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Wilson, Morgan Read To Kids At FedExField


Redskins cornerback Josh Wilson is admittedly more of a mathematician; an astute practitioner of angles, velocity and force.

But when it comes to literacy, Wilson understands that nothing is possible without the ability to read—a skill he helped instill in area students at today's 'Redskins Read' Redskins Charitable Foundation event.

"The importance of literacy is life: you can't go through life if you can't read," he said.  "Being literate is essential just to be a success in life. 

"Being able to read is a number one thing.  Just being able to drive on the road you need to be able to read the signs.  It's an important part of any community; you've got to start off with the ABC's."

Wilson is DeMatha high school graduate and a former game day stadium worker at FedExField.  Since his return to the Washington area last season, he has been involved with many of the Charitable Foundation's initiatives.

"This is important to me because this is where I grew up," he said.  "These kids are begging for attention, begging for somebody to come to them and give them a great education. 

"I'm just trying to do my part so that they have the opportunity to get the education that they deserve." 

Wilson, whose favorite book growing up was the Goosebumps series, read "Donovan's Word Jar" to Prince George's County public school students in the home locker room at FedExField. 

He was assisted by his pregnant wife Jazmin and his mother Valanda Wilson.

"I brought four of us here today; it's a team effort," he said with a broad smile.  "That's how much this means to me.  Next time I might bring my whole family.  Maybe next year all of Upper Marlboro. 

"I just want to make sure that everybody sees the importance of literacy and getting kids the proper education."

Wilson was joined by teammate and fellow Washington native Joshua Morgan, who wishes he had programs like 'Redskins Read' when he was growing up in the city.

"This is very important, and it's definitely a humbling experience," he said.   "I wish when I was in school we had more opportunities for programs like this. It probably would have saved a lot of people from going for the street life and drugs."

Morgan teamed with NRG Solutions President Thomas Gros to read to children in front of the NRG 'Solar Sammy' in front of FedExField.  Leafing through a book on childhood fitness, Gros and Morgan made literacy fun with questions about healthy lifestyles.

"I was always running around, getting in trouble with my grandma for messing up my school clothes," he said with a laugh.  "Most of these kids seem to be really excited about it.  I haven't heard any of them talking about Playstation."

While Morgan has always been and remains active in his childhood community, this was his first major event with the Redskins Charitable Foundation, after signing in Washington this offseason.

"I make it my business because ever since I've been in the NFL, and even when I was at Virginia Tech, [community service] has always been my business. 

"Every week I'm going to be out here giving back to my community."




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