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Deshaun Watson Hopes To Make A Name Just For Himself In NFL


After receiving high praise from his college coach, Deshaun Watson has the resume and skill set to be one of the top quarterbacks selected in the 2017 NFL Draft.

During every draft process, it is inevitable for prospects to draw comparison to current NFL players and sometimes unrealistic comparisons to former legends.

And when it comes to unrealistic comparisons, Deshaun Watson has hit the Holy Grail after being compared to the iconic Michael Jordan by his former Clemson head coach Dabo Sweeney earlier this month when he stated, "I said if you pass on [Watson] you're passing on Michael Jordan."

"I just laughed at it," Watson said in response at the NFL Combine. "I thanked him for the compliment. It's pretty cool, but I'm no Michael Jordan. I'm Deshaun Watson. My goal is, for one day, to be able to have people talk about me like they do Michael Jordan."

It is hard to argue against Watson's abilities when you look at the accomplishments he has achieved while at Clemson: Consensus All-American, ACC Player of the Year, two-time Manning Award winner and All-ACC team honors. He also led his team to consecutive National Championships, winning a rematch with Alabama earlier this year.

With such a resume, Watson thinks he could be the top pick but understands the importance of teams drafting for needs over wants and going first isn't the ultimate goal.

"It depends on what the team needs," Watson said. "Sometimes a team doesn't need a quarterback, sometimes they do. Sometimes they want to go a different direction or sometimes they feel like this guy's better in their system than another guy. It all just kind of happens on what the team wants. That's not really the goal, to be the No. 1 pick. I just want to be drafted, hear my name called and have the opportunity to go play."

Watson stands at 6-foot-2, 221 pounds and started every game his sophomore season throwing for 4,109 passing yards and 35 touchdowns on the year, leading his team to the 2015 National Championship before falling just short to Alabama.

Check out these photos of Clemson quarterback DeShaun Watson.

After the difficult loss, Watson seemed to be on a mission his junior season, totaling 4,593 passing yards along with 41 touchdowns. He would face Alabama again in the National Championship this past January, but his time Watson led his team to victory in comeback fashion, finishing with 420 passing yards and three touchdowns with a 145.0 passer rating along with a rushing touchdown, a game that would skyrocket his draft stock.

Watson decided to enter the NFL Draft and forgo his senior season and has since been pitted against North Carolina's Mitchel Trubisky and Norte Dame's DeShone Kizer as the top quarterbacks in this year's draft.

"That's their opinion," Watson said of pundits comparing the quarterbacks. "If you ask all the guys that are other quarterbacks in this draft class they'll probably say the same thing. It's just going to make the documentary and the story in five, 10 years even better whenever they start talking good about us. It's motivational tip and a humbling tip and they can say what they want to say but that's just opinions, not facts because we haven't stepped foot on an NFL field yet so they don't know what's going to happen."

Watson added: "All the guys are great. All the guys are very competitive. All the guys have success, are going have a successful career in the NFL. Everyone works hard, everyone is motivated to be the guy in that franchise."

Even with the all the praise Watson has been giving his fellow quarterbacks, he is a fiery competitor that wants to be the top signal caller taken in the draft.

"It's a goal," he said "It's a goal that I wrote down and that's what I want to achieve but if it happens it happens, that's out of my control. I can just be the best I can be in this process and continue to get better."

And with the high possibility of Watson heading to a struggling franchise, he is confident he can has what it takes to be a leader that can turn around a ship in a hurry.

"Just come in and just create our environment, a winning environment and get everyone on the same page," Watson said. "You've got be able to be on the same page with guys and pull it out so just being able to have that experience of winning, maybe it can spread throughout a team and franchise and spread throughout the players and maybe turn a franchise around."

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