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Antonio Gibson | 'The potential is crazy' for Commanders in 2023

07262023 Training Camp EF00075

Washington Commanders running back Antonio Gibson addressed the media after the first practice of training camp. Here is a full transcripts of his press conference.

On starting training camp:

"It feels good starting to get back to get to work with our guys, first day, you know, down. Go in there, see what we need to correct and get back out here and do it again."

On his offensive role this season:
"Right now, I would say third down back but we all just out there working, trying to make each other better and prepare for the season right now."

On third down back clarification:

"Almost like that [Free Agent RB J.D. McKissic] role, you know, third down back end of the game situation, end of the half situation and things like that. And then, you know, whatever those guys got playing outside of that, you know, I could take that on too."

On feelings towards his role this season:
"I feel fine. Like I said, we all going to practice like we're starters and we just going to make each other better and keep working."

On having optimistic fans:
"Definitely, nothing against the fans that was there, but you heard a lot of, oh, we're not coming to the games because of this, this, and that. I'm not going to say it specifically, but you know, now that things have changed, you know, hopefully that would change, you know, some of those opinions right there."

On how players are affected by the ownership change:
"To the players? I mean, certain things, uh, you know, just how things run, but we don't really see that. So hopefully like now that we have new owners in here, and maybe we will see if anything changes, we'll see that and we'll start to realize it. But as if we didn't, that's all I knew. So I didn't notice anything."

On the recent running back market debate:

I didn't. But you know some of those guys deserve to get paid, some of the best running backs in the league. But right now, it's the first day at camp, my mind is right here with this team and what we got planned for the rest of the season

On staying focused amidst the running back conversation:

"You know, when that time comes, that time comes, but like I said they definitely deserve what they put into this game and, you know, what they've accomplished. But right now, my focus is with this team and how we can get better going into the season." 

On if he is relieved to not get media questions about ownership:

"I don't feel like I'm going to get less questions, as you can see, we got new owners, so I feel like they're going to keep coming right now. But it's not, you know what I'm saying? You just, I was about to say, you just asked, but it's not a big deal, not something I really worried about. You know, hopefully, you know, it is a change and, you know, the fans and everybody else can realize, we got something new coming and, you know, what we are putting forward for those guys."

On taking note of the fan reaction from the ownership change:

"You have no choice but to notice it. The crazy memes, the comments, and so forth. But, you know, hopefully you know that that change is how they come out and support us and, you know, the negative comments we get on everything we post about, oh, sell the team and things like that. So hopefully all of that will change.

On thoughts about being more than a third down back:
"Definitely, but I feel like, you know, that's everybody. I feel like everybody should have that same mindset. That's where I went to say like, we're going to practice, like we're starters, everybody's capable of doing more than what, you know, coach needs, but we're going to do what coach needs and if they ask for more, we're going to do more. So, you know, everybody going to play their role, but we're going to practice like we all starters." 

On what stand outs from watching Kansas City's offense:

"It's super exciting not just to talk about the running backs, what they do with everybody and, you know, what he [Assistant Head Coach and Offensive Coordinator, Eric Bieniemy] got in store for everybody. It is amazing, you know, we just got to put in the work, correct the details, and it is going to be something special."

On how QB Sam Howell has stood out:

Just the role he has to take on. He's been showing it since OTAs, stepping up, being the leader, being vocal, making sure guys know where they need to be and, you know, putting guys where they need to be. He looks relaxed, he looks fine and I'm excited about this year for him. I think he's going to do great and I'm looking forward to it.

On RB Brian Robinson's second season and their relationship:
"He looks good, he always got a positive attitude. He knows how to work, you know, he comes in and he's ready. But, like I said, we talked it up after practice and, you know, he said he was one of the guys, he was like hey man, we all need to practice. You know what I'm saying? We need to make each other better. That was something he said, and you know, I was just like, we need to keep the same tempo, we need to correct and keep this going all year. So, he's being more vocal this year and he looks good to me. 

On potential kick return role:
"Right now, I think so, but you know, I don't know what [Special Teams Coordinator Nate Kaczor] has planned. We haven't even gone over that yet, so we'll see once we get out there."

On this year's training camp compared to the past:
"We always focused on football. The outside noise is outside noise that never really got to us, we here, but that can affect us out on the field because if it does, then you know, you can't play at your best. So, it's the same feeling focus wise as it as it's always been."

On this seasons potential:
"If you ask me, the potential is crazy. I've actually been excited like to see how we put it together, the work we put in and the outcome when it comes game one. We got a nice core and I'm really excited for real. Like it's something, it's going to be nice."

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