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Top 10 Quotes: OTAs, Week Three


With the team's third and final week of OTAs complete, here's a list of the best quotes of the week from Redskins Park, as compiled by*

10. Wide receiver Josh Doctson: "They're taking care of me. Everybody is telling me that this game is 85 percent mental, so I'm just getting back making sure I'm getting all the mental reps, hearing all the calls in the huddle and seeing myself do it in my head. I'll be alright." 9. Cornerback Quinton Dunbar: "It's always good to pick someone else's brain. I always pick Josh Norman's brain, a player of his caliber, an elite player, I've got no choice but to gravitate to him. He plays left corner and I play right behind him at the left corner spot. So I definitely watch his every move and ask him why he does this and does things like that."            


8.**Kicker Dustin Hopkins: "You expect a certain level of excellence from yourself whatever your position is and knowing the nature of the business that they can call somebody up right now and be in here. I'm not overly comfortable, which I don't mind because it's constantly pushing me to be better. Yes it's nice, but at the same time, I'm not complacent in that. When you worry about yourself, and you worry about doing your job in the moment, and not worried about what anybody else is doing, and you worry about what you can control, the rest will take care of itself."

7. Defensive end Ricky Jean Francois: "I believe the OTAs are going a little bit faster. Guys are feeling more comfortable with the defense and with the offense I like to see Kirk spreading the ball to everyone. When you got OTAs like that you just want to keep that. I understand we've got that fiv-e to six-week break and that's the thing that coaches worry about, but I don't think you got to worry about this team. This is a veteran group and we want to get back out on the field."

6. Tight end Vernon Davis: "Yeah [Gruden's] great man. He walked up to me and was like, 'Every time you run a route I want to see you just go and I don't want to see a skip in your route!' So I skipped on one of my routes and he's like, 'Ah you owe me 100 dollars' and I'm like, 'coach it's just a flat route come on man.' No he's a tough coach, but very genuine. I'm excited to be here and to work with him and continue to learn because you can never stop learning. There's always something to learn." 5. Head coach Jay Gruden: "I try to progress. I try to make sure I get the most out of them. That's my job is to try and get them better – that's all – and prepare them for situations. So far I think these guys have responded well. We've challenged them with a lot of different situations like I said earlier and they've responded. We kept them out here for a while. We've challenged them in meetings, challenged them in the weight room. We've had great attendance here and they're all willing to work. As long as they're willing to work and they practice hard, my job is pretty easy."


  1. Cornerback Josh Norman**:"That guy [Jamison Crowder] has burners for days, but I'm enjoying it though because it's making me better. I get a guy like him lining up off the ball and it's only making me stronger. Having a guy like that that I can go against and see what he brings to the table and switch some things up and put more repertoire in my toolbox."

3. Running back Chris Thompson: "Everything I know I learned from [Alfred Morris] and [Darrel Young], on and off the field they really helped me be the man and player I am today. It was rough going to the first meeting without those guys but that's what the business is. It's been different but for me and Matt [Jones]. Alf and DY have taught us so much that we are able to be those guys to these young guys, so it was a tough transition to have those guys not being in the room but we'll never forget them. I have talked to Alf and DY since, obviously Alf is in Dallas, but I think they've been doing good."

2. Linebacker Will Compton: "I can't believe I'm in my fourth year. I remember back to my first training camp I had a hamstring injury and I was talking to one of my friends saying, 'I don't even care if this is my only year' because I was so down on myself. But through opportunity, God's grace, work ethic and everything, I am here now. But it's crazy to look back on, I would have never guessed this back then. I worked for it, but I pushed through that self-doubt."

1. Offensive coordinator Sean McVay:"I think you absolutely see growth in [Trent Williams]. He's taken command of the offense; you can just see he's got a really good feel for what we're trying to get done. He's truly become an extension of our coaching staff and we feel really good about what he's shown through these first nine days."




I've never been in a room where so many guys have played significant snaps, and you have a guy who's a two-time Pro Bowler in Vernon Davis, a guy who's played a lot of football, caught a ton of balls, scored a lot of touchdowns, and then having (Jordan Reed) coming off of the year he had last year, Niles coming off the year he had two years ago, and I played a good amount of ball, and you know even the two guys we have, Mike, the rookie, is doing a great job. Marcel, he's been around the league for a long time, so to have a room with just (inaudible?) is very unusual, kind of cool and very challenging, and very competitive."

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