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Percy Butler | 'It felt unreal' to be selected by the Commanders


The Washington Commanders used the No. 113 overall pick to select Louisiana safety Percy Butler. Here's a look at what he had to say to the media after getting the call. 

On getting the call and his emotions on being drafted by Washington:

"So like I was just sitting outside with my two dogs, and I got the call just like, it felt unreal. Like my heart stopped and it's like a good relief getting that call. Just to be sitting there waiting, I just couldn't even watch the TV. It just felt so unreal."

On his two dogs with him:

"I got a [French Bulldog] and I got an XL [Bulldog]. So my Frenchie, he's like one year old and my XL [Bulldog] she is three."

On the name of his dogs:

"Fendi and Yoshi. Fendi is the XL Bully and Yoshi is the Frenchie."

On what he can bring to the table for Special Teams:

So in special teams, I feel like I can play every special team, all four of them. But my favorite special team has got to be punt. I like the flight position the most, I feel like that's the best special team that is out there to play.

On why he is such a good gunner:

"Because I feel like I talk to the punter, me and the punter chop it up. So, he puts the place of the ball exactly like how I tell him, like from just chopping up with him. And I feel like I just understand how to get releases on like guys who try to hold me up. So, I'll take what the defender gives me. And then I'll take control after that basically."

On if he likes the physicality of playing the gunner position:

"Oh yeah. Most definitely like the physicality in the football game is like one of the funnest things out there for real."

On being called the best pure safety in this draft:

"I feel like most definitely like, cause the game is changing. Like it's evolving to a passing game. Every team wants running backs, even running backs, got to be able to catch the ball now. So, I feel as a safety now, the safety is evolving from like a run stopper. Well, I'm not going to say not just run stopping because you got to be able to tackle but be able to cover if you're going to be on the field. Because teams are getting receivers who are running 4.2's [40-yard dash] and all this and throwing bombs. It's a big play league so you got to be able to cover."

On if he familiar with Former Washington RB Brian Mitchell from his hometown:

"Yes sir. I don't know him personally, but we both went to the same college, went to same high school. He, a little ahead of my time. So I never really got to catch up with him, but a lot of people were like telling us and telling me that he's my cousin down the line, but I don't really know like all the details because I never really got to catch up with him yet."