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Meet The FANs: With Brandi Cowgill, Every Sunday Is 'Funday'


Brandi Cowgill might be one of the few people who enjoys hanging out in the FedExField parking lot more than being in the stadium. 

"Even when the game is over," Cowgill said. "People get in their car to get in the little line to get out. I start up my grill and we just start hanging out … Why sit in your car when you could be having fun?"

If you're looking to have a fun time on Sundays, Cowgill is the person you need to talk to. After all, she's the Fan Ambassador Network (FAN) leader of the "Sunday Funday" category, so it's a big part of her job. Throughout her years as a Washington, it's always been the main priority.

"If we're gonna do it," Cowgill said of her gameday experiences, "we're gonna go all out."

Making gameday unique has been a part of Cowgill's traditions since the beginning. The Thanksgiving matchups between Washington and Dallas were always memorable, when her mom would hold watch parties at their house with all the food anyone could hope for. It's something Cowgill has carried over into her tailgating experiences, as she regularly rolls out a smorgasbord that includes turkey, sides and pies for her family, friends and even some fans of the opposing team.

Tailgating has been at the center of Cowgill's fandom. She loves the vibe of the crowd, meeting new people, cooking and dancing (there's apparently some great DJ setups in the parking lot). It's just a good time, she said, and in a way, she has to implement components from all the FAN categories, which involves no shortage of planning.

For Cowgill, the necessities include a canopy, a grill and good food.

"If we have a game coming up and we're tailgating, I'm getting ready a week or two before," Cowgill said. "I'm planning my menu. Who's bringing the corn hole boards? All of it. Where are we parking? What lot are we in? It's a little bit to get ready, but when we get there, it's 'Sunday Funday' for sure."

As the "Sunday Funday" captain, Cowgill would like to see some of those tailgating experiences spread across the entire parking lot. It could even be something as simple as an informal corn hole tournament. No matter what it is, the main requirement is that it needs to be interactive for the entire fanbase.

"Just something, some way for the people out there to come together and have fun," Cowgill said.

Cowgill has literally been around Washington fans since birth; she was born in the fall during the season. Football has been an integral part of her life, and she's dedicated this time of year to making sure everyone has a good time, whether they're wearing burgundy and gold or not.

So the next time you're walking through the parking lot at FedExField and happen to see Cowgill in the crowd, take some time to talk to her. It's a guarantee you'll find some good food, and more importantly, good times.

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