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Redskins Stockpile Mid-Round Draft Picks


The Redskins entered the 2011 NFL Draft with eight total picks. By the end of the third round on Friday night, the team had assembled a total of 13 selections through a series of trades.

Thursday night's first round saw a trade back with the Jacksonville Jaguars that netted the Redskins the Jaguars' first-round (No. 16) and second-round (No. 49) picks for the No. 10 pick.

The second round saw a trade back from the No. 49 pick with the Indianapolis Colts for the Colts' second-round (No. 53) and fifth-round (No. 152) picks.

On the clock at No. 53, the Redskins elected to trade back with Chicago for the Bears' second-round (No. 62) and fourth-round (No. 127) picks.

Again on the clock at No. 62, the Redskins traded back again, this time with the Miami Dolphins, acquiring their third-round (No. 79), fifth-round (No. 146) and seventh-round (No. 217) picks.

For head coach Mike Shanahan, it was a matter of maximizing draft picks and sticking to a plan.

"Well you have to follow your board," Shanahan explained. "Sometimes you'll group some players together where you're willing to move down to maybe get an additional pick or two and some of your players will still be there in the group."

Shanahan added: "Obviously you want as many picks as you possibly can. It worked out pretty good for us. We got a number of picks left with a lot of players that we have rated fairly high."

On Thursday night, the Redskins felt comfortable taking Ryan Kerrigan at No. 16. The team approached the additional pick from the Jaguars as a useful commodity.

"We had that extra pick in the second round that we thought we could turn into some more picks and still get a very productive player," Shanahan said.  "And we were able to do that."

With that player, the Redskins were eventually able to fill a need at wide receiver with Leonard Hankerson of the University of Miami.

"We evaluate everybody, and we spent about the last six weeks, about 10-12 hours a day evaluating everybody," Shanahan explained. "You look at them, and then you put them in a pecking order, and go over and over and over it again, and you get a group of players that you feel can be productive at different positions."

"You're just hoping that when it's your pick that you've got a chance to get one of those guys.  It doesn't always work out that way. But I was very pleased."

The Redskins were essentially able to turn their first-round pick into a first-, third-, fourth-, two fifths-, and seventh-round picks.

"Obviously we have a plan with which direction we're going," Shanahan said. "We're going to evaluate every one. We've got a board we're sticking with, and we'll just have to wait and see."

For Shanahan, the maneuvering was successful because they were able to draft two players they coveted, second-round defensive lineman Jarvis Jenkins and third-rounder Hankerson.

"At the start of the day, we were hoping to get both players, and usually that doesn't happen, especially in the second and third rounds with as many trades as we made," he said. "We got the two guys that we had targeted at the beginning and we got a number of additional picks, and hopefully it turns into a number of more players."

The late-round Redskins picks are as follows:

• 4th Round (No. 127)
• 5th Round (No. 144)
• 5th Round (No. 146)
• 5th Round (No. 152)
• 5th Round (No. 155)
• 6th Round (No. 177)
• 7th Round (No. 213)
• 7th Round (No. 217)
• 7th Round (No. 224)
• 7th Round (No. 253)

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