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Media Roundup | Ron Rivera sees Brian Robinson as 'big, strong, powerful downhill runner'

07272022 Wednesday Training Camp KC124

The Washington Commanders have wrapped their first practice of training camp, and head coach Ron Rivera, quarterback Carson Wentz and defensive tackle Jonathan Allen addressed the media. Here are some of the highlights from their press conferences.

Ron Rivera

On QB Carson Wentz:

  • "He's hyper. I mean, he's excited. He really is. Real happy with his retention, the way he is handling the huddles, breaking the huddles. And then again, his desire to throw the ball down field. I mean, there are some really good things that we're gonna see as far as when we get a chance to watch the tape that's gonna reflect what we saw here today."

On Wentz's ability to know where to throw:

  • You can see, I mean, just watching him go through his progressions, there are a couple times that he went back and you saw him, he started from one side, worked to the other side. Another time I saw him come back down to a check down. So again, it's understanding what we're trying to do. And he seems to have a good grasp of it already."

On what RB Brian Robinson Jr. can add:

  • Well, I think he's a big, strong, powerful, downhill runner, more so than anything else. He does have a little bit of shake to him, but I think if you look at it, Antonio is a little more of an elusive guy, more off the edge where with Brian, we can take it inside or we can take it off the edge just overall."

On WR Terry McLaurin:

  • "Well, I'll say this, just watching Terry go deep and catching the ball the way he did and going after it and making a play. If anybody's wondering why we did it, that to me is the perfect example of why we did it. So far in the first day, there's a lot of guys doing some good things already. We really won't know until we get a little bit deeper into camp."

On handling the safety and tight end rooms:

  • "We just wanna watch these guys get good opportunities and just really go through it. We got plenty of time, that's the best part about it. We just started camp. We're gonna take a look at everybody. We'll try and get guys as many reps as we can so we can make a good, honest evaluation."

Jonathan Allen

On what a successful 2022 camp look like:

  • "First and foremost, you want everybody to come out healthy. The worst thing you could have is key guys come out to training camp injured. So first and foremost, you want everybody to come out healthy. You want us to really grasp and be on the same page with what we're doing this year and what we're trying to accomplish and everybody to understand their roles and go out there and have the ability to execute it."

On if there is a special message or motto the D-line play with:

  • "We're not worried about the pedigree. We're not worried about the potential. That's what people say about a group who hasn't done too much, as defensive lineman our job is to go out there and stop the run with the light box and affects the quarterback. So that's what we're working towards every day. We're going to go out there and play to the best of our God-given ability."

- On QB Carson Wentz's effect on the defense:

  • "As a defense we have a guy like [QB] Carson Wentz our job is to get him the ball back as many times as we can throughout the course of the game. So we understand what our offense can do and it's on us to hold up our end of the bargain."

On how he knows when good habits are being built versus bad habits during a season:

  • "The eye in the sky, doesn't lie. When you turn on the film and you see the little things not being done, right? Well, bad things are being formed, as opposed to when you see good things, good little things happening, you know that we're doing the right thing. We got to continue to do that. Running off the field. Running to the ball. Playing well. Practicing well. Just some of the stuff that goes into having a successful season."

On how someone learns to live with the results if the process is good:

  • "Coach [Nick] Saban would always say, 'As long as you give a hundred percent, you can always live with the results, the times you can't live with it is when you don't give a hundred percent because you'll always be questioning what if.' But every time I go out on the field, now I'm not perfect and I understand that, I try to give a hundred percent and as long as I do that, I might not be happy with the results, but I can live with him."

Carson Wentz

On how comfortable he feels leading this team on Day 1:

  • "I feel good. Honestly it's been a fun adjustment, new adjustment from the moment we got here in the spring. Just kind of stayed the course, keep learning the playbook, learning these guys, got around 'em a little bit this summer too. Today was fun to get back out there and officially kick it off the right way. We got a lot of work to do. I got a lot of work to do, but I'm excited for the season."

On what he focuses on early in training camp:

  • "Yeah, I think early on for me is just finding that timing and chemistry with guys. You get a little bit of it in the spring. You get a little bit of it in the summer on your own. But now that you're out here against the defense, all that stuff, just understanding guys, how they get in and out of breaks, in and out of cuts. Finding that chemistry so I can get the ball out on time where it needs to be and just start working that chemistry with these guys. That's really the focal point kind of for me early on, but then also just building that culture, that chemistry with all the guys both on and off the field. It's been fun, even just through this first day and a half here."

On how comfortable he is with the playbook at this point in camp:

  • "I feel good with it, honestly. I feel good. It's again, it was an adjustment in the spring. It was a lot of information. It's always a new language, but it's the part of the game that I love. Understanding the Xs and O's, asking the questions, 'Why are we doing this? What's going on here?' Coach [Scott Turner] has been awesome helping me learn and learn quickly. I feel pretty good with it."

On if he can tell early on that he is going to have a strong connection with a wide receiver:

  • "It's definitely a fair question. I'd say yes, normally. Everyone's unique, everyone's different. Some days you come out here, you're gonna get 20 some reps with the guys. Some days you're gonna not get a single one. So that's part of it, but you start to see guys tendencies early and start to kind of understand how they get in and out and what they do well and how we can work together. I like what I see out there. I think we got a dynamic group and a lot of really good playmakers that we just gotta find a way to get it in their hands. I gotta find a way to get it in their hands and let them make their plays."

On how he goes about helping build a good culture in the locker room:

  • "You try not to do anything out of the ordinary. You just let those relationships naturally build. You know, you come in for me, this is year seven, things are different. I'm a little older, a little different perspective and relatively younger team, younger locker room. And so just how do you build relationships? It looks different every year. Every locker room looks different, but you just have to be intentional and build that chemistry and that relationship in time. And it's a lot of good dudes in there and it's been fun getting to know them."

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