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WOW Hosts Fitness Boot Camp At FedExField


With FedExField as the backdrop, nearly 300 women participated in a boot camp on Saturday, led by celebrity Nike trainer Deanna Jefferson, that combined a great workout and the Redskins, while also supporting a great cause. 

WOW Members joined celebrity and Nike Trainer Deanna Jefferson completing activities throughout the main concourse and locker room on Saturday, Oct. 8, 2016.

Despite less than ideal weather conditions, the Women of Washington (WOW) gathered to work out in full force Saturday at the WOW Fitness Boot Camp at FedExField.

The members were in full energy and spirit, spending the morning going through a variety of exercises inside the stadium.

But this workout wasn't just about staying fit. The women also attended the event in support of breast cancer awareness and their support was overwhelming. Members brought a gently used or new bra to donate to the Brem Foundation's Re-Bra Initiative and then showcased their Redskins love and breast cancer support by receiving Limited Edition Breast Cancer Awareness Shirts.

The impact of these donations will help those in need.

"The bras will be laundered and then they are going to Interfaith Works in Montgomery County which services more than 20,000 low-income families in the area," Amanda Bergman, board member for the Brem Foundation said. "There's a tremendous need within the low-income community for bras. … The Brem Foundation has been in existence for more than 10 years and we're in a phase of growth right now and a partnership with the Redskins is so tremendously helpful for us on that. This will probably push us over 1,000 bras that we are going to be able to donate to Interfaith Works."

The WOW members were joined at the event by three alumni, Gary Clark, Clarence Vaughn and Ravin Caldwell, who served as coaches during the exercise portion. The former Redskins were also there to show their support for more than just the women working out. 

"(All) families have been touched in one way or another, if not directly than indirectly, by someone that they know whose had breast cancer," Clark said. "It's a great cause to fight for. The more awareness we can bring to it, the more support and funds will be generated to find a cure for this thing called breast cancer."

Celebrity and Nike Trainer Deanna Jefferson, who had everyone pumped from the onset, led the workout and had different exercises at each of the music-filled stations, including in the Redskins locker room and the main concourse. They varied from partner activities to football-like drills to speed tasks.

"It's a great event," Clark said. "The women are in such great shape, they put him to shame quite honestly. I'm here for motivation. These women are serious here about working out and getting their thing done and they do a great job. …  I'm all about motivation, carried my through my whole career and today it's going to carry these women through the day. I'm their best friend and their worst nightmare all in one.

With the coaches' support and the motivation from each other, the women completed the more than hour-long boot camp of dancing, stretching and moving. While they certainly ended the day tired, the pride of completing the event together could not be mistaken. Combining the Redskins, working out and supporting an amazing cause ended up creating a once-a-lifetime experience that they won't soon forget.

"The fact that it's an all-female boot camp, it's at FedExField, which brings out a lot of ladies, we're able to really just have fun as a huge group and bring that energy," Jefferson said. "I love it. I love being able to support causes that affect the female community."

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