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Jon Gruden Instructs High School Coaches At Clinic

The Washington Redskins Charitable Foundation on Friday hosted high school football coaches from across the region for a coaching clinic.

The coaches had the opportunity to watch the Redskins' morning practice at the Bon Secours Washington Redskins Training Center, followed by learning from former Redskins officials about nutrition and strength training for their players.

Then, there was a special 45-minute presentation from Jon Gruden, ESPN Monday Night Football analyst and brother of Redskins head coach, Jay Gruden.

Tony Spinosa – a Redskins strength training coach from 1997-2007 – instructed the coaches on proper workout regimens and the importance of varying between cardiovascular and football activity.

Jane Jakubczak – former Redskins nutritionist – spoke about proper nutrition, ensuring players are refueling their bodies between two-a-days and how to handle the impact of summer heat.

After the two presented, Redskins President and general manager Bruce Allen introduced Gruden.

Having the opportunity to hear from a former Super Bowl-winning coach, Allen reminded the coaches of Gruden's expertise.

"When you talk about passion and preparation and caring about the team, he dominated as a football coach," Allen said. "He has now taken his talent and his craft to television. He's dominating television, but the one treat for all of you is a lot of people take their free time and do other things.

"He has become a high school football coaching ambassador. Everywhere Monday Night Football goes across the country, he reaches out to high school coaches in the area."

Gruden alternated his time in front of the crowd showing video clips from NFL games and his QB Camp and explaining that in order to succeed, you must evolve.

"Adjust your plans based on who you have," the former NFL coach said. That's the mark of a great, successful coach. Can you adjust week to week? You don't want to play the game the same way. Football is never the same two weeks in a row anymore."

ESPN analyst and former NFL head coach Jon Gruden speaks to 100 HS football coaches at @RedskinsCR coaches clinic. — Washington Redskins (@Redskins) July 25, 2014

Another key to success Gruden expounded on was having enthusiasm for coaching and knowing that the leader's attitude is emulated.

If you're not enjoying what you're doing as a coach, your players won't have fun.

"They have to feel your enthusiasm, and it's got to be a contagious thing," Gruden said. Be organized. Be prepared. Your first team meeting with your players, knock their socks off. I challenge you to do that.

"Make sure your meeting room is ready to go. Everybody is accounted for, taking notes, eye contacts, sitting up and get something out of the day."

Lots of coaching wisdom shared by Jon Gruden at today's @RedskinsCR coaches clinic. — Washington Redskins (@Redskins) July 25, 2014




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