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2018 Game Information: Redskins-Cardinals



Sunday, Sept. 4 | 4:25 p.m. ET

State Farm Stadium (65,000) | Glendale, Ariz.

The Washington Redskins will kickoff the 2018 regular season on Sunday when the team travels to face the Arizona Cardinals. Kickoff at State Farm Stadium is scheduled for 4:25 p.m. ET.

The Redskins open the regular season on the road for the first time since 2014 and are searching for back-to-back wins against Arizona since defeating the Cardinals during the 2008 and 2011 seasons. The last time Washington defeated the Cardinals in Arizona was 2005 (17-13) at Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe.

Head Coach Jay Gruden responded to questions regarding changes from previous years to the team's approach to the first game of the 2018 season.

"When you're evenly matched with so many teams, it's going to come down to who can make plays at critical times -- third down, red zone, short yardage, 4-minute, 2-minute," said Gruden. "Those are situations you have to win in and we just didn't do that in any one of our openers. Special teams obviously played a factor in the fi rst two, so we have to make sure we take care of the football and win the turnover battle and make plays in critical times."

SERIES HISTORY: Redskins lead all-time regular season series, 75-46-2

Last meeting: Dec. 17, 2017 (20-15, WAS)


Thom Brennaman (play-by-play)

Chris Spielman (color)

Shannon Spake (sidelines)

RADIO: Redskins Radio Network

Larry Michael (play-by-play)

Chris Cooley (analysis)

Rick "Doc" Walker (sidelines)


The Arizona Cardinals begin their 2018 NFL campaign on the heels of an 8-8 record at the completion of the 2017 season.

The organization tagged Steve Wilks as the new head coach. Wilks enters his first NFL head coaching position, after spending 2017 as the Assistant Head Coach and Defensive Coordinator of the Carolina Panthers.

Another position of turnover is the quarterback, as all three quarterbacks from last season are no longer on the roster. Sam Bradford takes the reins after spending the last two seasons with the Minnesota Vikings. Bradford was injured for much of the year and capped the season completing 32-of-43 pass attempts for 382 yards and three touchdowns in two games.

The Cardinals selected UCLA's Josh Rosen with the 10th overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft. Rosen threw for 9,341 yards and 59 touchdowns over his three-year career at UCLA.

After suffering a dislocated wrist last season, running back David Johnson returns to spotlight the Cardinals offense. The 2016 Pro Bowler rushed for 1,239 yards on 296 attempts and scored 16 touchdowns in 2016 before his season ending injury in Week 1 of 2017. Chase Edmonds joins a dynamic backfield after being selected in the 4th round of the 2018 NFL Draft.

 Legendary Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald returns for his 15th NFL season, playing his entire career in Arizona. Fitzgerald recorded 109 receptions for 1,156 yards and six touchdowns in 2017.

Veteran J.J. Nelson also returns after recording 29 catches for 508 yards last season. The Cardinals drafted Christian Kirk in the second round of the 2018 NFL Draft out of Texas A&M to add depth to the position.

Tight ends Jermaine Gresham and Ricky Seals-Jones provide a one-two punch at the position. Gresham will return for his ninth NFL season to help in the passing game. He totaled 33 receptions for 322 yards and two touchdowns as the team's top target among tight end position group. Seals-Jones led the position group with three touchdown receptions.

The Cardinals defense is spearheaded by cornerback Patrick Peterson and defensive end Chandler Jones. Peterson is coming off his seventh consecutive Pro Bowl selection and Jones led the NFL with 17.0 sacks while forcing two fumbles.

Linebacker Karlos Dansby recorded a team-high 95 tackles and one sack in 2017.

Kicker Phil Dawson returns for his 20th NFL season, making him the second oldest player in the league (behind the Colts Adam Vinatieri). The veteran enters his second season with Arizona after going 32-of-40 in field goal attempts in 2017.

Check out these photos of the Redskins' preparing for their Week 1 game against the Arizona Cardinals Monday, Sept. 3, 2018, at the Inova Sports Performance Center at Redskins Park.


Sunday's matchup between the Redskins and Cardinals will mark the 124th overall meeting between the former division rivals.

The Redskins lead the all-time series, 75-46-2, with all 123 meetings coming in regular season play. The Redskins have won nine of the teams' last 11 meetings and a win on Sunday would be the Redskins' fi rst victory at Arizona since defeating the Cardinals 17-13 in 2005. A win would also be the first time the Redskins posted back-to-back victories against the Cardinals since defeating them in eight straight games from 2000-2011. Included below are the 123 previous games contested between the Redskins and Cardinals:

  • Date Game Result
  • 10/16/1932 vs. CHI Cardinals 9-0 L
  • 11/27/1932 at CHI Cardinals 8-6 W
  • 10/22/1933 vs. CHI Cardinals 10-0 W
  • 12/3/1933 at CHI Cardinals 0-0 T
  • 10/28/1934 vs. CHI Cardinals 9-0 W
  • 11/24/1935 vs. CHI Cardinals 6-0 L
  • 11/1/1936 vs. CHI Cardinals 13-10 W
  • 9/24/1937 vs. CHI Cardinals 21-14 L
  • 11/19/1939 vs. CHI Cardinals 28-7 W
  • 10/13/1940 vs. CHI Cardinals 28-21 W
  • 11/8/1942 vs. CHI Cardinals 28-0 W
  • 10/24/1943 vs. CHI Cardinals 13-7 W
  • 11/4/1945 vs. CHI Cardinals 24-21 W
  • 11/23/1947 vs. CHI Cardinals 45-21 W
  • 9/26/1949 at CHI Cardinals 38-7 L
  • 10/22/1950 vs. CHI Cardinals 38-28 L
  • 10/21/1951 vs. CHI Cardinals 7-3 W
  • 12/9/1951 at CHI Cardinals 20-17 W
  • 9/29/1952 at CHI Cardinals 23-7 W
  • 10/12/1952 vs. CHI Cardinals 17-6 L
  • 9/27/1953 at CHI Cardinals 24-13 W
  • 11/8/1953 vs. CHI Cardinals 28-17 W
  • 11/21/1954 at CHI Cardinals 38-16 L
  • 12/12/1954 vs. CHI Cardinals 37-20 W
  • 10/9/1955 vs. CHI Cardinals 24-10 L
  • 11/20/1955 at CHI Cardinals 31-0 W
  • 10/14/1956 vs. CHI Cardinals 31-3 L
  • 10/28/1956 at CHI Cardinals 17-14 W
  • 10/6/1957 at CHI Cardinals 37-14 W
  • 10/20/1957 vs. CHI Cardinals 44-14 L
  • 10/4/1958 at CHI Cardinals 37-10 L
  • 11/9/1958 vs. CHI Cardinals 45-31 W
  • 9/27/1959 at CHI Cardinals 49-21 L
  • 10/11/1959 vs. CHI Cardinals 23-14 W
  • 11/6/1960 at STL Cardinals 44-7 L
  • 11/20/1960 vs. STL Cardinals 26-14 L
  • 10/22/1961 vs. STL Cardinals 24-0 L
  • 12/3/1961 at STL Cardinals 38-24 L
  • 9/30/1962 vs. STL Cardinals 24-14 W
  • 10/14/1962 at STL Cardinals 17-17 T
  • 10/27/1963 vs. STL Cardinals 21-7 L
  • 11/10/1963 at STL Cardinals 24-20 L
  • 10/4/1964 vs. STL Cardinals 23-17 L
  • 10/18/1964 at STL Cardinals 38-24 L
  • 10/10/1965 vs. STL Cardinals 37-16 L
  • 10/24/1965 at STL Cardinals 24-20 W
  • 9/18/1966 at STL Cardinals 23-7 L
  • 10/23/1966 vs. STL Cardinals 26-20 W
  • 11/5/1967 vs. STL Cardinals 27-21 L
  • 10/20/1968 at STL Cardinals 41-14 L
  • 10/12/1969 vs. STL Cardinals 33-17 W
  • 9/27/1970 at STL Cardinals 27-17 L
  • 12/20/1970 vs. STL Cardinals 28-27 W
  • 9/19/1971 at STL Cardinals 24-17 W
  • 10/17/1971 vs. STL Cardinals 20-0 W
  • 9/24/1972 vs. STL Cardinals 24-10 W
  • 10/15/1972 at STL Cardinals 33-3 W
  • 9/23/1973 at STL Cardinals 34-27 L
  • 10/21/1973 vs. STL Cardinals 31-13 W
  • 9/22/1974 vs. STL Cardinals 17-10 L
  • 10/27/1974 at STL Cardinals 23-20 L
  • 10/13/1975 vs. STL Cardinals 27-17 W
  • 11/16/1975 at STL Cardinals 20-17 (OT) L
  • 10/25/1976 vs. STL Cardinals 20-10 W
  • 11/21/1976 at STL Cardinals 16-10 W
  • 10/2/1977 vs. STL Cardinals 24-14 W
  • 12/10/1977 at STL Cardinals 26-20 W
  • 9/17/1978 at STL Cardinals 28-10 W
  • 11/19/1978 vs. STL Cardinals 27-17 L
  • 9/23/1979 at STL Cardinals 17-7 W
  • 11/11/1979 vs. STL Cardinals 30-28 W
  • 10/19/1980 vs. STL Cardinals 23-0 W
  • 12/21/1980 at STL Cardinals 31-7 W
  • 9/20/1981 at STL Cardinals 40-30 L
  • 11/1/1981 vs. STL Cardinals 42-21 W
  • 12/12/1982 at STL Cardinals 12-7 W
  • 1/2/1983 vs. STL Cardinals 28-0 W
  • 10/9/1983 at STL Cardinals 38-14 W
  • 11/6/1983 vs. STL Cardinals 45-7 W
  • 10/21/1984 at STL Cardinals 26-24 L
  • 12/16/1984 vs. STL Cardinals 29-27 W
  • 10/7/1985 vs. STL Cardinals 27-10 W
  • 12/21/1985 at STL Cardinals 27-16 W
  • 10/19/1986 vs. STL Cardinals 28-21 W
  • 11/30/1986 at STL Cardinals 20-17 W
  • 10/4/1987 vs. STL Cardinals 28-21 W
  • 12/6/1987 at STL Cardinals 34-17 W
  • 9/25/1988 at PHX Cardinals 30-21 L
  • 10/16/1988 vs. PHX Cardinals 33-17 W
  • 10/8/1989 vs. PHX Cardinals 30-28 W
  • 12/3/1989 at PHX Cardinals 29-10 W
  • 9/9/1990 vs. PHX Cardinals 31-0 W
  • 9/30/1990 at PHX Cardinals 38-10 W
  • 9/15/1991 vs. PHX Cardinals 34-0 W
  • 12/8/1991 at PHX Cardinals 20-14 W
  • 10/4/1992 at PHX Cardinals 27-24 L
  • 11/29/1992 vs. PHX Cardinals 41-3 W
  • 9/12/1993 vs. PHX Cardinals 17-10 L
  • 10/17/1993 at PHX Cardinals 36-6 L
  • 10/16/1994 vs. ARI Cardinals 19-16 (OT) L
  • 12/11/1994 at ARI Cardinals 17-15 L
  • 9/3/1995 vs. ARI Cardinals 27-7 W
  • 10/15/1995 at ARI Cardinals 24-20 L
  • 11/10/1996 vs. ARI Cardinals 37-34 (OT) L
  • 12/15/1996 at ARI Cardinals 27-26 L
  • 9/14/1997 vs. ARI Cardinals 19-13 (OT) W
  • 12/7/1997 at ARI Cardinals 38-28 W
  • 11/8/1998 at ARI Cardinals 29-27 L
  • 11/22/1998 vs. ARI Cardinals 45-42 L
  • 10/17/1999 at ARI Cardinals 24-10 W
  • 12/12/1999 vs. ARI Cardinals 28-3 W
  • 11/5/2000 at ARI Cardinals 16-15 L
  • 12/24/2000 vs. ARI Cardinals 20-3 W
  • 12/9/2001 at ARI Cardinals 20-10 W
  • 1/6/2002 vs. ARI Cardinals 20-17 W
  • 9/8/2002 vs. ARI Cardinals 31-23 W
  • 12/11/2005 at ARI Cardinals 17-13 W
  • 10/21/2007 vs. ARI Cardinals 21-19 W
  • 9/21/2008 vs. ARI Cardinals 24-17 W
  • 9/18/2011 vs. ARI Cardinals 22-21 W
  • 10/12/2014 at ARI Cardinals 30-20 L
  • 12/4/2016 at ARI Cardinals 31-23 L
  • 12/17/2017 vs. ARI Cardinals 20-15 W


Former Cardinals on Redskins:

  • Offensive Coordinator Matt Cavanaugh (1994-95)
  • Outside Linebackers Coach Chad Grimm (2009-12)
  • OL Tony Bergstrom (2017)
  • RB Adrian Peterson (2017)
  • S D.J. Swearinger Sr. (2015-16)

Former Redskins on Cardinals:

  • Bill Bidwell Fellowship/Running Backs Coach Terry Allen (RB Player, 1995-98)
  • Offensive Line Coach Ray Brown (G/T-Player, 1989-95/2004-05,
  • 2006)
  • Running Backs Coach Kirby Wilson (2000)

Redskins from Arizona:

  • LS Nick Sundberg (Phoenix)

Cardinals from the D.C./Maryland/Virginia area:

  • Quarterbacks Coach Byron Leftwich (Washington, D.C.)
  • S Antoine Bethea (Newport News, Va.)
  • QB Mike Glennon (Fairfax County, Va.)
  • S Zeke Turner (Pasadena, Md.)

Redskins who went to college in Arizona:

  • G Shawn Lauvao (Arizona State)

Cardinals who went to college in the D.C./Maryland/Virginia area:

  • S Antoine Bethea (Howard)

Notable Pro Coach Connections:

  • Head Coach Jay Gruden (2002-08) worked with Cardinals Running Backs Coach Kirby Wilson (02-03) for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Gruden served as an Offensive Assistant and Kirby as Running Backs Coach.
  • Gruden (2011-13) worked for the Cincinnati Bengals when Cardinals OL Andre Smith (09-15, 17) played there. Gruden served as Offensive Coordinator.
  • Defensive Coordinator Greg Manusky (LB-Player, 1991-93) and Cardinals Bill Bidwell Fellowship/Running Backs Coach Terry Allen (RB-Player, 91-94) played together on the Minnesota Vikings.
  • Manusky (2007-10), TE Vernon Davis (06-15) and QB Alex Smith (05-12) and Cardinals Special Teams Coordinator Jeff Rodgers (05-07), Offensive Line Coach Ray Brown (10), Tight Ends Coach Jason Michael (09-10), OL Mike Iupati (10-14) and P Andy Lee (04-14) were all members on the San Francisco 49ers. Manusky served as Defensive Coordinator, Rodgers as Assistant Special Teams Coach, Brown as Assistant O-Line Coach and Michael as Offensive Assistant (09)/Quarterbacks Offensive Assistant (10).
  • Manusky (2011) worked with Cardinals Head Coach Steve Wilks (2011), Senior Assistant/Defensive Line Coach Don Johnson (09-15), Jason Michael (11-13) and Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach Vernon Stephens (07-12) for the San Diego Chargers. Manusky served as Defensive Coordinator, Wilks as Assistant HeadCoach/DBs, Johnson as Defensive Line Coach, Michael as Tight Ends Coach and Stephens as Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach.
  • Manusky (2012-15) worked for the Indianapolis Colts when Cardinals S Antoine Bethea (06-13) played there. Manusky served as Defensive Coordinator.
  • Special Teams Coordinator Ben Kotwica (2007-13) worked with Cardinals Jason Michael (07) for the New York Jets. Kotwica served as Quality Control Coach at the time and Michael as Tight Ends Coach. Cardinals DE Jacquies Smith (12-13) played on the practice squad.
  • Assistant Offensive Line Coach Phil Rauscher (2015-17) worked with Cardinals Offensive Coordinator Mike McCoy (17) for the Denver Broncos. Rauscher served as Assistant to the Head Coach at the time and McCoy as Offensive Coordinator. Cardinals LS Aaron Brewer (12-15) and DE Vontarrius Dora (16-17) played on team.
  • Defensive Backs Coach Torrian Gray (2004-05) worked with Cardinals Don Johnson (05-06) for the Chicago Bears. Gray served as Assistant Defensive Backs Coach and Johnson as Defensive Line Coach.
  • Defensive Quality Control Coach Cannon Matthews (2008-11) worked with Cardinals Ray Brown (08-09) for the Buffalo Bills. Matthews served as Defensive/Special Teams Coaching Assistant at the time and Brown as Assistant Offensive Line Coach.
  • Matthews (2013, 16) and Cardinals Kirby Wilson (16-17) and CB Jamar Taylor (16-18) were all members on the Cleveland Browns. Matthews served as Assistant Defensive Backs Coach and Wilson as Run Game Coordinator/Running Backs Coach.
  •  Matthews (2014-15) and LB Zach Brown (12-15) and Cardinals Jason Michael (14-17) were all members of the Tennessee Titans. Matthews served as the Defensive Quality Control Coach and Michael as Offensive Coordinator.
  • Quarterbacks Coach/Passing Games Coordinator Kevin O'Connell (QB-Player, 2008-09) played for the New England Patriots when Cardinals Director of Football Operations Matt Caracciolo (05-09) worked there. Caracciolo served as a Football Operations Assistant.
  • O'Connell (QB-Player, 2012) played for the San Diego Chargers when Cardinals Don Johnson (09-15), Jason Michael (11-13) and Vernon Stephens (07-12) all worked there. Johnson served as the Defensive Line Coach, Michael as Tight Ends Coach and Stephens as Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach.
  • O'Connell worked for the Cleveland Browns when Cardinals Andy Lee played on the team in 2015. O'Connell served as the Quarterbacks Coach.
  • O'Connell (2016) worked for the San Francisco 49ers when Cardinals Antoine Bethea (14-16), K Phil Dawson (13-16) and LB Gerald Hodges (15-16) all played there. O'Connell served as the Special Projects Coach.
  • Assistant Head Coach/Offensive Line Coach Bill Callahan (2012-14) and Tight Ends Coach Wes Phillips (2007-13) worked for the Dallas Cowboys when Cardinals OL John Wetzel (13-15) played there.
  • Callahan served as the Offensive Coordinator/Offensive Line Coach and Phillips as Tight Ends Coach.
  • Offensive Coordinator Matt Cavanaugh (1996) worked for the San Francisco 49ers when Cardinals Ray Brown (G/T-Player, 96-01) played there. Cavanaugh served as a Quarterbacks Coach.
  • Cavanaugh (1999-04) worked for the Baltimore Ravens when Cardinals Terry Allen (RB-Player, 01) played there. Cavanaugh served as Offensive Coordinator.
  • Cavanaugh (2009-12) worked for the New York Jets when Cardinals Jacquies Smith (12-13) played there. Cavanaugh served as the Quarterbacks Coach.
  • Wide Receivers Coach Ike Hilliard (WR-Player, 1997-04) played for the New York Giants when Cardinals Defensive Backs Coach David Merritt, Sr. (04-17) worked there. Merritt, Sr. served as the Defensive Assistant/Quality Control Coach.
  • Running Backs Coach Randy Jordan (RB-Player, 1995-97) played for the Jacksonville Jaguars when Cardinals Vice President of Player Personnel Terry McDonough (97-2012) worked there. McDonough was a Scout at the time.

A look back at some of the top images in games between the Washington Redskins and Arizona Cardinals.

Pro Player Connections:

  • LB Mason Foster (2011-14) and Cardinals QB Mike Glennon (13-16) and Jacquies Smith (14-16) played together on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Cardinals Defensive Quality Control Coach Alonso Escalante (12-13) worked there and served as a Defensive Assistant.
  • Foster (2015), DL Ziggy Hood (15) and LB Pernell McPhee (15-17) and Cardinals DT Olsen Pierre (15) and Mike Glennon (17) all played together on the Chicago Bears. Cardinals Jeff Rodgers (15-17) worked there and served as the Special Teams Coordinator.
  • Alex Smith (13-17) and Cardinals OL Daniel Munyer (15-16) played together on the Kansas City Chiefs.
  • Hood (2009-13) and Cardinals Larry Foote (LB-Player, 10-13), Byron Leftwich (QB-Player, 10-12) and Kirby Wilson (07-13) were all members of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Wilson served as the Running Backs Coach.
  • K Dustin Hopkins and Cardinals DE Jacquies Smith played on the Buffalo Bills from 2013-14.
  • G Shawn Lauvao (2010-13) and QB Colt McCoy (10-12) and Cardinals Phil Dawson (99-12) all played on the Cleveland Browns.
  • McCoy (2013) and Cardinals Phil Dawson (13-16), Mike Iupati (10- 14) and Andy Lee (04-14) played on the San Francisco 49ers. McPhee (2011-14) and Cardinals LB Josh Bynes (11-13) played togetheron the Baltimore Ravens.
  • CB Josh Norman (2012-15) and Cardinals CB Bene' Benwikere (14- 16) and S Tre Boston (14-16) played on the Carolina Panthers when Cardinals Steve Wilks (12-17), Defensive Coordinator Al Holcomb (13-17), Ray Brown (11-17) and Offensive Assistant Cameron Turner (15-17) all worked there. Wilks served as the Defensive Backs Coach (12-14)/Assistant Head Coach/Defensive Backs (15-16), Holcomb as Linebackers Coach, Brown as Assistant Offensive Line Coach and Turner as Assistant Wide Receivers Coach.
  • RB Adrian Peterson (2007-16) played with Cardinals FB Derrick Coleman (12) on the Minnesota Vikings. Offensive Assistant CoachCameron Turner (11-12) worked there and served as Assistant to the Head Coach
  • Peterson (07-16) played with Cardinals QB Sam Bradford (16-17), Gerald Hodges (13-15) and Andre Smith (16) on the Minnesota Vikings. Cardinals Kirby Wilson (14-15) served as Running Backs Coach for the Vikings at the time. Peterson played with Cardinals Gerald Hodges on the New Orleans Saints in 2017.
  • WR Paul Richardson Jr. (2014-17) and Cardinals Derrick Coleman (13-15) and Gabe Holmes (17) all played together on the Seattle Seahawks.
  • S D.J. Swearinger Sr. (2015) and Cardinals Mike Glennon (13-16) and Jacquies Smith (14-16) played together on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
  • LB Zach Vigil (2015-16) and Cardinals Bene' Benwikere (16) and Jamar Taylor (13-16) played together on the Miami Dolphins. Vigil and the Cardinals Gerald Hodges played on the Buffalo Bills in 2017.

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