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Melvin Gordon Could Reverse Running Back Draft Spell

Experts believe Melvin Gordon, the record-shattering Wisconsin product, should be the first running back selected in the first round of the draft since 2012.

Melvin Gordon thinks the draught will end this year.

No running backs have been chosen in the first round of the NFL Draft since 2012. But with that in mind, Gordon said the 2015 class of running backs is talented enough to land somewhere within the first 32 picks.

"I just think we have the talent to go first this year," he said at his press conference at February's NFL Scouting Combine. "That's been a lot of our goals and hopefully we can change that."

The 6-foot, 207-pound Wisconsin product, experts believe, will likely be the first running back taken off the board April 30, when the Draft gets underway in Chicago. Gordon rushed for 4,915 yards in 44 games with the Badgers from 2011 to 2014.

Last season, Gordon rushed for 2,587 yards, which was just 41 yards shy of breaking Barry Sanders' all-time NCAA rushing record.

"It sucked a little bit, but it is what it is," Gordon said of coming so close to the record. "It's standing there for someone else to break."

Although he came up short in that particular feat, Gordon prides himself on his on-field presence, which, to him, carries more weight than the numbers.

Gordon contemplated leaving for last year's draft, which would have erased his best season. He wanted to show everyone he was a complete running back – not only rushing the ball, but also receiving passes and blocking in pass protection.

Check out these photos of Melvin Gordon, a workhorse running back from the University of Wisconsin.

"It's a decision I'm proud of," said Gordon, who reminisced on his seasons as an underclassman. "I wasn't perfect. Not everyone is. You make some mistakes, but they can count on me."

Gordon counts on at least one running back eclipsing the first round of the draft this year – even if it isn't him. He said he can't figure out why running backs have not been taken in the first round recently, but just wants his class to prove this year's crop is different.

"Maybe they didn't feel the running backs the last couple of years were first-round talent, I don't know," Gordon said. "Le'Veon Bell and Gio (Bernard) were pretty good. I can't answer that. We just have to change that this year and show people that we're capable of going in the first round."

Both Bell and Bernard were selected in the second round in 2013. The last running backs to be taken in the first round of and NFL Draft were Trent Richardson (3rd overall), Doug Martin (31st) and David Wilson (32nd) in 2012.

And, if Gordon has his way, he'll join that list April 30.




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