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Get To Know #72 Anthony Lanier


WOW: What are three things you would bring to a deserted island?

Anthony Lanier: A gun to hunt with, a lifetime supply of fresh water and blankets.

WOW: What was your favorite restaurant in college?

AL: There was this one spot called Blessings and I loved their chili cheese fries

WOW: What is your favorite Netflix show?

AL: Right now I am watching Shameless but I also watch Arrow and Wonder Woman

WOW: What is your favorite holiday?

AL: My favorite holiday is on my birthday because every three years my birthday falls on Mother's Day.

WOW: What is your favorite dessert?

AL: Peach Cobbler

WOW: Do you have any secret talents?

AL: I can bark like a dog and it is very disturbing!

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