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WRCF Hosts Fuel Up To Play 60 Youth Summit


Children from the Washington, D.C., metro area visited the Inova Sports Performance Center at Redskins Park on Wednesday to engage in a Fuel Up To Play 60 Youth Summit.

The Washington Redskins Charitable Foundation and the American Dairy Association North East hosted the Fuel Up to Play 60 Youth Summit for children from the Washington D.C., area Wednesday at the Inova Sports Performance Center at Redskins Park in Loudoun County, Va.

"Fuel Up To Play 60" is an in-school nutrition and exercise program launched by National Dairy Council and NFL to improve health and fitness in today's youth.

At the event, kids were able to learn about the importance of a healthy diet and exercise. They also got to participate in a Q&A and physical activities with Redskins legend Brian Mitchell as well starting right tackle Morgan Moses.

With today's youth seeming to be inside more than ever, Brian Mitchell believes that events like this have an effect on the youth.

"It has a great effect. I noticed that these kids are out here running around and they never thought they were running around. All they thought about was what they were doing," Mitchell said, referring to the numerous football drills and stations kids had the opportunity to try.

 He continued to describe the importance of kids having a healthy diet.

"If you start kids young and continue to teach them the importance of nutrition and things like that, they grow up to be much more educated adults and they get to teach their kids."

Inside the Redskins indoor practice facility, the kids took part in many different activities. Morgan Moses ran the Breakfast Relay with kids, which taught them the importance of starting the day off with a nutritious meal.

As an NFL player, Moses wanted kids to start their day right with a healthy breakfast just like he does.

"We talked about what I have to do in the mornings to get ready to block people like Ryan Kerrigan and Trent Murphy during practice," Moses said. "If I don't have [an] essential right breakfast I can't operate during the day."

The Redskins' involvement in the community, especially with youth, is something that Moses takes seriously having grown up down the road in Richmond.

"It feels great. Being one of the hometown guys and being able to go around the communities, especially going home to Richmond for training camp," Moses said after the event. "To see a kid's smile on their face because you never know what they are going through, and just have fun. I think I have more fun than the kids had so being able to do that is a great deal."

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