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VIDEO: Griffin III's Postgame Press Conference



Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III addressed the media following the team's 31-6 victory over the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday afternoon at FedExField.

On the game:

"It was fun to go out there and play the way we did. With the mistakes we had, we were not sharp all the way around, but we made the big plays. I think all the guys are satisfied with the outcome."

On the Redskins' defense:

"Their play was great. Whenever your defense plays like that, it makes you feel as an offense that you don't have to press to try to score every time. You can go out there and feel the rhythm of the game. The defense played great the whole game. They had some turnovers, got us the ball in great situations and we capitalized."

On the play of wide receiver Pierre Garçon:

"It feels good to have guys like that in the huddle with you. It gives you an extra sense of confidence and he brings some attitude to the receiving corps. He is a good leader and it is good to have him back out there. I think the receivers appreciated him stepping up and playing."

On his long touchdown passes to Aldrick Robinson and Santana Moss:

"I was wide open on Aldrick touchdown. It was just a matter of, 'Was the ball going to come down?' since I threw it pretty high. The scheme worked. Whenever the coaches draw up a great play for us and it works out exactly how they think it will, we have to capitalize on that. The past couple of weeks, before the bye, we hadn't done that. Today we did. With Santana's touchdown, he may not be the biggest guy and I know people make fun of that, but he played big in that moment."

On the beginning of the third quarter:

"I think guys had to zero in and not hurt ourselves. A lot of times we have been stopped because of penalties. We have to make sure we don't have those kinds of mishaps. When we do, you have to able to clear it and move on to the next play. Guys did a good job of clearing it today. We did have a lot of little mistakes and things that were a little bit off. But guys did a great job of clearing that and making the big plays."

On the offense's efficiency:

"I didn't second guess what my instincts were telling me as far when to throw and when not to throw or when to run and when not to run. You thank God to be able to have those moments and feel things the right way and it all works out for you."

On the penalty on the touchdown pass to Moss:

"That was a pretty funny moment on the field. I didn't know it was a penalty until after I celebrated. [Philadelphia Eagles] Cullen [Jenkins] knew there was a penalty so he mocked my celebration. We had a nice discussion about that on the field. It really was a nice discussion, there was no trash talking at all. He said he felt like an idiot after it. It is good to see guys out there having fun. We all know that their backs were against the wall and our backs were against the wall. We were out there fighting for the same thing but we are grateful enough to come out on top."

On his lack of turnovers:

"[Baylor Head Coach Art] Briles always told me that there is a difference between playing fearless and being stupid. You have to be able to tip toe that line. If it would have been an interception, the pass to Santana would have been stupid. Because it was a touchdown, it was fearless. God blessed me with the ability to move around a lot more than other quarterbacks. You try to use that when you can, if a guy is not open, so you don't have to force things. But when guys are open, you get them the rock and let them make plays."

On the end of the game:

"I didn't feel like there was any quit from them at all. We knew early and often that we were going to get their best shot. I talked to the guys about it the day before the game just to get their minds right for a fight. Despite the score, it was still a fight out there. We were just able to make the big plays when it counted. As a team, this was big for us. We all knew it was not time to panic but it was time to buckle down and make sure we put our best foot forward every time we step on the field. The way we played, the offense and the defense, was extremely impressive."

On the Eagles' defense:

"They did a good job. They are extremely good against the run and that's why we had to throw the ball a little bit more. [Running back] Alfred [Morris] still squeaked out those tough yards and I was able to get outside and make some things happen. They are a good run defense and they shut it down for a little bit. We were able to exploit what they were doing on the outside."

On being named captain:

"It meant a lot because you don't take anything lightly. Whenever a group of men, because I am a 22-year-old kid to most of them, votes me as their captain, it shows they believe in me as their leader. I told them thank you because it is not something to take lightly. The 'C' on your chest means something. I am extremely proud to be their captain and thankful they believe in me."

On getting away during the bye week and bouncing back after the loss to the Carolina Panthers:

"For me, it was about getting away from the familiar and being able to zero in and refocus on everything. Coach [Mike Shanahan] talks to all of us and their individual coaches talked to them about things they can get better at. I'm not sure what they said but it worked. My mindset wasn't completely changed but I was energized to go and win however many games we need to win to make the playoffs. Right now, I think it was the most physical I have ever seen our team play as a whole, both offense and defense. It was impressive to have [safety Brandon] Meriweather back out there at safety. It seems like it brought some tenacity back to those guys. Everybody stepped up and now we have to go do it on Thursday against the Cowboys."


On the touchdown pass to wide receiver Aldrick Robinson:**

"When you are playing football out there, guys have certain responsibilities. The safety's responsibility was to be deep. When you have an open guy and you can stare a receiver down, you are going to cover that open guy. Aldrick is extremely fast and if you make a misstep he is going to get by you."




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