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Top 10 Quotes: OTAs, Week One


With the team's first week of OTAs complete, here's a list of the best quotes of the week from Redskins Park, as compiled by*

10. Linebacker Preston Smith: [On being a mentor] "I wanted to help because I felt that pressure last year and you got to kind of have people to tell you to 'calm down and just play.' I feel I am in a position now to help somebody and I want to. If I see a need to help him, then I'll help him. I am going to help calm their nerves and tell them to 'be comfortable.'"

Check out images from the Washington Redskins' offense during their third day of OTAs at Redskins Park in Loudoun County, Va.

9. Linebacker Junior Galette: "I think about how I can boost the squad, I am just thinking about how I can be part of the squad. Looking at the roster, you can look across the league and matchup with every team if not better than every team. I am very excited, I have never played with this much talent on one defense before."

8. Tight end Niles Paul: [On missing last season] "It was a rough time for me to watch football, period. It was depressing. I was depressed. I had never been hurt before and never had a season ending injury, or possibly a career ending, so, to sit out a year and watch my boys go to the playoffs and knowing that I could help in certain areas hurt. It was painful, but it became motivation for me. I had my family, I had my teammates, and I had people in my corner motivating me and I'm here now right on schedule."

7. Safety David Bruton Jr.: "I did not come here to be mediocre. I came here to be great. I didn't leave a place [Denver] where I have been comfortable just to be a special teams guy. My goal is to play every down and to make plays every chance I get."

6. Safety DeAngelo Hall: "It's nice. I've always wanted to play safety, but for some reason they don't put the best athletes back there so I've been stuck playing corner for 12 years. It was the change I needed to be rejuvenated and get back focused and excited about playing football again and I'm enjoying it. I'm enjoying the mental aspect of it and I'm enjoying lining guys up. That's something as a corner you just worry about yourself and the guy in front of you, but as a safety I got to worry about all 11 guys on the field and it's been fun for me."

5. Tight end Vernon Davis: "I think it is one of the best locker rooms I have ever been in. The coaching staff, the player, and upper management, everyone is fantastic. I look forward to playing for these guys and with these guys. I say that because of my experience here. I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world."

4. Tight end Jordan Reed:[On contract extension] "I felt more pressure last year when I didn't have the security. Now I feel more comfortable and able to focus on football more. Don't have to worry about being on a different team next year."

3. Head coach Jay Gruden: "You know what; we've got a lot to prove still. You know, the guys trying to make the roster, number one trying to learn a system, trying to establish themselves, trying to be a consistent team. We've got some new players trying to get gelled together. We're at the beginning stages of next season, but it's fun to watch those guys compete and play."

2. Cornerback Josh Norman: "[Kirk] gets excited man, like calm down. I was like, 'I don't want to go there yet.' But today I came out here and he looked my way a couple times but didn't throw the ball so I was a little jazzed up. You know, it's kind of a little competition. It's all fun and games, we just make each other better."

1. Quarterback Trent Williams: "You have permission now to take ownership. You know, as a backup or a guy competing for the spot, it doesn't get received real well to try and take ownership. It looks like you are trying to jockey for the position and be one of those guys. So, you just try to you know, handle it the right way and now as a starter you really can take ownership and it feels like it did back in college when you were the starting quarterback and had the chance to really assert yourself so I enjoy being able to do that and I think it helps me as a quarterback to have ownership because at the end of the day, I am the one holding the football in my hands."




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