their defense and their special teams. I'm someone they think will be a good playmaker for their defense."

On understanding more than just his defensive assignments at Purdue:

"I think just knowing what everyone else is doing will make the defense better as a whole. It makes you that much more sure of your assignment because, if you know you are supposed to be in one spot and your teammates are supposed to be in another, then I think that just helps your defense as a whole. It really helps the cohesiveness of the defense."

On how much he prepared as a linebacker during the draft process:

"It was very important. I wanted to be as valuable as I could coming into the draft. I really wanted to show that I am athletic enough to play the outside linebacker position. With a lot of work throughout my combine training with my coach Dan Brandenburg, I feel like I made a lot of strides and will continue to make those strides in the future."

On how he would describe himself as a player:

"I'm someone that's going to give you all I have every play and that my first play is going to look the same as my last play. I'm going to go hard every play. I'm someone that's going to be good against the run and get after the quarterback."

On getting stronger as a player as the game goes longer:

"I think it's a mental and physical thing. You have to put yourself physically in good shape to be able to do that. It's also mental because you know your opponent across from you is getting tired and you have that much more of an advantage. So I think I use that mentality to help me, help my play." 

On if he has followed the NFL labor negotiations:

"I can't control anything that is going on with that.  I'm happy to be here in Washington and happy to be drafted.  I couldn't have asked to come into a better situation.  The only things I can control now is how I stay in shape and how I work from here on out."

On developing his passion for football:

"It goes back to my freshman year in high school.  I really enjoyed playing football then, but once I got up to the varsity level of high school football I really started getting a real passion for football and started working really hard in the weight room and in the offseason conditioning drills.  I just really wanted to make myself better and put myself in the best possible position to make plays on the football field.  My fire has been fueled even more when I got to college.  I imagine it will grow even more now that I'm taking the next step."

On when he first played organized football:

"I started playing flag football when I was six years old –– first grade or so."

On if the moment has sunken in:

"It's getting there, not fully yet.  Once my name was called last night, I was a very, very happy person."

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