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Darrick Forrest | 'Our emphasis is on creating turnovers'

07262023 Training Camp KC34775

Washington Commanders safety Darrick Forrest addressed the media after the first practice of training camp. Here is a full transcript of his press conference.

On what jumps out with the defense:
"Just the way that guys are out there making plays. As you saw today, our emphasis is on creating turnovers and a lot of guys created turnovers today."

On what it was like to have Washington Commanders Managing Partner Josh Harris and Washington Commanders Limited Partner Mitchell Rales at practice:

"It created some extra motivation because you have someone behind you that's big. He's trying to change the culture and motivate us to do better."

On how different he feels coming into camp this year:

"I feel way more confident this year and I'm trying to create a different culture there on the back end. I'm starting to be a leader with [S] Kam [Curl] and creating a different chemistry." 

On how he and S Kam Curl can play together this year:

"It's going to be very explosive with two guys that can make plays all over the field. It's going to be about changing things up and creating different looks for quarterbacks."

On offseason preparation:

"I wouldn't say I did anything differently, I just tried to stay prepared and keep myself mentally focused." 

On if something changed with his role after the second Eagles game:

"Definitely, because during the first six games I was playing majority sub third down and then they started playing me every play. I really got comfortable after that, having to play every play, because there wasn't a drive where I would be like "Aw man, I missed a play," because I was out there every play. It gave me more opportunities to create turnovers."

On what the increase in playing time did for him:

"It created a different expectation for myself. You know, If I'm out there every play it means that there are guys looking up to me so I'm trying to not make mistakes and make as many plays as I can." 

On having DT Daron Payne back:

"I mean when it comes to creating turnovers what's better than having a great d-line. You know, the quarterbacks out there running for his life and going to be throwing the ball up, so we just have to go get it."

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