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Top 10 Quotes: 2016 Mandatory Minicamp


With the team's mandatory minicamp complete, here's a list of the best quotes of the week from Redskins Park, as compiled by*

10. Nose tackle Kedric Golston: "I think we've come a long way, but we still have a long way to go. We were a playoff team last year, but that doesn't buy us anything this year so we have to work extremely hard just to get to the point we were last year and even harder to make that next step. We understand the task at hand and it's up to us to go do it. Talk is cheap and it's going to be won and lost in the meeting room, in the weight room and out here on the field."

9. Defensive line coach Robb Akey: "I hope [the D-line is] looking at all the jobs as wide open. They all are fighting to see who's going to be in that mix and how many can be in that mix when we get to that point. That's the way we've rotated it. Each practice it a little bit different so we can get guys in different positions, so we can kind of see who handles which situations the best."


  1. Safety DeAngelo Hall:** "Man, [Will Compton] looks great. I was just telling our young guys, every player in this league isn't a high draft pick who's kind of put on a pedestal. Sometimes you have to work your way up and Will is a living testament of that. A guy who was undrafted, came in on a workout and just kept getting better and better. He stayed in the film room, kept understanding defenses and learning and you see him out there making plays that Pro Bowlers can't make, so the sky's the limit for him. He looks great controlling that defense. He's a real vocal guy; he understands what the coaches want him to do. He tries to get us in the right position and he's playing great. He's a very instinctive football player."

7. Defensive end Chris Baker: "We got a lot of attitude this year on the defense so that's always a good thing when you have that type of competition, that kind of feedback especially when you're doing as good as we've been doing on defense, we've got to let the offense know we've been kicking their butt. If they have us on a couple plays, they might say something to us, so it's going to keep going back and forth and we're going to continue to compete and go out here and make each other better."


The Washington Redskins held minicamp practice Wednesday, June 15, 2016, at Redskins Park in Loudoun County, Va.

  1. Cornerback Josh Norman: **"It's going to be hot [in Richmond], that's what I heard. I'm not afraid of that. I'm just like a junebug on a Saturday. It's hot, too. I'm looking forward to it, different challenges, we get to put on our pads and get going live action, bullets getting shot at us, so I think this is where we're going to have to make that big step and dig in deep for the deep lunge because it's going to be a long season and we got to have everybody going into it healthy. That's the biggest thing, man, if we can get out of training camp healthy and everybody's on the same page, we're ready to rock and roll for our first game in Pittsburgh."

5. Quarterback Trent Williams:"[The offseason is] a good balance between resting, recharging the batteries, clearing the mind and also getting built back up ready for training camp and ready for a long season. I mean, I tell my family and friends that once I go back at the end of July, 'I'll see you in the winter at some point, hopefully later than sooner.' It's a long time once you leave in July, so it's important to not just physically but mentally and emotionally be ready to go. And that requires some rest in late June and early July and I try to balance that with the preparation of the throwing and the lifting and doing what I need to be doing to be ready."

4. Head coach Jay Gruden:"[The energy is] good. You know, it's hard sometimes because we've got a lot of good trash talkers, but eventually we are going to have to play. It's all fun and games out here. When the game starts, we have to eliminate all that stuff but it doesn't happen very often – just a few select guys. Kirk [Cousins] kind of eggs it on a little bit when he gets excited. I think he just gets so fired up sometimes when he makes a good play and some [on] defense take offense to that because they gave up a big play. Overall it's all fun. Guys are good having fun out there and that's part of it. We want them to work hard, play hard, but we also need them to have fun and enjoy going out there."


  1. Quarterbacks coach Matt Cavanaugh: **"[Kirk's] at a point where he knows the offense very well. He's got the verbiage and communication. He's working on things like cadences, different things like looking guys off and finding the guy he wants to throw it to. So probably just little technical things that go with playing the position that you can only learn through time. Very few guys come into this league being able to do everything at once, so I think he's at the point now where knows all the routes, knows all the adjustments, he knows all the terms, now it is a matter of 'What else can I add to it to help us get an advantage?'"

2. Tight ends coach Wes Phillips: "I don't think [Jordan Reed's] hit his ceiling. For my money he's maybe the most exciting player in this league. He does something every day of practice that makes the whole team just say, 'Wow.' And these are NFL guys, these are elite athletes, and for him to be able to do that it really brings a spark to the team. Not only do we get a big play from him but it really gets guys juiced up and ready to go."

1. Offensive line coach Bill Callahan:"We don't take anything for granted, so when we come back out here we start from square one and we work all their fundamental techniques whether it's footwork, hands, scheme, or leverage whatever those things are that are applicable to offensive line play, we go back and we work each and every day so nothing is taken for granted. They get tired of me harping on it and it gets a little monotonous, but that's the nature of the game and the nature of lines doing the same things over and over again until you become great at it."

I've never been in a room where so many guys have played significant snaps, and you have a guy who's a two-time Pro Bowler in Vernon Davis, a guy who's played a lot of football, caught a ton of balls, scored a lot of touchdowns, and then having (Jordan Reed) coming off of the year he had last year, Niles coming off the year he had two years ago, and I played a good amount of ball, and you know even the two guys we have, Mike, the rookie, is doing a great job. Marcel, he's been around the league for a long time, so to have a room with just (inaudible?) is very unusual, kind of cool and very challenging, and very competitive."

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