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Joey Slye | 'We've got a bunch of guys competing for opportunities right now on a 53-man roster'

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Washington Commanders kicker Joey Slye addressed the media after Washington's preseason game against the Baltimore Ravens. Here is a full transcript of his press conference.

On being able to show everyone the work the team has been putting in the last few weeks:

"Again, I think we're approaching this very basically. Each game just trying to go out and do our best. We've got a bunch of guys competing for opportunities right now on a 53-man roster, myself included. Not just competition in the building but competition outside of it so for me I'm just trying to make sure that I do my job to the best of my ability. I know all the other guys are trying to do that as well. For us to get a win on top of that is good. Again, just kinda builds toward our culture."

On getting ready to kick the winning field goal and what was going through his mind:

"I've done a really good job this offseason of working on my queues to really keep me present in moments like this so regardless of if it's a game-winning field goal having the same operations, same mindset."

On how big this win is for the team:

"Again, just kinda what I mentioned earlier just for us to be winning for this organization and with the new turnover of ownership and things like that [Head] Coach [Ron Rivera] has done a really good job and even though it's a preseason game we're still trying to win."

On the offense coming around:

"Yeah, [QB] Jake [Fromm] did a great job. You know there were three, all the way from [QB] Sam [Howell] to [QB] Jacoby [Brissett] to Jake. [Assistant Head Coach/Offensive Coordinator Eric Bieniemy] EB's got our offense running at a really high clip. They were able to get me inside and take care of business."

On his emphasis on practice:

"My job is more again just focusing on key details and things that I'm focused on when I'm going to kick every single time. The offense knows that there's certain you know certain situations like that we talk pregame about where we need to get to and things like that. They'll progress their offense. In terms of offense, I'm not gonna get into things like that it's completely out of my wheelhouse but yeah, they're working to make sure they give me range I'm working to make sure I can take care of business when they give it to me."

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