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Dan Snyder: 'Everyone Is Excited' For Season


For the past few weeks, numerous Redskins players and coaches have picking up good vibrations as they make their way through Redskins Park.

Team owner Dan Snyder confirmed Tuesday morning that the positive energy hasn't been lost on him, either.

Snyder, who made an appearance at the Washington Redskins Charitable Foundation's presentation of a $1-million agreement to fund a brand new synthetic turf field at Park View High School in eastern Loudoun County, Va., spoke to the media about a variety of topics, including the Redskins regime under new head coach Jay Gruden and general manager Bruce Allen.

"I think everyone is excited," Snyder said. "I think there is a lot of positive energy and it's great to see. Everyone is enthusiastic every day and we just need to translate that to the field."

Snyder commended Gruden, Allen and their staff for getting the 2014 season off on the right foot.

"Jay Gruden is working very hard every day, and I think that we have got a great future," he said. "So we're looking forward to it."

As the 2014 NFL Draft quickly approaches, Redskins team officials have been working around the clock to find the right players to address their various roster needs. Snyder said he's let Allen know his personal feelings for the draft, but added, "Bruce is in charge of that and (is) doing a great job."

"The scouting department is working 24-7, and they have done a lot of work as they do every year, and we'll follow the draft board as well," Snyder said. "It's unusual because the draft is so late this year compared to this week, actually. So for us it's a little bit more waiting than normal, but we're excited about it."

Snyder was also asked about a few other topics, including:

On helping build a field at Park View High School…"Giving back to the kids is what it's all about for us. We started out the foundation – now going into its 16th year, and whenever we do anything at the schools, being based in Loudon County, it just means so much to us to be able and help them out and really participate in the community."

"We see the impact we make as our Charitable Foundation has done some really great things over the years and to be able to give back to the entire community and the region, we've enjoyed it and it's something that we are proud of."

"I think for Park View, this is beyond just football. It's for all their sports, and because it's a synthetic turf, they will be able to use it more and it won't be limited to just football. It's for all sports, it's for the community, it's for their school and hopefully it helps them with training."

On seeing a difference in quarterback Robert Griffin III from last season…"Well I think whenever you are coming off a serious injury, it takes time to heal. And he's 100 percent and is wonderfully healthy, so we're looking forward to the season."

On the acquisition of wide receiver DeSean Jackson, and on Jackson's reputation…"That's going to be exciting – not just the two games against Philly, but we got tired of seeing him score a lot of touchdowns against us and watching him on TV, so it's great to have him here."

"I think that when you look at the fact that the head coach and the general manager said this is the right move, (the) only thing I can do is support it and that's what I've done, and it's been great. I've spent a lot time with him [Jackson] and he's really a good guy."

"I was reading this morning that he's got a book on bullying out. I'm going to look forward to reading that. I think he's someone that has done a lot in the community. I think you will see that here with the Redskins for many years and he'll be part of this community, and what we are going to look forward to is obviously great play, but also the stuff that I'd love to see reported is really deservedly so, regarding all of his charitable work, and that's something to focus on. I think he doesn't get enough credit for that. Not enough credit has been given to him."




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