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20 Quotes: Players' First Week Of Workouts

*As players filed into Redskins Park for the first time as a team in 2015, check out this list of the best quotes from the week, as compiled by

1. Quarterback Robert Griffin III: "Right now we're just a collection of individuals that are talented, and over time we'll develop the bonds to become a team and that's the exciting part that you get to do that every year. It's the beauty of the NFL, to meet different guys every year."

2. Wide receiver Pierre Garçon: "We have to take from last year, the good things we did from last year. We're going to learn from last year. We're going to run downhill, throw the ball, run the play action. Definitely run the ball first then throw it. But, with the experience from the guys coming back from last year, what they went through, they can teach us on how to get better."

Check out images from the Washington Redskins' third day of Phase 1 offseason workouts at Redskins Park in Loudoun County, Va.

3. Tackle Trent Williams: "I'm out the boot. I'm healthy now so I feel good. That's the great part about it -- to go into the offseason healthy, and to be able to work towards something and not rehab."

4. Cornerback DeAngelo Hall: "We have a good group of guys – veterans and young guys – and we'll get in there mix it up, meet with each other and just talk about different things, how we see things and try to get on the same page."

5. Cornerback Chris Culliver: "My [Twitter] name's not "Cully in the House" for no reason, you know?  They playing in my house. So when I'm out there, I think of it as a house. It's just me and you, can't go nowhere, and that's the fun part about it."

6. Running back Chris Thompson: "I really want to be that guy. Year in and year out I keep talking about what I want to do, setting numbers and all that. I don't want to put any numbers on anything, but I do want to be that guy and make a lot of plays, win way more games than we have won the last couple years I've been here. Whatever that means whether it's returning, just catching passes, blocking…whatever it is I just want to be the best at it and make the best of this year."

7. Tight end Niles Paul: "[Head strength and conditioning coach Mike Clark] really trains people to their position, and I think it's going to be really effective in the long run. It'll definitely be a different kind of soreness. I'm not sore as of yet, but I'm sure I will be tomorrow morning."

8. Tackle Morgan Moses: "Being back in the midst of everybody, being back in the meeting rooms, it's definitely exciting because the year ended early for me so being able to be back in the meeting rooms and take notes and listen is definitely exciting."

9. Tackle Tom Compton: "It feels good to be back. It's like the first day of school. You get to see all of your buddies again."


  1. Safety Trenton Robinson**: "I believe in the program. This is the program I'm in. I believe that they want to be successful, so I'm buying in to whatever [Clark] tells me to do to help me be a better player and get on the field. He focused on a certain group today and he'll focus on another group tomorrow and I like that."

11. Guard Spencer Long: "I love the discipline and detail that evolved in every one of those workouts. It's very structured. It feels like there is a definite purpose for every single exercise and lift [Clark] put us through down there. He does a great job at explaining why we're doing this and what it helps. I really enjoyed it."

12. Kicker Kai Forbath: "We did a lot of stuff that I think will help my position especially. I'm on my feet kicking. Doing stuff on our feet is definitely going to help us."

13. Punter Tress Way: "Everything we're doing is balance, it's core, it's stability, and so all of it has been a huge help. It's funny. Kai [Forbath] and I were walking in today saying, 'Man, a couple of our muscles are sore.' The ones we didn't even know we had. So, it's good we have that kind of stuff going on."

14. Defensive lineman Stephen Paea: "I love being physical. I love the fact that [Clark's] trying to preach competition, trying to finish at the ball, finish whatever we do, a workout. So it was just fundamental stuff today. The coaches, they fit right in to where I'm heading to and we're on the same page."


Check out images from the Washington Redskins' fourth day of Phase 1 offseason workouts at Redskins Park in Loudoun County, Va.

  1. Quarterback Colt McCoy**: "I spent a lot of time with [quarterbacks coach Matt Cavanaugh] yesterday. Seems like an awesome coach. Obviously, you have respect for him before you even meet him because he played in the NFL for 14 years and has been around the league for a long, long time. He knows quarterback play. I'm really looking forward to gaining wisdom and knowledge about the position from him, and I'm glad he's on board with us."

16. Linebacker Adam Hayward: "I know [defensive coordinator] Joe Barry and he's a great coach. Having him as a D-coordinator is going to be awesome. My leg feels great so I'm ready to get back, run around and play. I hated missing five games last year. It killed me. I love the game. I love playing.  I'm going to do everything in my power to stay on the field as long as I can."

17. Safety Duke Ihenacho: "I like [defensive backs] coach [Perry] Fewell. He's a guy that tries to make things simple for everybody to understand and you can tell that he's very informative and he's been around for a long time, so he's used to working with different athletes and different people that learn in different ways."

18. Running back Michael Hill: "I've been in a bunch of different places. Eight times now. And then my second time back here, so really I just go with the flow of things and I'm excited about this new opportunity and hopefully I can stick around here."

19. Linebacker Will Compton: "I feel more comfortable. The camaraderie I have with guys and everything like that. I feel a lot better as an individual. I know I feel great going into this year, to keep that momentum going."

20. Linebacker Trent Murphy: "We got some big boys inside walking around. Some of these guys in the locker room, they have broad shoulders you got to let them go through the door before you try to get through with them. But no, the sky's the limit. We got a great system. Coach Joe Barry, he's coaching us up. We're all loving it right now."




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