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2015 Mock Drafts: Andrus Peat To The Redskins?

Check out these top photos of Andrus Peat, a powerful and nimble offensive lineman from Stanford University.

As the Redskins look to shore up their offensive line to ensure the quarterbacks remain upright -- and so that Alfred Morris and Co. can get going between the tackles --'s Charlie Campbell has Stanford tackle Andrus Peat as Washington's first-round pick in April's NFL Draft.

Peat – checking in at 6-foot-7, 316 pounds – is "strong enough to be a downhill run-blocker and also is agile enough to block in a zone scheme."

Campbell notes that Peat looked impressive against Pac-12 competition over the last few years, especially against other top-tier prospects.

"Peat had a good game against USC this year," Campbell writes. "He did well in his plays against Leonard Williams and was generally rock solid minus a couple of snaps. Peat had a similar outing against Washington with generally a quality outing aside from a few plays. The Cardinal moved David Yankey inside to guard for 2013 because the coaches believed they had a star left tackle in Peat. Judging by Stanford's success over the last two seasons, that looks like it was the right call as Peat played very well."

According to his profile, Peat, physically, is "tall with a thick lower body and well-proportioned frame."

"Has good knee bend and movement for a power player. Shows some bounce in his feet. Gains plenty of ground on kick slide but keeps his weight under him. Able to transition from pass set to power step inside to close down inside moves. Hand placement generally good in run and pass. Plays with a strong, wide base. Above-average understanding of protections. Instinctive against twists and reacts quickly to them. Able to drop his anchor in pass protection. Powerful drive blocker with explosive hips. Plays with leverage and leg drive to mow down overmatched defenders. Punishes defensive tackles when asked to secure with a down-block. Once he locks out, has the anchor and power to end his opponent's chances." BOTTOM LINE:"Big and powerful with a right tackle's play strength and demeanor, but enough foot quickness to protect on the left side. Peat has the physical tools to be an upper-echelon run blocker with pass-protection ability, but he needs to improve his technique in order to protect with consistency. Peat has been well-coached and is one of the most game-ready offensive linemen in this year's draft."




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