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Daron Payne | 'It feels like game speed to me'

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Washington Commanders defensive tackle Daron Payne addressed the media after practice on Aug. 15. Here is a full transcript of the press conference.

On practicing against the Ravens:

"It's always fun to get out there and get to see new guys, new techniques, new plays, new coaching schemes and just get to go full speed with some of the best guys." 

On benefit of joint practice versus a preseason game:

"It feels like extra preseason work, honestly. When we are going up against the ones, it feels like game speed to me. I get to get my steps down and we get to work together as a team and get our communication more." 

On balancing the aggression in joint practices:

"I'm here to work and I'm here to get better, so I'm not really with all of that other stuff." 

On using new moves he was working on:

"I'm always working at practice, like different things." 

On what they were trying to accomplish today:

"We just look at it as another practice, man. We got some things that we did good and some things that we can work on, but I feel like everybody just came out here with the right mindset and just go try to work harder tomorrow and do some things better tomorrow." 

On what he saw from DE Efe Obada with DE Chase Young not practicing:

"I'm going to have to look at practice because I was on the field with him." 

On the chippiness of practice:

"Like I said, I'm here to get better, bro. I don't really know anything else." 

On advice to the younger guys for the chippiness:

"Like I said, we are all here just to get better. It ain't even about that." 

On the benefit of facing a mobile quarterback like Ravens QB Lamar Jackson:

"Just being able to see him in the pocket and have awareness of him. Just knowing that the dline we got to rush as one, as a unit and all contain them and not be on our own mission. We gotta all be together."

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