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Keep Fit On Your Next Vacation


Summer vacations for the Redskins players may be at the end, but your vacations may just be getting underway. Making healthy choices and staying fit on vacation can be a huge challenge for some. Between endless buffets at all-inclusive resorts and lack of fitness opportunities, trying to stay fit on vacation may seem like a lost cause. But have no fear! I've put together a list of helpful tips that even some of the Redskins players needed while on vacation.

Weight-less Weights. Sounds weird right? Now you can pack your kettlebells and sandbags without adding even a pound to your luggage. Don't bring sand to the beach, rather fill up your portable kettlebell ( and sandbag with sand when you get to the beach! These devices are empty shells until you add the weight. Not heading to the shore? You can also fill these up with water.

Jump Ropes and Resistance Bands. This duo will give you a mega bang for your buck with an inexpensive and travel-friendly cardio/strength combo that can't be matched.

TRX Suspension Trainer. The TRX suspension trainer is lightweight and bendable making it easy to stuff into a packed suitcase. You can use this piece of equipment anywhere, from the jungles of Costa Rica to the sandy shores of Jamaica. Just find any stable fixture to loop the band around and you're ready to tone it up!

Bodyweight Exercises. What better piece of equipment than one that you carry around with you 24/7- your body! I recommend performing a full-body circuit that you can do in a hotel room or on the beach. Try air squats, push-ups, lunges, chair tricep dips, then ab bicycles for 30 seconds each, 6 rounds. Take a 30 second recovery pause in between each exercise.

Hiking. Lace up your shoes, and take to the trails for a good workout on vacation. Whether it's a hiking-intensive rafting trip or a trek through the creeks and waterfalls of a national park, enjoying the outdoors and burning calories at the same time sounds like a good deal to me!

Happy Vacationing!

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