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WOW Goes One On One With Michael Ealy


WOW: What's the best gift you've ever given your wife?

Michael Ealy: Besides our two children, I think there was the time I surprised her with a trip to Oakland. We took a day trip to Oakland and went to the Western Conference Finals to see the Warriors versus the Rockets. And my wife is an Oakland native and she had season tickets to the Warriors when she first got out of college, so she's a huge Warriors fan and that kind of blew her mind.

WOW: What is your favorite meal?

ME: Pizza.

WOW: Where do you want to travel that you haven't been to yet?

ME: South Africa and Australia. Just very curious about those two places.

WOW: What is your favorite sports movie?

ME: This is a tough one, but I think I have to go with Friday Night Lights.

WOW: What is your favorite song to work out to?

ME: "Put on" by Young Jeezy.

WOW: What is your favorite spot when you go to Washington, D.C.?

ME: My family's house. I tend to just stay with family while I'm there. I'm a little bit older now, so I couldn't even tell you what the hottest place in D.C. is right now.

WOW: What's your favorite part about growing up in the D.C. area?

ME: It's interesting because I didn't notice it when I was there, but since I have left and I've lived in other cities, what I loved about the D.C area was the emphasis on education that existed there. It was just a way of life there and it wasn't something that people preached about. It was just a way of life. I think it was because there were so many universities around upper education; it was a way of life. Everybody expected you to go to college. In other places I've lived, the emphasis is not about an education, it's just not as education-driven as you would think. So that was one of the best things I think about growing up.

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