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Allen On McCloughan: 'He's Detail Conscious'

When Scot McCloughan was hired by the Redskins last month, Bruce Allen knew the organization was getting a general manager with a proven track record of finding and picking the right talent in every round of the draft.

On Thursday — after a little more than a month of time working together to re-shape the team's future — Allen, the Redskins' team President, said McCloughan's work ethic has been as advertised.

The Washington Redskins held a press conference to introduce Scot McCloughan as their new general manager Friday, Jan. 9, 2015, at Redskins Park in Loudoun County, Va.

"The one thing I've always liked about Scot is he's very thorough," Allen told Ryan Kerrigan and Larry Michael Thursday at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis. "He's detail conscious."

In fact, Allen, McCloughan and their staffs have already built a preliminary draft board and had been holding draft meetings for two weeks prior to arriving at the Combine this week "to make sure we had a better feel for all these guys coming in."

"We've watched a lot of tape and he's got a knack about finding players, as his résumé will tell you, and it's all in his approach like he will tell you – a serious, detailed approach to every player," Allen said of McCloughan. "We'll talk about a player that's going to be ranked in the seventh round as much as we're going to talk about a player who is going to be ranked in the first round."

With Redskins prospect interviews already under way this week at the Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium, Allen said his No. 1 priority is ensuring his crew is getting complete, accurate medical information on each player.

But, beyond that, getting the opportunity to sit down and talk with a prospect, followed by their "measurables" are critical pieces of the process, as well.

"Now we get to meet the players and ask them the questions we feel are important to the Washington Redskins," Allen said. "Then obviously, it's getting the measurables, the timing in order to do comparisons versus other players."

Allen said most prospects today come into their team interviews already well polished.

"It's a different approach for everyone," he said. "We allow our coach to make the introduction, ask the questions they feel are important to them."

Asked by Kerrigan about analyzing a prospect's physical capabilities, Allen said the film is a player's "DNA."

"That's who the player is, the football player is," Allen said. "Meeting the young man is always helpful to find out what his dreams are, his goals in life and to see if he's going to fit into our locker room. But, you can't surpass the film, and it's not just film of them jumping – vertical jumps and broad jumps. It's the film from the game tape."




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