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Meet The FANs: Lawrence Suggs' Vision For A Family-Friendly FedExField


Lawrence Suggs knows the importance of having a strong family; he has two young daughters, all under the age of 10, so a large chunk of his life is dedicated to making experiences that are conducive to them.

So the fact that head coach Ron Rivera has spent the better part of two seasons trying to bring in a family atmosphere to the Washington Football Team's culture is music to his ears.

"It really makes me want to work to provide that type of atmosphere," Suggs said, "so that I feel comfortable and any other parent with children feels comfortable bringing their children to FedExField."

Suggs has a unique opportunity to do that, now that he's the leader of the "Family" category of the Fan Ambassador Network (FAN) and with his new influence, he wants to help shape a gameday experience that's open to everyone.

Suggs has been a Washington fan since the early 1990s. He remembers watching Darrell Green in Super Bowl XXVI and admiring how the Hall of Famer was the most dominant player on the field and handled it with class.

Suggs wants to help create those same types of memories for his kids, although he wants to create an environment where younger fans can root for the team without taking in some of the other aspects of the experience.

"I love the excitement, I love the energy that comes with it," Suggs said. "But not all of that is productive for a child to consume."

Children are carrying the torch for the next generation of fans, Suggs said, and he wants them to learn the details of the game in a safer space without some of the other ruckus that goes on during gamedays. Suggs' vision would be creating a section where families and other kids can watch the game together so parents can point out different aspects of the game to their kids.

"When I bring my daughters, I want them to be able to listen and watch and learn and absorb the game without hearing a lot of the other things that go on around them that, as a parent, I don't want them to hear."

Suggs also wants to see other things, like concessions, have options that are more beneficial to fans. Suggs likes fried food just as much as the next person, but sometimes he likes to have fruits and vegetables when sitting down with his kids.

There's a lot of benefits that come with creating a more kid-friendly atmosphere, Sugg said, but one of the biggest is a much more deep-rooted fanbase.

"We inherit our love of our teams from our parents," he said. "Nothing can match to actually being at the stadium, seeing, hearing, smelling, intaking everything around you.

Suggs wants to do his part to continue building Washington's fanbase. He wants to see FedExField filled with burgundy and gold in his lifetime as well as the generation after him. He wants his kids to be part of that, and when his daughters finally do get to attend a game, he wants it to be a memory that lasts a lifetime.

"As a kid," Suggs said, "the impression that leaves with you will lead to a lifelong fandom of the team."

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