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Curtis Samuel | 'I'm just crazy in love with the game'


Washington Commanders receiver Curtis Samuel addressed the media after practice on Aug. 3. Here is a full transcript of the press conference.

On [Offensive Coordinator/Assistant Head Coach] Eric Bieniemy's offense:
"I'm definitely excited. It is everything I expected it to be. Coach has high expectations for us, but we definitely have high expectations for ourselves. We just got to come out here and work every day. Work to understand the playbook so we can go out there and play fast. We love the game, so this is what we here for, we got to enjoy it." 

On his role in the offense:

"I won't go into specifics about the game plan, but I just like the fact that I'm able to do multiple things. I bring a lot to different offenses that I'm involved in because I'm able to run the ball and receive the ball. I'm definitely just fortunate and grateful to be able to just play this game. I love it." 

On red zone offense:

"We understand how important the red zone is and we got to score points. We just put an emphasis on it because in this league, if you can't score points, field goals ain't going to get you wins. We got to understand, we got to score points." 

On Bieniemy's coaching style:

"It's great. You want somebody that's going to be hard on you just because you understand that it's coming from a good place. They want the best out of you. Sometimes players need somebody that's going to push them to the next level."

On practice speed:

"It is just going to get us in shape for when it's time to play in the game. I be feeling good out there. I be running fast, feel like I got a halo over my head."

On how he likes his new number:

"You see it. It look fire, don't it?" 

On his contract situation:

"I don't really pay too much attention to that. My goal and my focus is to be available, be out there on the field with my guys. When the ball is in my hand, I have to make something happen. What allows me to keep on going is not only just me doing things for myself, but I love the excitement that this game brings and the excitement that my teammates bring to me. When I go out there and make a play and we do it vice versa for each other, I'm just crazy in love with the game."

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